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When training a dog for agility, you use a lot of treats. In many cases, you’re switching between treats to keep your performance dog from getting bored. At the same time, you’re probably thinking that a good treat should be “healthy” for your dog. That means that the food should provide some sort of benefit, whether it’s a nutriceutical or low fat or high energy.
The following are the best treats I think are great for dogs that do agility. Most of these treats are all-natural and have nutraceuticals such as glucosamine to keep your dog active.

Best Agility Training Treats by Margaret Bonham

The Best You Can Get

  • Zukes Hip Action – Natural Dog Treats

    Margaret says: My dogs really love Zukes treats. What makes these treats so special is you can give your agile dog a treat and give him glucosamine and chondroitin, reputed to help joints stay more flexible. They’re in beef, chicken, and peanut butter, which will be enjoyed both as a treat and as a supplement.

    • 300 mg of Glucosamine; 50 mg of chondroitin
    • Wheat, corn and soy free
    • Three tasty flavors
    • Made in USA
  • Zukes Mini Treats – Natural Dog Treats

    Margaret says: My dogs got to try Zukes Mini Treats when they first came out on the market, and boy, were they hooked! These treats are all natural and made with tasty ingredients. Very simply, they’re soft chews that are made from the finest ingredients. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better low-calorie treat.

    • Small size – perfect for training
    • Three tasty flavors: salmon, chicken, and peanut butter
    • Soft and easy to chew
    • Low calorie – 2 calories a treat makes it easy to use for training and rewards
    • Made in USA
  • Kong Stuff’n TOTs

    Margaret says: This is one treat dogs can’t seem to get enough of and is the perfect treat for training, especially if you have a pudgy pup or if you tend to dole out lots of treats. The liver flavor entices dogs, where at the same time, the treat is dry so you can hold them in your hands or pockets without a mess.

    • Made from beef liver, milo grain, and anise
    • Low calorie – 1 calorie per treat
    • Small for training
    • Salt free, gluten free, sugar free and preservative free
  • Zen Puppy Treats

    Margaret says: If your puppy is the Zen type, you may be hard pressed to decide which one might be best for him. That’s ok; most Zen puppies get two to four types daily. These soft chews have herbs, botanicals, and nutriceuticals to promote your dog’s health. My Malamutes love these treats.

    • 5 different types
    • Holistic benefits including Peace (calming), Agile (hip and joint), Beauty (skin and breath), Smarty (training), and Energy (Power Boost)
    • 12-14 herbs and botanicals
  • Alaskan Bear Treats for Dogs

    Margaret says: Dogs are carnivores, so treats like these are sure to get your pup’s attention. Dogs love yummy salmon treats and these treats are small enough to get your dog through the agility course in record time. Try the one with blueberries or cranberries for an antioxidant boost.

    • 3 different types
    • Original, with blueberries, and with cranberries
    • No artificial preservatives, wheat and grain free, no cheap fillers or flours, no coloring, or harmful by-products
    • Loaded with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, protein, and powerful antioxidants
    • Wild caught salmon

You will be happy with any of these

  • Pemmican Energy Bar

    Margaret says: If you’re looking for an energy bar for your agility dog, this bar is hard to beat with the high calories and Omega-3 oils. Each bar contains 400 grams which provides a whopping 2400 calories per bar. The suggested use is for dogs that work such as sled dogs, hunting dogs, and working police dogs – as well as dogs that run trials.

    • 24% protein
    • 6000 Kcal/Kg.
    • Made with fresh salmon
    • Human-grade ingredients
  • Sittin Pretty Power Energy Bars

    Margaret says: Another energy bar, this one is all natural with beef coating that your dog will love.

    • Organic and natural ingredients
    • Beef flavored
  • Three Dog Bakery Jump N Sit Bits

    Margaret says: Three Dog Bakery is well known for their treats, so it’s little wonder why I should pick their treats here. Small enough to give as many treats as you’d like and crunchy, you can actually choose a low-calorie apple-oatmeal treat. If you’re not worried about the calories, try the variety and give your agile dog different flavors.

    • Five varieties
    • Peanut butter, cheese, apple-oatmeal, carob, and variety
    • Oven-baked
  • Team Realtree XtremFuel Booster Bar

    Margaret says: Hunters use these booster bars for their hunting dogs for increased energy and endurance, not to mention a shortened recovery time. Your agile dog will appreciate the extra calories, the high fat and protein to keep him going through the courses.

    • High fat and protein
    • Smoked flavor

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