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The first toys you select for your baby will initially only be props...all baby wants is mama for what seems like a long time. But when your baby starts to awaken to the world around him or her, it’s great to have some ultra-safe, soft, and lovely toys at the ready. Make tummy time yummier with an organic play mat, and hang a sweetly engaging mobile to catch the eye. You can take your pick from the plethora of organic cotton and naturally finished wood rattles, instead of being limited to phthalate-laden plastic ones of days gone by. The gentle items listed below aim to preserve the calm, soothing nature of the womb, while ably supporting your growing baby’s development... and eliciting some of his or her first smiles.

Choose the best baby toys at the best price with our recommendations for the safest gadgets that enliven baby's world. These best baby and toys suggestions are made of the purest organic and other eco friendly materials for now and the future.

Best Baby Toys (0-6 months) by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Selecta Pontino Wooden Baby Gym

    Candace says: From birth, any playmat time can be enhanced by including this delightful and engaging wooden baby gym, which features a graceful arch design and lots of dangling infant eye candy.

    • Finished with beeswax
    • A mix of natural wood and painted elements
    • Scratch- and saliva-resistant
    • Colors stay bright during years of use
    • Surpasses the highest European and International safety standards
  • Baby Boo Silk

    Candace says: Playsilks are one of the most versatile natural toys out there. Simply squares of colored silk in fetching colors, they can be used throughout your baby’s childhood as capes, costumes, or environmental elements like a lake or forest floor. Right now, though, you can use it with baby to play peek-a-boo, and as a soft, comfy thing for which baby to hold.

    • Encourages imaginative play
    • Tinted with safe natural dye
    • Six color choices
  • Haba En Piste Mobile

    Candace says: “En Piste” means “Curtains Rise” and in the case of this whimsical mobile, it alludes to the theme of animal performers under a circus tent. The mouse and bear are attached by magnets and can be detached so that baby can play or cuddle with them. The three other hanging items have a lot going on, too. The star features a foil mirror, the ring has a little bell, and the green and blue ornament has a rattle within. It supports sensory and social/emotional development, and independent play. Haba is a German toy brand that is renowned for safety and its support of fair trade.

    • Mobile characters are detachable for snuggling purposes
    • Made of soft fabric
    • Five hanging elements
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM International and BSI safety standards
  • Kaloo 123 Green Doudou Bear with Elephant

    Candace says: In France, a “doudou” is a security blankie, aka, a lovey, Stateside. (And here, “doudou” means something else, but we won’t get into that.) This sweet little guy looks like a bear wearing a great big blue tent dress (the blankie component), and not only is he a lovey and a pal, you can also slip your hand inside and play with him as a puppet. Love the extra details, too: a jaunty green sleeping cap and a darling elephant appliqué.

    • Supports the development of early motor, sensory, and social/emotional skills
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM International and BSI safety standards
    • Designed in France
  • Dress Me Up RaRa Organic Cotton Rabbit Rattle

    Candace says: This soft rattle's simple, streamlined silhouette and gentle, unbleached cotton fabric soothes on contact. If Pat the Bunny had a lanky Canadian cousin, this cutie would be it. It’s got all of the right eco and fair trade bona fides, too.

    • Handmade of organic flannel cotton
    • Soft-sounding rattle is secured within the stuffed bunny for safety
    • Made in Canada

You will be happy with any of these

  • Under The Nile Fresh Organic Fruit Basket

    Candace says: Under the Nile is a wonderful company that actively participates in many levels of fair trade and eco-friendly initiatives. The stuffed fruits in this set can serve as playthings, teethers, and pals that will be enjoyed for years to come.

    • Made entirely of handpicked Egyptian organic cotton
    • Includes four stuffed fruits and a cloth basket
    • Doubles as a room decoration when not in use
    • Fair trade
    • Colored with vegetable and metal-free dyes
  • Selecta Girali Ring Grasping Toy

    Candace says: This toy has it all: rattle, teether, rings that slide... plenty to grab the interest of your little one. This toy was specifically designed to foster the development of early motor skills. At the same time, it’s thoroughly safe, environmentally friendly, and fair trade.

    • Made of sustainable wood
    • Painted with natural, nontoxic paints
    • Surpasses the highest European and International safety standards
    • Made in Germany
  • Springing Duckling

    Candace says: This little fellow will bring countless smiles to baby and everyone who gets a gander at him. Hang him from a stroller to bob in the breeze, or even the railing of your baby gym. Give him a little pull and he’ll dance for a while, his arms and legs bobbing comically. Best of all, when baby is older, the duckling can be repurposed as a holiday ornament.

    • Made of renewable birch wood and twine
    • Unfinished wood is free of stain
    • Comes from a small, family-run business
    • Dynamic, but battery-free
  • Soothing Rattle

    Candace says: The wood for these rattles is naturally fallen wood, gathered from streams, and then handmade into rattles on a West Coast organic farm. After baby outgrows the rattle and teething stage, it can be used for years to come as a musical instrument.

    • Choose from maple, cherry, or myrtle wood
    • Sustainably sourced
    • Finished with non-toxic, food-safe beeswax
    • Made in the USA
    • Doubles as a teether
  • Lifekind Organic Cotton Garden Play Mat

    Candace says: This soft sage and ivory play mat is free of does that work? The organic cotton used for the green fabric just happens to be naturally green (as in the color), and it’s harvested and woven to preserve and display those tones. It comes with a little butterfly, a snail, and an inchworm, which can be played with and then stored in the mat’s side pockets. If the price seems a bit steep, you can also choose the toy-free version and save yourself some money.

    • Covered by and stuffed with certified organic cotton
    • Cover is removable for machine washing
    • Comes with three organic stuffed activity animals

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