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The Baby Planners have found that when choosing crib linens for the nursery, our clients inevitably swoon over the plethora of fabulous choices available to them. Our list here reflects not only our top picks, but also those of our go-to source, Jenny Mullennix of JennyBec’s – the owner of our favorite toy and family furnishings boutique in Santa Monica, CA. JennyBec’s commitment to finding quality products make this store a standout and as someone who knows “the best of the best” when she sees it, we asked Jenny to weigh in. Following is our collective picks that we’re sure will give you, and baby, a great night’s sleep!

Select the best baby bedding with the help of our experts who scour the Web for the most sumptuous bed linen. Always the best price, our best baby bed sheets are so comfortable and easy to care for, you'll fall in love.

Best Baby Bedding by Melissa and Ellie

The Best You Can Get

  • Bella Notte

    Melissa says: The luxurious Bella Notte line makes everything from bedding to throw pillows in a full range of sizes. We like that all of their linens, including their baby ensembles, are all cut, dyed and sewn to order. We look forward to their upcoming “green” line of products which will undoubtedly be just as appealing.

    • Luxurious fabrics
    • Sophisticated patterns
    • Variety of colors, collections
  • Bask Home

    Melissa says: The Baby Planners love Bask Home. Their collection follows the trend of parents who are looking for hip yet practical designs that will match their nursery or bedroom decor. The Bask motto is “Feel it, Live it, Love it” and the mother and daughter team behind this company has done that and more!

    • Vibrant, fun, sophisticated patterns
    • 100% cotton crib sets
    • Slip-covered bumpers for easy care
  • Maddie Boo Bedding

    Melissa says: Designer and trendsetter Cinda Brown took her love of textiles, her passion for design and of course her daughters “nicknames” to create this sumptuous line of bedding. From blankets to Moses baskets, Maddie Boo has an extensive line of stylish and standout products that marry function and fashion in a truly inspired way!

    • Fun fabric combinations
    • Interesting embellishments
    • Inviting textures
  • Pixel Organics

    Melissa says: The Baby Planners appreciate Pixel’s idea of changing the question from “why organic?” to “why not organic!” This environmentally conscious company exclusively uses organic, sustainable or regenerated fibers in everything they make leaving nothing but “tiny footprints” behind.

    • Fun, retro prints and patterns
    • Entirely organic and eco-friendly
    • Colorful and innovative designs
  • The Gordonsbury Company

    Melissa says: Carol Gordon, the visionary behind the Gordonsbury Company sought to design and produce fabulous linens and The Baby Planners can attest to her overwhelming success. Each of these hand-embroidered pieces is created on a remote Zimbabwean farm by highly skilled Shona craftswoman. It is easy to see why these exquisite, pure cotton nursery linens are a favorite of such celebrities as Angie and Brad!

    • 100% cotton
    • Hand-embroidered
    • Custom-made, coordinated hand-painted furniture

You will be happy with any of these

  • Dwell Studio

    Melissa says: Dwell Studio offers their unique sense of color and style in a full variety of home furnishings but their crib linens are a stand out for their innovative, sophisticated look. This is one company whose commitment to quality is obvious in everything they produce.

    • Modern prints and patterns
    • Thin, sleek bumpers
    • Traditional or oval crib sets
  • Little House by Annette Tatum

    Melissa says: Little House designs their look to encourage the mixing and matching of different patterns, prints, and textures. Their soothing hues compliment the look of any nursery. From Neopolitan Chocolate Blue to Rosebud Vanilla, Little House linens are one delicious treat!

    • Soft cotton and chenille fabrics
    • Classic, romantic, eclectic patterns
    • Mix and match accessories
  • Pine Creek Bedding

    Melissa says: Whether you’d like to create your own custom bedding or choose from a pre-designed ensemble, Pine Creek Bedding offers everything from comforters to window valances. Several new bedding ensembles are added each season so you’ll always get the latest looks and most up-to-date colors, textures, and designs.

    • Custom made and pre-designed bedding
    • Over 200 fabrics to choose from
    • 27 complete pre-designed
  • Serena & Lily

    Melissa says: Serena & Lily has your nursery covered from paint to rugs and everything in between. Their crib bedding contains a flat, single-piece bumper with delightful details like intricate embroidery and piping.

    • Inspired, simple prints
    • Easy to care for fabrics
    • Can be custom ordered
  • Pottery Barn Kids

    Melissa says: Pottery Barn Kids is a great source for those who want pretty, quality crib linens at an affordable price point. The Baby Planners like their variety of patterns and styles and appreciate how easily their linens coordinate with other accessories.

    • Variety of colors, patterns, styles
    • Organic line available
    • Monogram and personalization available

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