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Best Bone China Teapots & Best Teapot

Since tea is not only my business but also my passion; I can spend hours shopping for all things tea. Bone china teapots are on the top on my list because they are not only eye-catching, but they are functional as well.

Bone china is the English version of porcelain. To some, it is regarded as the highest quality and best china money can buy. In 1799, Josiah Spode II invented bone china. He discovered that by mixing bone ashes with clay, it could be fired at a lower temperature than porcelain but maintain its durability and delicate look. The end result is a brilliant white, highly translucent, delicate but extremely strong piece of ceramic. It has become the most well liked type of porcelain in the United States and Britain.

Bone china teapots should be considered an investment, as some can be quite pricey. I love white teapots because it allows me to:

- See the color and brilliance of the tea
- Mix and match with antique, whimsical, and/or classic cups and saucers as well as plates to create many different looks with just one teapot
- Flexibility to bring in other colors for the changing of seasons or my mood

There are many white bone china teapots on the market. I have chosen the Best of the Best based on:

- Shape
- Embossing and/or textural elements
- Accessory pieces in the line
- Versatility

With the best bone china teapots, you'll enjoy sipping tea even more. These best teapot recommendations include eye-catching designs that make the best tea, from black tea to green tea.

Best Bone China Teapots by Lisa Boalt Richardson

The Best You Can Get

  • Lenox Federal Platinum

    Lisa says: This is a classic and timeless teapot. It will never go out of style and will go with most fine china pieces. It has clean lines with a crisp elegant style. The pedestal shaped bottom and a gracefully curved handle form the body while a thin platinum line follows the curves of the teapot. It has a beautiful pedestal shaped accent mug that is exquisite.

  • Lenox Hannah

    Lisa says: This teapot speaks classic English to me. It is also timeless with a rounded more stout shape. The subtle palmetto-leaf embossed pattern adds interest to the piece. It is bordered in a thin platinum line that gives the teapot a “fine china” look. This teapot also has a pedestal shaped mug that accentuates the palmetto-leaf design in platinum.

  • Kate Spade Library Lane

    Lisa says: This teapot although classic in shape adds a contemporary touch with its simple clean lines. Platinum banding gives this teapot a black tie elegance. For a bit of whimsy, mix and match with Larabee Road polka dot accent plates also by Kate Spade.

  • Vera Wang for Wedgwood Blanc Sur Blanc

    Lisa says: Vera Wang is known for her stylish designs and her china follows suit. Blanc Sur Blanc is an exquisite union of the contemporary and the classical. The subtle matte border with platinum edging gives a textured tone on tone contrast for a high-style look.

  • Ralph Lauren Spring Lace

    Lisa says: This teapot could either be used for the most formal tea experience or for the everyday pot of tea. The shape of the teapot is unique and the subtle raised pattern design gives a beautiful texture to the piece. It is English country meets fine dining. The cup and saucer in this line is a tea lover’s delight because of its enormous size!

You will be happy with any of these

  • Wedgwood Nantucket

    Lisa says: This teapot mimics the hand-weaved baskets of the New England area. It is a more casual china that could be used everyday or for special occasion teas. The finial of the lid even is in the shape of a seashell.

  • Wedgwood Ethereal

    Lisa says: The light airy design of this teapot gives it a refined elegance. The contemporary style will fit the needs of those with more progressive tastes. The clean, curved outline of the teapot would contrast well with the square accent plates that are available in this line.

  • Jasper Conran at Wedgwood

    Lisa says: Designed for those with a more modern taste, this teapot’s clean lines give it a form meet function design. It is a sleek yet elegant teapot.

  • Villeroy and Boch Country Heritage

    Lisa says: A teapot designed with a classic English country look for everyday use. The subtle raised embossing adds interest and texture to a quaint and simple design. The pedestal shaped mug in the line has a great curved handle.

  • Gordan Ramsay White by Royal Doulton

    Lisa says: Designed by a chef with the “foodie” in mind, this teapot has beautiful embossed rings for interest. The shape is classic and versatile enough to either lend itself to a contemporary or a more traditional style.

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The best bone china teapots are a brilliant white that is highly translucent and delicate yet extremely strong. This makes these best teapot recommendations the right choice for years of tasty tea at the best price on the Web. We suggest the best china tea sets in myriad colors and designs so gorgeous you'll soon have to invite guests for tea.