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At Jon Charles Salon, I took notice to one thing – women were wishing they could get the same blow dry results at home. Well, I heard my ladies, and started the Jon Charles Blow Dry Bootcamp class at my salon.

In the bootcamp, I educated them on the best blow dryers to buy, the best brushes to get for the right effect, and then I trained them on technique. It’s near impossible to get the same results as a professional doing it for you – just the extra set of hands in the back of you is a huge advantage – but with improved technique training yielded such amazing results from all the ladies!

For the ultimate blow dry experience, the Elchim 2001 professional blow dryer with the Free Style blow dryer support system ( is my favorite. This system suspends the blow dryer from a retractable cord in the ceiling. Pull the blow dryer down and it turns on, let it go and it turns off! It will really help you get back that counter space you need.

For most women, a good blow dryer is no less important than good mascara and eyeliner. I consider it a beauty essential. The measure of a great blow dryer consists of its speed, heat, weight, and durability. These are a few of the factors I used to pick the best of the best.

Best Blow Dryers by Jon Charles

The Best You Can Get

  • Elchim 2001 Professional Dryer

    Jon says: I have tried every professional blow dryer, and the Elchim works the best. After twenty five years in the industry, designing six salons and working with hundreds of stylists, I have deemed this blow dryer the ultimate professional blow dryer. It has passed the challenge of delivering high heat, high speed and above all durability and lightness – all of which are important when looking to create the perfect style in the comfort of your own home.

    • I have deemed it the ultimate professional blow dryer
  • Elchim Galaxy Blue

    Jon says: The Galaxy Blue is the next best thing in blow dryers. This dryer delivers the sleek ergonomic style you’ve been looking for with the added benefits of noise reduction and a dust filter!

    • Sleek ergonomic style
    • Noise reduction
    • Dust filter
  • CHI Nano

    Jon says: This dryer uses the state of the art Nano Silver Technology that works to eliminate bacteria and promotes a clean area around stylists and clients.

    • Eliminates bacteria
    • Promotes a clean area
  • Solano Top Power Ionic

    Jon says: This industry standard also features Nano Silver Technology plus Ion technology to condition hair and reduce frizz and static. The Salono Top Power dryer has great power and speed with its multiple settings.

    • Ion technology to condition hair and reduce frizz and static
    • Great power and speed
    • Multiple settings
  • Artizen 3300 5-KV Ionic Dryer

    Jon says: With this dryer, your hair will dry very quickly and easily with an amazing end result of silky, shiny hair.

    • Quick and easy drying
    • Silky, shiny hair

You will be happy with any of these

  • CHI Turbo Dryer

    Jon says: The CHI Turbo dryer is a very lightweight and quiet professional dryer that will last you for years to come.

    • Very lightweight
    • Quiet
  • FHI Nano Salon Pro 2000

    Jon says: The Nano Salon Pro 2000 dryer is both quiet and quick drying.

    • Quiet
    • Quick drying
  • FHI Nano Weight Pro 1800

    Jon says: This very lightweight dryer features the unique Nano Fusion Technology, which eliminates frizz while adding shine. Plus, this dryer has twice the lifespan of a conventional dryer!

    • Very lightweight
    • Eliminates frizz while adding shine
    • Has twice the lifespan of a conventional dryer
  • Solanotronic X

    Jon says: This anti-static ion dryer leaves hair shiny, soft, and smooth while adding volume.

    • Anti-static ion dryer
    • Leaves hair shiny, soft, and smooth
    • Adds volume
  • Solano Turbo Ultralite

    Jon says: Don’t let the name fool you on this dryer. It is not only ultra lightweight as is name indicates; it packs in high performance speed and heat for a great all around blow dryer.

    • Ultra lightweight
    • High performance speed and heat

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