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So you’re a runner and you want to know more. You want to be inspired, you want to be more knowledgeable, and you want to take on your first marathon. Fair enough. So where do we start?

The best books on running come in two basic flavors: inspirational and technical. Both are necessary depending on whether you need the technical guidance on “how to run,” or whether you are looking for something to inspire your next workout. Given that statistically running is the most injury conducive, non-contact sport there is, there is no question that most runners need technical advice on running that goes beyond “one foot in front of the other.”

Running is obviously not that simple, and I have devoted the better part of my professional sport science career to providing people with the technical guidance necessary to truly simplify running instruction and improve the way you run. My book, “Pose Method of Running” gives you the insight on how to optimize your running technique and eliminate injuries to perform your best.

Now let's review the top five books you must read as a runner.

Be inspired with how to run books that give you the edge on the trail. These best book on running recommendations give you in-depth advice on the best way to run faster and properly so you don't get injured.

Best Books on Running by Nicholas Romanov

The Best You Can Get

  • Lore of Running

    Nicholas says: A one-of-a-kind reference book on running, with a tremendous wealth of information from physiology to unique stories of outstanding runners from different generations. It’s equally good as a science reference book, as well as guidance for coaches and exercise physiologists. The book is centered on the original central governor theory of human body function and other innovative theories of fatigue, hydration, and injury prevention. Professor Timothy Noakes is a leading researcher from the University of Cape Town, South Africa. The book is well written and is the leading source of information for runners of all levels.

    • By Timothy Noakes, Ph.D.
    • Best science reference book on running
    • Outstanding stories to exemplify concepts
    • Leading technical source of running information
  • Run, Run, Run…

    Nicholas says: Despite the fact that this book was written in the 1960s, it still holds great value for anyone one who wants to learn about running technique from historical training and methodological aspects. This book is a brilliant collection of articles summarizing interesting topics from top specialists in the world. Fred Wilt, editor of the book, a world-class runner and coach, contributed to the book as an author sharing his profound understanding and passion of running. This is a highly recommended book for learning athletics.

    • By Fred Wilt
    • Written and edited by a legendary runner and coach
    • Boasts a broad and interesting collection of articles on running
    • Still as relevant today as it was almost 50 years ago
  • Running to the Top

    Nicholas says: A legendary running coach who ignited the modern running boom and prepared countless elite runners over a range of distances in the Olympics. Needless to say, it’s interesting to follow the line of thinking of this great man.

    • Running advice from a coach to 18 Olympians
    • Strength training guidelines
    • Important as a foundational book for racing
  • The Runner’s Handbook

    Nicholas says: This is one of the first comprehensive books on running at the beginning of the running boom of the 1970s. Authors cover a wide array of topics from training, racing, nutrition, and hydration in running. This book is an excellent guide for beginners and intermediate level runners.

    • Comprehensive book on running
    • Covers topics from training to nutrition
    • Guide for beginning and intermediate runners
  • The First Four Minutes

    Nicholas says: Outstanding memoir written by the man who advanced human progress to new spiritual, mental, psychological, and physical levels by doing what many considered impossible, breaking the four-minute-mile barrier. Bannister’s achievement inspired millions of people to go beyond past horizons and push the boundaries of our perception of the human potential. It is indeed a great experience to read the story first hand.

    • By Roger Bannister
    • Fascinating memoir by the man who broke the 4-minute-mile barrier
    • Inspirational story suitable for every reader

You will be happy with any of these

  • Daniels’ Running Formula

    Nicholas says: Jack Daniels is a world-class coach with a science background in exercise physiology. In his book, Daniels’ Running Formula, he shares his experience and knowledge of distance running. This book is useful for runners of all levels and distances.

    • By Jack Daniels
    • Appropriate for runners of all levels
    • Scientific approach to distance running
    • Useful for preventing injury and training effectively
  • How to Become a Champion

    Nicholas says: Written in 1960 by Australia’s most celebrated and extravagant running coach, famous for his pioneering approach in training, highest achievement in sport and charismatic, as well as charming, yet mysterious personality. He was a liberator of the mind and body in his own unique, Cerutty way. His contributions to sport transcend his life; this book introduces the novel vision of an outstanding man not fully understood in his time.

    • By Percy Cerutty, Stanley Paul
    • Coach to Herb Elliot, one of the greatest middle distance runners of our time
    • Australia’s most enigmatic, pioneering, and controversial coach
    • Introduction to Stotan Training Philosophy
  • Keep on Running

    Nicholas says: This book presents all parts of running preparation: history training, racing, injuries, sport physiology, psychology, and nutrition. Additionally, it covers stretching, strength exercise, and drugs in sport. The information in this book may be overwhelming, but very useful for any stage of training or racing, from sports enthusiast to elite level professional.

    • By E. Newsholme, T. Leech, and G. Duester
    • Running preparation: training, psychology, nutrition, etc.
    • Detailed and in-depth sport physiology guidelines
    • Suitable information for any runner
  • Better Training for Distance Runners

    Nicholas says: As it is written in the foreword by Sebastian Coe, “Successful coaching is both an art and science,” and this book presents both. The book accounts the unique way of coaching by Peter Coe, who was an engineer, but began coaching because of his talented son Sebastian. Peter Coe put his mind to develop a successful coaching system, which lead to Olympic glory, world records, and continues to impress to present time. Coe introduced an interesting way of developing a coaching philosophy and methodology; coming from a background of engineering but bringing a fresh vision and desire to build an effective training system. This book contains many good scientific facts and experience to implement into the training and racing of runners at all levels.

    • By David Martin, Ph.D. and Peter N. Coe
    • Introduction to a novel training system developed by engineer father of Sebastian Coe
    • Features notable scientific facts and practical training experience as guidance
    • Suitable for runners of all levels
  • Running Injuries

    Nicholas says: This is a very useful book for runners seeking to treat and recover from injuries. The book introduces insights into particular injuries, such as factors that increase the rate of injury, their descriptions and laws. The book is very well illustrated and features stories of world-class runners who suffered injuries and how they overcame them. The book should be easy to understand for everyone who has basic knowledge of running and anatomy of the human body. I would recommend this book to anyone who runs competitively.

    • By Tim Noakes and Stephen Granger
    • Treat and recover from running injuries
    • Unique insights from leading researcher Timothy Noakes
    • Anatomy of injuries is illustrated very well

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