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Baby Bath Tubs

Baby bathtubs have evolved from one-dimensional plastic tubs into luxurious personal care systems. For convenience, some are available as combination changing stations and bathtubs. They have integrated storage space for all the important diaper changing paraphernalia. And, they conceal their bathtubs beneath the changing area. Others can be adjusted to control height levels for parents. And some can be used in any room in the home. Of course, only high-grade materials are used.

What to look for when selecting baby’s bathtub:

When selecting your baby’s bathtub consider the following: safety, size, and style. You have a lot of options these days: plastic tubs, changing table combination tubs, even inflatable tubs. Many are contoured for comfort, others are lined with a spongy interior. I have put together a list of the very best baby bathtubs from around the world to help you with your decision. As you will notice, they are of various sizes, heights and are available in a variety of styles to match your nursery decor.

Baby’s first bath:

Once you have made your selection you are ready to give baby its first bath. Before bathing your baby, heat the room well; remember he has no thermal regulation activity for the first few weeks of life. Check that the water in the bath is the right temperature using a special thermometer. Never leave your baby, even for a moment, unattended in the bath. Make sure you place the bath on a level, stable, and safe surface. And don’t forget this is also a great time for bonding with your baby.

Always the best price, our best baby bath tubs feature well-designed systems that include changing tables and even storage. In addition, you can find the best inflatable bath tubs for an easy way to bathe your newborn.

Best Baby Bath Tubs by Roselle Hope

The Best You Can Get

  • Olivia Bath Tub by Geuther

    Roselle says: At first glance this bath tub appears to be a changing table. Upon closer inspection one will notice that the tub is concealed beneath the folding changing top, which is fitted with safety hinges. At the same time, the tipped-up changing top serves as a spray guard when bath time gets boisterous. Hinges prevent the top from sliding or suddenly shutting just as they make closing it effortless. Included are an outlet hose and a soft changing mat. Of course, Olivia is mobile, so in summer baby can go for a paddle outdoors.

    • Article: #4851
    • Color: White; Natural
    • Includes bathtub and pad
    • Dimensions: 20” W x 39” H x 31” D
    • Table height: 89 cm
  • Vera Bath Tub by Geuther

    Roselle says: This bath system caters for all eventualities. Two drawers for storage. A shelf for additional storage. The bathtub with outlet hose and changing station. All its features complement each other to form a personal care center. What a time saver!

    Item number: 4854

    Dimensions: 26” W x 31” H x 30” L

    • Material: Solid beech; Color: Natural
    • Changing top raised on two sides for safety
    • Features wheels for mobility
    • Laundry bag is included
    • Includes a tub outlet pipe
  • Acqua Bath Tub by Brevi

    Roselle says: Created to satisfy the desire for beauty and design. This Acqua Brevi bath, thanks to its modern profile, combines maximum practicality with maximum functionality. Among its innovative features is the frame of the Acqua Brevi bath that is modular and totally without screws. This means it can easily be assembled in just a few minutes.

    Extremely light due to the type of structure and materials used.

    Front soap holder.

    Conforms to European standards.

    Large ergonomic bathtub with a practical drainpipe. Bath capacity: 17 liters.

    • Includes a padded changing mat; European standards
    • Features two shelves & three storage compartments
    • Thanks to its modular structure, once it is folded away it occupies very little space
    • Six rotating wheels, fitted with brakes, make it easy to move
    • Maximum safety due to an anti-roll over hinge and handle on the rear of the changing mat
  • Bath Tub by Bebe-Jou

    Roselle says: A classic beauty, this bathtub by Bebe-Jou is traditional style tub with a stand. Its practicality lies in your ability to stand baby bath anywhere, anytime. This feature will allow baby to take a bath where they like: during the summer outdoors in the open on the patio or balcony, in the kitchen or shower or right in the middle of the bath – indeed always at a height that is kind to your back.

    • Tub and stand sold separately
    • Tub includes soap dispenser
    • Includes heat sensor
    • Colors: 14 styles
    • Stand height is adjustable
  • Dou Dou Baby Tub by Brevi

    Roselle says: The new Dou Dou Brevi bath is particularly attractive, with its support feet that turn bath time into a fun playful moment. Can be used with stand for added height and comfort.

    • Product Code: 560
    • Colors: Available in 5 bright colors
    • Practical and light
    • Store easily after use

You will be happy with any of these

  • Surf Bath Tub by Neonatal

    Roselle says: New anatomical bath. Fitted with two anti-slip mats and a very comfortable shower cup. Suitable from 0 to 6 months in the laying position and from 6 to 12 months in the sitting position.

    • Colors: Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, and White
    • Dimensions: 9” H x 21” W x 38” L
    • Item Number: N108
  • Olbia Bath Station by Neonato

    Roselle says: Changing station fitted with a new anatomical bath. Includes a soap tray, two handles to aid ease of movement, and two large plastic shelves with bottle holder. The rear wheels are fitted with brakes. Safety mechanism prevents the changing top from falling accidentally on the head of baby.

    • It complies with the new European standards on changing units
    • Dimensions: 40.5” H x 22” W x 30” L
    • Item Number: N133
  • Summer Infant Soothing Spa and Shower

    Roselle says: For parents wanting to give their baby the very best experience during bath time there’s the Summer Infant Soothing Spa & Shower. Babies can be rinsed with clean, warm water after their bath with the motorized shower and they can also experience their own whirlpool bath.

    Item Number: 613323

    • Motorized jet creates soothing spa effect
    • Motorized shower rinses baby with warm, clean water
    • Large claw foot designed toddler tub (up to 2 years)
    • Deluxe newborn sling (for use in sink or tub)
    • Mildew resistant and quick-drying fabric on sling
  • washPOD by Prince Lionheart

    Roselle says: The European inspired washPOD provides a warm, safe, and secure environment, similar to that of inside a mother’s womb. The washPOD is designed for optimal control while bathing and is the perfect alternative to standard bath tubs which leave baby exposed to air from head to toe. Recommended by physicians and midwives as one of the best ways to bathe your newborn baby.

    • Age: 0-6 months
    • Includes comfortable pillow insert for newborn babies
    • Allows for optimal control while bathing baby
    • Item Number: 107129
  • Varix Babytub by Geuther

    Roselle says: A simply bathing system for baby. Ideal for small spaces. With this combination, the tub vanishes beneath the well-cushioned changing mat after a good long bath, to save space. The solid structure made of chromed tubing is fixed at one height. If required you can add a basket for personal care items. Further with Varix you have the choice: Varix is available with or without tub or with or without basket for personal care items. Extremely variable – the Varix bath and changing combination!

    • Color: Chrome
    • Item Number: 4820

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The best baby bath tubs are more than plastic tubs. These bath tubs for baby are sophisticated personal care systems that can include changing tables. In addition, inflatable bath tubs are also available for ease of use anywhere. Always the best price, our best bath tubs for baby and other baby furniture make it easy to keep your newborn clean.