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You don’t have to be a rapper to sport some bling on your finger, wrist, or neck. Now, I’m not saying buy a pair of diamond grills for your teeth, but a little bit of jewelry goes a long way on us men. Leather, silver, and white gold are all great options when looking to buy a piece of jewelry. Keep in mind fellas, there are certain pieces for certain occasions – dressy bracelets for a suit, or rugged necklaces to be worn with a t-shirt. Here are my picks for the best bling for gents.

With the best designer mens jewelry, you'll be sporting the right amount of bling. Our designer jewelry for men includes unique mens rings, mens bracelet selections and other stunning jewelry of gold, silver and leather.

Best Bling for Gents by Preston Konrad

The Best You Can Get

  • Antique Signet Ring

    Preston says: This is great understated cool piece for guys to wear every day. A signet ring usually will bear a coat of arms (typically a family crest) and is worn on the little finger. This is a great traditional piece that borders on preppy territory. If chains, leather and rocks are not your thing, a signet piece is a great option for some bling. Wear with a polo shirt and jeans on more casual days, or with a blue blazer and a tie for that old school preppy look.

    • Vintage prices vary
    • Available in gold, white gold, silver
  • Alexander McQueen Skull Key Ring

    Preston says: Ok, so maybe this isn’t actual jewelry you wear on your hand or around your neck, but it’s great bling for your house or car keys. Alexander McQueen made the skull design famous again with their skull scarves and now offers the same in a keychain. The skull is brass with gunmetal eyes and a soft woven ball of leather is attached to the key ring. You may not have a BMW key in your hand (it’s OK men, my Toyota gets me there, too), but your keychain will at least have some flair.

    • 100% Brass
    • Available in 3 colors
  • Martin Margiela Barbed Wire Necklace

    Preston says: This one is not for you shirt and tie kind of men… if you’re an Ed Hardy t-shirt and diesel jeans dude, then this piece is for you. The simple chain (with lobster clasp closures) is understated and holds the single barb (like the fences line your local prison facility, yes, I’m serious) pendant nicely. Oh, and P.S.: you can go ahead and buy this, the barb isn’t real.

    • 100% brass
    • 18” long
    • Made in Italy
    • Chain link
  • Gucci Dog Tag Necklace

    Preston says: Find your inner “Jarhead” with this pair of dog tags from Gucci. The white gold pair of tags look like the ones you may find at a great vintage store, hanging from a standard beaded chain with snap connectors to give it that army look and feel. The words “Gucci” are written in cursive on the front and back of the tags to let everyone know you’re rocking some cool (and pricey) bling. Wear with a white v-neck t-shirt and jeans for a really cool look.

    • 18k white gold
    • 18” long
    • Made in Italy
  • Gucci Saddle Motif Crest Necklace

    Preston says: Reminiscent of a St. Christopher’s metal in shape and size, this crest pendant with chain is a great manly piece of jewelry to wear casually. The crest logo on the pendant is brand new for Gucci and is high demand; some retailers are only allowing three of these items to be purchase every thirty days, so get your purchase on fellas! The chain is thin and the pendant is small, so this is a great necklace to wear and does not look feminine or too delicate.

    • Sterling silver
    • 19.5” long
    • Made in Italy

You will be happy with any of these

  • Emporio Armani Sterling Charm Necklace

    Preston says: Pull of an edgier look with this men’s necklace from Emporio Armani. The chain is classic and hangs 22 inches long and it topped off with a really cool cluster of five charms, a small tooth, leather braid, metal, etc. This necklace is a great way to make a plain t-shirt look Hollywood.

    • 22” long
    • 5 charms
  • Dolce and Gabbana Leather Bracelet

    Preston says: This is an awesome bracelet for men. It’s made of 100% Italian leather and has belt-like closures. The Dolce & Gabbana logo is embossed in the rich leather and metal links connect all of the leather pieces. This piece is a great alternative to those leather cuffs men have been sporting for a few years now as it’s thinner and much more classic. Wear this with a casual look guys.

    • Made in Italy
  • Tateossian Single Braid Leather Bracelet

    Preston says: British accessory big wig, Tateossian really has got it right with this bracelet for men. The single braid of Italian leather and sterling silver clasp are very handsome and scream “big shot” without looking the least big girly. This really looks great paired with leather or chrome watches and is classy enough to be worn with a suit, for sure.

    • Italian leather
    • Made in the UK
  • David Yurman Bee Ring

    Preston says: I’m not prone to using street slang but this ring is “baller.” David Yurman is one of the reigning kings of the jewelry world (both for you and your girl). This bee ring is one of the coolest men’s pieces that Yurman currently offers. It looks like your favorite college class ring but is 100% cooler. The face of the ring is 22 karat gold with a great textured bee on it, and the band is made of textured sterling silver. The small DY crest on the side of the ring is pretty sharp as well.

    • 22 karat gold
    • Sterling silver
  • Forever 21 Gathered Beaded Bracelets

    Preston says: Beads are not just for stoner hippies anymore. Multiple beads on the wrist have been cool in Hollywood for a few months now; guys like Colin Ferrell make this trend look mad cool. Try pairing these beads with a thin leather cuff and a watch for a real casual cool look. A loose fitting t-shirt and ripped jeans top the look off.

    • Multiple bracelets for price of one
    • Multiple colors available

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