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As an interior designer I always seem to be passing out advice (and to be honest sometimes judgment) about other people’s décor. Realistically it’s my job to pay attention to every last detail, we’re talking minutia like picture hanging hardware, thread count on sheets and the difference between satin nickel and just plain nickel.

Last week I was cold busted by a friend, who moved the strategically placed, framed photo on my night stand which had been hiding my Sony box alarm clock from 1986. Yes, I could have lied and said I was going retro, but that didn’t seem to make any sense considering my bedroom has a French traditional flare to it. I’m not sure if it was attachment anxiety (I bought it with my allowance in high school), laziness, or the unwillingness to spend a grip on a new bedroom alarm clock, but at that moment, I knew I had to walk the line, practice what I preach and buy myself a decent alarm clock. A sense of relief washed over me when I began my search for the perfect timepiece, not only were they pleasing to look at, but they had tons of features and were all pretty reasonable priced.

The best alarm clock wakes you up as gently as possible. We suggest the best clock radio alarms, travel alarm clock and other recommendations that fit your bedroom's decor.

Best Alarm Clocks by Lori Dennis

The Best You Can Get

  • Tiffany Swing Clock

    Lori says: There's a reason Tiffany's stock seems to always go up: anything in that famous blue box is just plain seductive. I see this sexy, sleek chrome clock on a New York socialite's night stand in a room of Scalamandre silk and Donghia slipper chairs. Her husband might be off "working" late hours, but at least she can pass the time in style! See my value selections for a posh substitute that's a bit easier on the wallet.

  • C de Cartier Travel Clock

    Lori says: I've always loved Cartier clocks. The C de travel clock from the Transverse Line is pure elegance in its platinum finish. It would look sexy in a bedroom or stylish in a den.

  • The Commodore 4-in-1 Maritime

    Lori says: Yachts, coastal hotels and beachside manors should house this nautical timepiece with just about every -ometer you can imagine. I would definitely place this one in a bathroom because in addition to looking good, it has a lot of features to occupy your time.

  • Cartier Desk Clock with Engraved Crocodile Scales

    Lori says: I think I saw this one in an episode of Dirty Sexy Money. I totally agree with the set designer on this one: rich dude's study - the perfect location. Anyone who knows anything about style would have to concede: mixing exotic animal skin, a big price tag, and the Cartier name in luxurious table top accessories is a sure hit. The bonus here is that the alarm clock travels and coordinates with Cartier's Crocodile Band watch. It's a sickeningly seductive combination.

  • BlueMax™ HD Sunrise Combo

    Lori says: If you suffer from sleep disorders, this clock could be the cure for disturbing nights. Phases of emitting proper amounts of light will wake you naturally. The light therapy also cures sleep disorders. The only place it makes sense to put this clock is your nightstand. It's not the prettiest thing I've ever seen, but definitely much cooler than bottles of sleeping meds. When people see its interesting look, you'll have the perfect opportunity to talk about yourself and your nighttime trauma. Talking it out is a form of therapy too.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Twemco Retro Alarm Clock

    Lori says: I admit it, I’m a raver at heart and I’m in love with this Berlin-style, retro clock. You might not remember what you did last night, but you’ll love waking up to this clock. In groovy colors like burnt orange, black, or white, you can’t lose. This clock has got to go on the nightstand, if you finish up what you’re doing with nothing more to say to the person next to you, at least you can talk about how cool this clock is.

  • Bulova Modena Travel Clock

    Lori says: I’ve been looking for a bedside clock and I’ve found it. Not only does this baby look amazing in your home, but it travels in style for under $40. Dennis Design Group calls this a best buy! Move over Sony white block, this is Bulova is stunning on a bedside table.

  • Bai Design Astor Modern Travel Alarm Clock

    Lori says: With a sexy, polished chrome look with modern font for numbers, this clock has an elegance that reminds me of Tiffany. The alarm is a 4-step progressive alarm to help you wake up in a more natural way. Bonus, it comes with slip case. There’s room for this elegant piece in a living room, study or bedroom.

  • Pearl PT014 Weather Station Alarm Clock

    Lori says: For $10.95 it may be the best value I’ve seen. Lots of funky features but still attractive, analog 4-face clock with thermometer and barometer for the high-tech and high-seas guy. Place this piece next to a fish tank in any room for a Deep Sea Adventure motif.

  • Howard Miller San Bernardino Alarm Clock

    Lori says: Howard Miller, Herman Miller, who could tell the difference? This clock is Mid-century at its best. With brushed nickel finish with a convex front and back, honey please, it just looks good from every angle. A men’s dressing area, library, living room, and bedside are all great spots for this sexy number.

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