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Auto safety and security begins by thinking about the risks associated with driving. Every day automobiles are stolen, broken into, or break down.

Best Auto Security by Robert Siciliano

The Best You Can Get

  • SafeTrak - Teen Driver Tracking

    Robert says: One of the biggest concerns includes reckless teen drivers. They say it takes one to know one. I was, and am grateful to have made it through. Teen angst and a heavy foot along with peer pressure leads to tragedy. If “SafeTrak” had been around when I was a teen, I’d still be grounded!

    SafeTrak is a real-time web based system utilizing GPS Technology and your web browser. The GPS System is reasonably priced with a low flat monthly fee and no term contract, is simple to install and will automatically update according to the service plan (see service plans options below) that best suits your requirements. There are no additional charges for reports, web access, email alerts, etc. One low monthly fee allows you unlimited use of everything the GPS Vehicle Tracking System provides. There is no cost for mapping and no software required. Mapping is updated every six months and software is constantly improved at no additional cost to you. SafeTrak GPS System provides fast, easy access to key information such as where you’re teen is, where they’re going, where they have been, and how fast they’re driving. The Teen Driver Tracking Device is easy to install and maintain. The SafeTrak unit and antenna can both be easily concealed for covert operation.

    As a parent, would you feel more secure knowing where your young driver’s car is when they are:

    Not home at a designated time
    Sleeping over at a friend’s house
    Out on a date
    Out with their friends
    Not answering their cell phone
    Driving to college

  • The Wrap Steering Wheel Lock

    Robert says: Most automobiles come equipped with basic car alarms that generally are a false sense of security. There are numerous alarms that cost a few hundred dollars that need to be installed that provide a significant degree of protection. However for under a hundred bucks, there are plenty of self install options.

    When would-be thieves see The Wrap, chances are they’ll go find an easier target. If they do break in, the stainless steel frame, flashing LED lights, and painful siren will make them think again. The Wrap prevents full rotation of your steering wheel and protects your air bag from theft. It resists sawing, drilling, hammering, and grinding, yet it’s easy for you to install and remove. Simply pull the two sides apart, place over your steering wheel and push the two sides together. Lock and arm it using the seven-pin tubular keyed lock (same as ATM machines) or arm it with the remote control. Padding on the inside surface protects your steering wheel.

    • Fits steering wheels 14.25” – 15.5” in diameter
    • Uses 4 AA batteries (included)
    • Plugs into cigarette lighter with included adapter
    • CD users manual/installation instruction video included
    • Yellow; one-year warranty; measures 24” x 13” x 4”
  • Duracell Instant Jumpstart

    Robert says: The Duracell Instant Jumpstart System is ideal for emergency situations when you’re on the road or at home. It’s convenient and easy to use to jump-start your vehicle without needing another vehicle, and has a built-in incandescent light that provides illumination for any emergency. The Duracell Instant Jumpstart System also provides backup DC power for cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, and other small, portable devices.

    • 400-amp starting capacity
    • Built-in light for emergency situations
    • One DC socket for operating 12-volt devices
    • LED gauge for monitoring the battery state-of-charge
    • Jump-start cable conveniently attached to the unit for neat, easy storage
  • Stant Locking Fuel Cap

    Robert says: With gas prices continually rising there has been a spike in fuel thefts. A siphoned tank of gas can easily cost you $60-$90 and also leaving you stranded somewhere.

    Stant Locking Gas Caps provide you with the security of protecting against the theft of your fuel. Locking gas caps also discourage car thieves. It’s manufactured with the highest materials including quality chromium plating. Special check valve vent construction controls fuel loss... permits proper valve rate. Famous make cylinder lock with two keys.

    • Quality lock cylinder with two keys
    • Protects vehicle from fuel theft
    • Stops vandals from contaminating your fuel
    • High-quality materials
  • AAA 73 Piece Adventurer Road Assistance Kit

    Robert says: Broken down or injured, this kit has it all. If an accident or personal injury were to occur during your trip, would you be ready to deal with it? Being unprepared for a situation requiring first-aid can turn an inconvenience into something much more serious. Nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road, but the AAA Adventurer Road Assistance Kit will help keep you safe and comfortable while you are waiting for help.

    Note: I’ve yet to see a kit with an excellent pair of booster cables. Go out and buy the best, heaviest gauge wire set of cable your local auto supply store has to offer.

    • Booster cables
    • Air compressor
    • Dual LED flashlight; emergency whistle
    • 4 items that can minimize the amount of time you are stranded
    • LifeLine’s 45-piece first-aid supply pouch

You will be happy with any of these

  • LifeHammer Original Emergency Hammer

    Robert says: LifeHammer’s Original Emergency Hammer is a high-quality car escape tool, designed to help prevent automotive entrapment after an accident. Should power locks become disabled or a safety belt jam after an accident, the double-sided steel hammer heads allow the vehicle occupant to shatter side and rear windows, while a safely concealed razor-sharp blade cuts easily through safety belts. This product includes a mounting bracket (made of tough ABS plastic) for convenient installation, a polypropylene grip and handle, and a fluorescent pin that glows in the dark for easy retrieval.

    • A high-quality car escape tool to help prevent automotive entrapment
    • Double-sided, steel hammerheads break through side and rear windows with minimal effort
    • Razor-sharp blade cuts easily through safety belts
    • Includes a mounting bracket for convenient installation
    • A fluorescent pin glows in the dark for easy retrieval
  • Masterlock – Titanium High Security Steering Wheel Lock

    Robert says: This is a less expensive deterrent made by a very reputable company. Flashing red LED deters potential thieves. Coating on hooks will not damage steering wheel finish. Adjustable to fit most vehicles and comes with a $1000/1-year anti-theft guarantee.

    • Titanium materials make this lock indestructible!
    • High security – twice the security of other brands!
    • Quad hook design enables a more secure fit
  • The Club - Anti-Theft Wheel Immobilizers

    Robert says: It’s a lock on your tire that prevents the car from going anywhere. One on the front and one on the back will make it difficult for the car to be towed, too. If the wheel won’t turn, your vehicle can’t be driven away! Immobilizer is highly visible to deter a thief before they start. Plastic cover protects lock from the elements.

    Select the appropriate immobilizer for your needs:

    Tire Claw:
    - Black vinyl dip protects wheel rim
    - For scooters and motorcycles. Fits tires up to 6.3” wide
    - For trailers, cars, and ATVs. Fits tires up to 12” wide

    Wheel Club:
    - For recreational and industrial trailers, ATVs, and small vehicles
    - Weather resistant galvanized steel
    - Fits tires with up to 28” diameter, 9” width

    • Easy to install in seconds
    • Laser encrypted key (included) cannot be copied
    • Self-locking feature for easy use
  • Gorilla - Wheel Lock Systems™

    Robert says: Rims and tires can cost thousands of dollars. For a small fraction of the price, you should consider protecting your investment.

    Wheel locks cost about what you’d pay for standard lug nuts and locks bought separately. Set comes with key code label with ordering information for replacement keys. Automatic engagement of lock and key ensures quick, trouble-free installation/removal and exact fit-no stripping. No balance/vibration problems. Locks are chrome-plated case-hardened steel to last long!

    • Convert your lug nuts into wheel locks — the best anti-theft protection for your expensive wheels and tires
    • Locks look like ordinary wheel lugs but are virtually impossible to remove without the matching key
    • Unlimited key/lock combinations mean no duplicate keys in unauthorized hands

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