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There are a few things one needs to keep in mind when buying a new pair of ski pants for kids. First of all, the pants should fit. I recommend getting pants that are slightly on the larger side so you don’t have to buy new ones again the coming year. The style these days leans toward the baggier side anyways, especially for our little snowboarders and jibbers (a new term for terrain park skiers). But make sure that the pant legs are not too long or the cuffs will likely become shredded when the wearer steps in and out of the bindings.

There is a multitude of great kids ski pants on the market these days. Your youngster should definitely be the one to pick the style — they’re the ones that’ll have to feel comfortable and “cool” wearing it — but you should make sure that the pants fulfill the basic quality requirements. Your kid’s ski pants should be warm but not too heavy. They should always be at least water-repellant, or better yet, water-resistant and, even better, waterproof. The best combination is always waterproof and breathable. You may find some very cheap pants that are labeled “waterproof “but there may be little to no breathability. What will happen is that the fabric may keep the water out, but it will also keep the sweat in. That moisture, especially on a pair of pants with cheap insulation, will soon feel uncomfortable and your child will likely become chilled.

“Waterproof” means that water droplets are prevented from entering the fabric, whereas “breathable” means that water vapor will be able to move back out through the fabric. There are actually US standards for what can be determined as waterproof or breathable. Breathability is measured in grams (grams of water vapor per square meter of fabric per 24 hour period) and waterproofness is measured in millimeters (amount of water, in mm, that can be suspended above the fabric before water seeps through). Without getting too technical here, the rule for both is, the higher the numbers the better.

Water-resistant and water-repellent fabrics generally breathe better than the full-on waterproof versions. However, some of the water-resistant jackets listed here will do a great job keeping the moisture out, while some of the waterproof pants offer exceptionally high breathability. If your child only does a two-hour ski lesson once a week, water-resistant ski pants will do the job, even in heavy snow or rain. Also make sure that the pants are seam sealed for maximum protection.

All pants reviewed here are weatherproof and use first-class materials that keep the bulk down, yet provide warmth to protect against the elements.

Best Boys Ski Pants (Junior Sizes) by Dino Haak

The Best You Can Get

  • The North Face: Boy’s Freedom Insulated Pant

    Dino says: North Face has a really nice line of youth ski clothing. North Face gear, in my opinion, is usually highly functional, reliable, and very durable. It may not always be available in all the hippest colors, but will last a long time and do a great job protecting against wind and weather. The Boy’s Freedom Insulated Pants are definitely a very warm and comfortable pair of ski pants. They are waterproof and very breathable. The seams are all sealed for maximum protection against incoming moisture. Other cool features are articulated knees, and both hand-warmer pockets and a waistband that are fleece-lined for extra wearing comfort. Mesh-backed zippers around the thighs can be opened in warmer conditions to get more airflow. The pants also come with a cargo pocket. I could only hunt them down in the Black version, but I hear that they can also be ordered in what’s called Indian Red Clay and Zink Gray.

    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Sealed seams
    • Articulated knees
    • Very durable
    • Mesh-backed side zippers
  • Spyder Boy’s Killington Pant

    Dino says: Spyder is definitely a very popular company among skiers here on Snoqualmie Pass. You see their unique logo (the image of a spider) popping up again and again on the slopes and in the lift-lines and I believe that about a quarter of my junior students have at least one clothing item made by Spyder. I can recommend pretty any piece of gear this company makes as they definitely and obviously focus on using quality materials. And their pants and jackets just look cool! Definitely geared more toward the skier than the snowboarder, the Spyder style is generally form-fitting (not baggy) with a little bit of a “racing” look to it. The Spyder Boy’s Killington Pants come with removable suspenders and are made from waterproof and breathable stretch material. Full side zippers can be opened on hotter days for better airflow, and they have lots of pockets for lunch money, cell phones (yes, almost all of my junior students have them these days) or Mp3 players. The cuffs are fortified with scuff guards. Scuff guards are really important in my opinion since the inside cuffs are constantly attacked by the ski’s edges and can wear down very quickly. I can highly recommend the Spyder Boy’s Killington because they are a great pair of ski pants, happily owned by three of my junior students. You can buy the Killington pant in the following color combinations: Sulphur-White-Sulphur, Red-Navy-White, Red-Red-Red, Navy-White-Navy, Cocoa-Firestone-White, Firestone-White-Firestone, Black-White-Black, Black-Red-White.

    • Warm, waterproof, and breathable
    • Majority of seams are sealed
    • Full-length side zippers
    • Multiple pockets
    • Scuff guards; removable suspenders
  • Phenix Junior Worldcup Salopette Pant

    Dino says: Phenix, a Japanese company has been around since 1952, but just recently became popular in the US market. Phenix products are very well made and have a classy look to them. The Phenix Junior Worldcup Salopette Pants are made to last a long time. If you have more than one son you will definitely be able to hand these down to #2 (and possibly even #3!). The pants are water-resistant with all seams fully sealed with a reinforced, waterproof hip section. Phenix ski pants are generally very warm. My business partner Charles owns a pair by this company and he couldn’t be happier. In the springtime when the slopes get warmer, one can cool things down by slightly opening the full-length side zippers. You’ll have to check out the Worldcup Salopette Pants in a store yourself to see what I mean about the quality. The fabric is shiny and smooth and you can tell how well these pants are made. They really look great and you can choose between Red, Black, and Blue.

