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The second half of the first year of a baby’s life is so much fun. Baby has awakened to the world around her and it is now that sitting up, moving around, and finer motor skill development make it a perfect time to introduce beautiful, safe, and transporting toys. Herewith, an assortment of classic toys remade in accordance to today’s exacting eco and fair-trade standards and heightened design sensibility.

Find the best toys for babies six months to 12 months so they have a little help developing their motor skills. Always the best price, these best baby toys will make playing with your infant all the more fun.

Best Baby Toys (6-12 Months) by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Educo Double Bubble Maze

    Candace says: This well-designed “busy bead” toy affixes to smooth surfaces with four suction cups, which you can bring it from the high chair tray to a play date to grandma’s house. Its multi-colored beads come in different shapes, which draws the eye (and chubby little fingers).

    • Wood base is made of solid pine grown on managed plantations
    • Finishes are non-toxic
    • Paints are water-based
    • Meets or exceeds ASTM and EN71 safety standards
  • Sigikid Play Ball

    Candace says: Balls are toy box staples, and this one is just perfect for babies working on their motor skills through play. Covered in organic cotton produced under controlled biological cultivation, the ball is stuffed with lambswool, as well as a rattle that sounds when the ball is shaken or thrown to the floor.

    • Covered in organic cotton plush
    • Stuffed with organic wool
    • Machine washable
    • Interior rattle
    • Machine washable in wool cycle
  • Nova Naturals Horse Swing

    Candace says: This Americana-evoking wooden horse swing is made in Poland from European hardwood. Your baby is ready for it as soon as she or he has reached the sitting stage, through two years of age. Hang it from a tree branch year-round, or hang it from a strong bar indoors.

    • Made of solid wood, with ropes
    • Side pieces keep baby safe within
    • Classic design
  • Bamboletta Gnome

    Candace says: This chubby, bearded fellow is as lovable and merry as they come. With a curly white beard (made of mohair boucle), and velour stocking cap and clothing, he’s literally one of a kind. Handmade by Vancouver doll artist Christina Platt.

    • Made of organic cotton and stuffed with organic wool
    • Wool stuffing warms to the touch
    • Naturally anti-bacterial
    • Movable joints
  • Silver Fox Woodworking Stacking Ring

    Candace says: It’s a classic - the stacking ring toy. We might remember the Fisher Price version, which was probably based on a wooden version...and it comes full circle. This lovely set is made of unpainted wood, so the natural tones and grain come through beautifully. Baby can chew, stack, roll, and build with the rings before they go back on the wooden rod (which is play as well). Because all the rings have holes that are the same size, the rings can be stacked on the base in any order.

    • Made of baltic birch and western maple
    • Finished with a mix pure oils (no peanut oil)
    • Fair-trade
    • Made by Canadian artisans

You will be happy with any of these

  • Yellow Label Kids Donut Assortment

    Candace says: Mmm...donuts.

    Soft, colorful, and textured, this mouth-watering set of knitted cotton donuts is a real visual treat. They’re also a wonderful teething and stacking toy, which evolves to become part of your child’s kitchen play assortment as he or she grows.

    • Hand-knitted by a fair trade women’s collective in Bangladesh
    • Set of five in gingham fabric box
    • Eco-safe dyes
    • Machine washable
    • In compliance with the CE (European Directives) toy safety code
  • Ladybug Blanket Doll

    Candace says: This sweet lovely doll has bright red accents in the form of a red stocking cap, embroidered ladybugs, and a blanket-stitched border. Its cheerful little face will serve as baby’s naptime friend for now and years to come.

    • Organic cotton flannel
    • Made in Germany
    • Machine washable
  • MiYim Organic Storybook Collection’s Andrew the Hippo

    Candace says: Organic plush toys make so much sense, but are often very pricey. This line, which also has the bonus of being widely available at traditional toy venues, is soft, very cute across the board, and affordable. My favorite is the hippo.

    • Made of certified organic fabric
    • Dyed using plants and minerals
    • Super soft and cuddly
    • Comes in recycled packaging
  • Elephant Dot Doll

    Candace says: This darling toy was inspired by a vintage wooden doll discovered at a flea market. Its limbs are made of independently rotating cloth balls of different colors and sizes. Once your child loses interest, use it as a folksy decoration or stash it away as a keepsake or heirloom for the next generation.

    • Handmade in Bolivia and El Salvador
    • Soft plush fabric
    • Movable elements for motor skill development
  • Dwell Baby Soft Blocks

    Candace says: Dwell Studio has its finger on the pulse of kicky, fun design and these blocks are no exception. In tones of cotton candy, mustard yellow, aqua, chocolate, and lavender and bursting with fun patterns, the soft cotton blocks can be safely stacked, thrown, and played with in innumerable ways.

    • 100% cotton
    • Groovy patchwork design
    • Stimulating texture
    • Comes with cloth bag for storage and toting
    • Set of six

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