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Best Baby Necklaces & Best Baby First Year Books

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You’ve heard it a million times: They grow up so quickly, so enjoy it now. That’s why we all want to have something to remind us of the days when baby depended on us fully (and couldn’t talk back). Luckily, we aren’t limited to little boxes of never-used silver spoons - there’s a ton of fun, stylish (even functional) products to choose from. From hip wall hangings to handmade pendants, here are some of the best keepsakes I’ve seen.

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With the best baby necklaces and other keepsakes, you'll commemorate their early years. We recommend the best baby first year books, best baby silver cups and other best baby keepsakes at the best price.

Best Baby Keepsakes by Carley Roney

The Best You Can Get

  • Fingerprint Portrait

    Carley says: Come on, keepsakes don’t get much cooler than this. The folks at DNA 11 are all about genetic art, and with the Fingerprint Portrait, you get an amazing wall piece that baby will never outgrow. You just use the fingerprint collection kit they send you to get a little baby print, and they’ll make it into an uber-personalized work of modern art. You can order whatever color combo you fancy, so keep in mind that it doesn’t have to match the nursery - you might want this one displayed for company to see!

    • Three size choices
    • Thousands of color combos
    • Get the digital file
    • 100% money back guarantee
  • I Wear Your Handprint Necklace

    Carley says: A hip piece of mom jewelry, this stylish trinket by Birth Designs lets you wear baby’s handprints or footprints right around your neck. And, yep, they can actually use your baby’s real prints. You send digital files or a real print on paper, and they etch the image onto a copper coin. They also solder a silver coin on the back, stamped with whatever words you choose.

    • Use actual prints or representations
    • Made from copper and silver coins
    • Prints on one side, words/symbols on the other
    • Choice of chain length
    • Can use handprints or footprints
  • Silver Leaf First Year Frame

    Carley says: This frame from Pottery Barn Kids is a classy way to show off baby’s first adventures. You’ll have to wait a full year to fill it up, but hey, it lasts forever.

    • Wood with silver leaf overlay
    • Holds 12 (2” x 3”) pics and 1 (4” x 6”) pics
    • Total dimensions: 22” x 1” x 11.5”
    • Can be personalized
  • Molly West Red Tricycle Baby’s First Year Book

    Carley says: Baby books have come a long way. “The Red Tricycle Baby’s First Year Book” by Molly West was just too cute for me to pass up (though her “Sock Monkey” version has got my eye, too). The design is adorable and nostalgic, and the book has just enough space inside to hold all of your baby’s firsts.

    • Simple, modern design
    • White pages printed with sage green ink
    • Mounting spaces for certificates, invites, and photos
    • Envelope for lock of hair
    • Spaces for listing “firsts” and “favorites”
  • The Nursing Necklace

    Carley says: Straight from a real-life mom, the whole Julian & Co. line is keepsake worthy, but this one’s my fave: a multi-textured oval pendant that gives baby something to do at feeding time (you know, other than pinch you or grab your hair). There’s plenty of space on both sides to engrave baby’s full name and all of the birth specs. And when baby grows up, you can hand this down as an extra-sentimental heirloom.

    • Sterling silver
    • Engraved with name and birth stats
    • 30” chain
    • 1.5” washer pendant
    • Durable for baby’s grip

You will be happy with any of these

  • Your Words on Custom Canvas

    Carley says: It’s nothing new to put baby’s name on the nursery wall, but I’ve never seen it done in a way this stylish. These canvas works of art are custom-made by hand to give it a personal appeal. On top of that, you can include any lyrics, a quote, or a message that you’d like behind the name.

    • Totally customizable
    • Name plus up to 200 words
    • Wood-wrapped canvas
    • Choice of sizes
  • Reed and Barton Child Cup

    Carley says: There’s nothing more classic than a silver baby cup, which is suitable for a boy or girl. It holds up to six ounces and is designed for easy sipping (the side is sloped so that all of the liquid doesn’t rush out at once when tilted). It’s functional, makes a beautiful ornament in the nursery, and is a traditional memento for years to come.

    • Silver-plated
    • Sloped design reduces spills
    • Engraved with baby’s name and birth date
    • 6 oz.
  • My Japanese Garden Growth Chart

    Carley says: Every kid needs a growth chart, and this one is chic enough that baby might just keep it in her room through the full 60 inches. Plus, it can travel with you if you happen to move houses. (Door frames don’t make very good keepsakes.)

    • Sturdy canvas
    • Cute, colorful print
    • Grosgrain ribbon for hanging
    • Decorative nails
  • Everyday You Write the Baby Book Set

    Carley says: This set helps you record everything about baby’s first months. There’s a “Feed Me” log to record baby’s eating habits and a “Look What I Got” gift log — but what you’ll really want to hang on to is the “Special Moments Journal” made for helping you freeze a few moments in time.

    • Nursing/feeding journal
    • Journal for special moments
    • Gift log
    • Ribbon page marker
  • Children’s Personalized Nature Namebook

    Carley says: Okay, so this one is pretty much just a storybook (a cute one!) with your child’s name added in. But if baby doesn’t gnaw it to pieces, you’ll want to keep it around for years and years, reminding you of a time when the little one was just learning letters. The bonus is that it’s educational: learning tool now, sweet memory later.

    • Bright, colorful pages
    • Nature theme
    • Helps teach reading skills
    • Personalized dedication and story

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