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In the realm of nursery furniture, one piece stands proudly above the rest – the cradle. The cradle is more than a piece of furniture. It is an extension of a mother’s womb: it protects, it warms up, it rocks. It is also the space where a baby carries on with its early development. The throne on which baby makes its grand introduction to family and friends. Therefore, when selecting a cradle for your baby – think outside the box.

A baby cradle should be uncompromisingly elegant. It should have no limits on function, design, and color. It should advance to become a showpiece, which, thanks to its mobility, can also remain in the living room once in a while. Above all, it should provide a secure environment for baby.

And since only the best will do for your little bundle of joy, I have searched the world over to bring to you a selection of the most lavish and functional cradles.

Remember, babies need style, too.

Choose the best new baby cradles to ensure you have the perfect spot for your newborn to develop. Always the best price, our best baby cribs recommendations offer elegant designs and colors with superior function.

Best Baby Cradles by Roselle Hope

The Best You Can Get

  • Cradle by Gesslein

    Roselle says: If you are looking to make a grand impression, this is the cradle for you. All eyes will be on cradle and baby. And the best is yet to come. After baby moves on to its crib, this cradle converts into a rocking horse and ship.

    Cradle dimensions: 123 L x 70 W x 144 H cm

    Basket dimensions: 85 L x 45 W x 30 H cm

    Made in Germany.

    • Material: Beech wood (oak, mahogany)
    • Basket suspension material: Stainless steel
    • Conversion kits: Ship/rocking horse, sold separately
    • Includes: Canopy, mattress, & bedding
    • Bedding available in several colors
  • Square Cradle by Gugu

    Roselle says: This cradle has a prestigious appeal with the convenience of modern craftsmanship. Canopy poles offer a traditional touch. You can wheel cradle around home for added convenience.

    • Made in Italy
    • Material: Oak
    • Wheels are detachable and included
    • Dimensions: 36” L x 36” W
  • Cradle by Thierry Bataille

    Roselle says: With its moon shape and slender legs this cradle captures the simple functionality of a cradle. Ideal for small spaces. A great conversational piece.

    • Cradle Material: Shell of beech wood painted white
    • Feet Material: Spindle of beech wood
    • Dimensions: 110 diameter
  • Cradle by Theophile and Patachou

    Roselle says: When newborn babies first come home, they will really appreciate a snug environment at sleep times. This snug wicker cradle fits the bill perfectly, and looks the part with a honey finish and ivory linens.

    • Made in Belgium
    • Material: Oak and wicker
    • Includes embroidered bedding
    • Available in various styles
    • Dimensions: 31” H x 39” L
  • Cradle by Child Wood

    Roselle says: This Child Wood cradle is made from solid beech and has a simplistic look – perfect for a light and airy nursery.

    • Material: Beech wood
    • Dimensions: 35” L x 38” D x 18” H
    • Colors: Oak, Chocolate, Black
    • Conforms to European safety requirements

You will be happy with any of these

  • Cradle with Canopy by Uzturre

    Roselle says: This traditional cradle features a flowing canopy and matching bedding set, which is hand embroidered. Embroidered design can be personalized to compliment nursery decor. The cradle is a classic design made of oak and is supported with wheels for ease of movement. Ideal for decorating a unisex nursery.

    • Made in Spain
    • Material: Oak
    • Colors: White, Oak
    • Includes bedding, mattress, canopy
  • Cradle by Cator and Chauca

    Roselle says: Perfect for sleeping, playing, and mooning around. This crib offers a new level of comfort. With its transparent decor parents get added security from seeing baby from all distances. Best feature of this cradle is its ability to convert into a changing table, a toy trolley, and a sofa.

    • Eco design
    • Washable
    • Features a changing table changer
    • Includes a body molding mattress
    • Dimensions: 16” H x 35” L
  • Cardboard Cradle by Kids Gallery

    Roselle says: A simple, pared-down style for this cradle which combines good design with eco-awareness. Made from ecological, recyclable cardboard. The cradle is at the same height as an adult bed, which is really practical, and comes complete with comfortable mattress. Delivered flat-packed, it is very easy to assemble – no tools required.

    • Available in white or oak
    • Conforms to European standards
    • Anti-flammable treatment
    • Dimensions: 30” L x 20” D x 25” H
  • Wicker Cradle by Nume

    Roselle says: This very pretty cradle is in wicker that is woven by hand. Its oval shape is ergonomic, and is reminiscent of 19th century wooden cradles; the Nume cradle is elegant and stylish, but also very comfortable for the child. Its tripod is very stable and reassuring for parents.

    • Dimensions of cradle: 35” L x 25” D x 27” H
    • Hand made
    • Includes mattress & pillow
  • Foldable Cradle by Art and Form

    Roselle says: A wonderfully designed and beautifully made foldable cradle, baby friendly, and practical for use anywhere in or outside the house. Space saving, great to take on visits or holidays. Suspended from a frame crafted in solid beech, the bed is made of soft, strong 100% cotton and is fitted with a stiff board for supporting the mattress. Handy pockets on the outside provide plenty of storage and the entire canvas bed can be removed for washing. Included is a feathery light transparent veil to cover the cot and shield your baby against insects.

    Dimensions: 43” H x 26” W x 42” L

    Mattress Dimensions: 3” H x 22” W x 34” L

    • Material: Solid beech
    • Mattress: 100% cotton
    • Includes handy pockets on the outside for storage
    • Bed removable for washing
    • Includes feathery light transparent veil to cover the cot and shield baby

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