    • All seams are sealed
    • Water-resistant
    • Full-length side zippers
    • Removable suspenders
  • Obermeyer Boys’ Competition Pant

    Dino says: I really like Obermeyer. They make high quality ski clothing that is not only functional but also very chic. So are the Obermeyer Competition Pants. These pants are warm! They are also waterproof (giving you some of the best specs out there) with all seams sealed. They are breathable and made to last a long time. Knees, seat, and cuffs are reinforced (these are the areas that need to be most protected), the cuffs on the outside, the knees and seat internally. The coolest thing about the Competition pants is the fact that they can “grow” along with your child, meaning that you can actually extend the length of the pant legs by adjusting the hems. Full side zippers ensure good airflow and make it easy to put them on or take them off. They come with adjustable suspenders that can be zipped off if needed. Available in Black, Yellow, True Red, Olympic Blue, and Gremlin.

    • Waterproof
    • Full-length side zippers
    • Length adjustable (will “grow” along with your kid)
    • Reinforced knees and seat
    • Scuff guards on cuffs
  • The North Face Revolution Ski Pants

    Dino says: The North Face Revolution Ski Pants are waterproof, breathable and very warm. They are definitely durable and made for all-day use in all conditions. All seams are sealed for protection from moisture and the pant legs have tight elastic bands on their inner cuffs to keep the snow where it belongs: outside the pants! I really liked the quality and the Revolution Pants ooze functionality and durability. The cuffs are protected with an extra layer of durable material so they won’t easily get scratched up by the ski’s edges. They come with two back pockets, a thigh pocket, plus two hand-warmer pockets for those icy days. They are only available in Black.

    • Warm, waterproof, and breathable
    • All seams are sealed and cuffs are reinforced
    • Hand warmer pockets for extra comfort on cold days
    • Lots of pockets
    • Elastic inner cuffs to protect from snow

You will be happy with any of these

  • Spyder Boy’s Delta Pant

    Dino says: Another great pair of ski pants from Spyder. Even though they are not advertised as being waterproof (“just” water-repellent), they definitely do a great job in keeping out the moisture. I have one eleven-year-old little racer who skis with me twice a week for two hours in all conditions, and he has never complained about getting wet in these pants. The Delta Pants are durable and warm and also come with reinforced scuff guards on the cuffs to protect from wear. They also have a number of pockets as well as an elastic waist adjuster that can be used to dial in the perfect fit. The Spyder Boy’s Delta Pants are available in the colors Sand, Pacific, Black, and Armor.

    • Warm with a comfortable fit
    • Elastic waist adjuster
    • All important seams are sealed
    • Reinforced cuffs
    • Water-repellent finish
  • Marker Kids Side Zip Pant

    Dino says: Another outstanding company, Marker has been in the ski business since 1952 and continues to offer high quality products. The Marker Kids Side Zip Pants are another favorite among my students. The pants are very warm, but one can quickly cool down by opening the side zippers. One of my students manages to be first cold and then hot within a matter of minutes. He’ll be freezing on the chair-lift but then quickly heats up again when we’re back to skiing down the slopes. For him the zippers make things so easy, he closes them on the way up and opens them half-way down the slope. The pants are very well made and should hold up a long time. Scuff guards are protecting the cuffs, the knees are articulated and the seat section benefits from some added padding. The pants are treated with a waterproof and breathable coating which does a fantastic job in keeping the moisture out. Highly recommended!

    • Full-length zippers
    • Warm insulation
    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Durable finish
    • Articulated knees
  • Marmot Igloo Pant

    Dino says: The Marmot Igloo Pants are waterproof and breathable and have a very soft lining. He can even wear these without the need for long johns as the lining is moisture wicking and comfortable. However, I still recommend long johns under all ski pants, as they can be washed separately and the pants can be worn on more days before they need to go back to the laundry room. (Keep in mind that all waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repelling gear should be washed with special non-stripping detergents!) The Marmot Igloo pants have fully sealed seams and they come with an inner cuff that can be sealed around the boot to keep snow from finding its way in. An outer cuff will protect from edge assaults. The pants have a zipper on the thighs that can be opened for better airflow and articulated knees improve mobility. The Igloo pants don’t have built-in suspenders but feature belt-loops so one can use a belt to hold them in place. They come with lower thigh pockets, something I have not seen on any other pants! Another big bonus is a lifetime warranty. Available in Black (and supposedly also Tan, but I have not been able to track them down in that color).

    • Waterproof and breathable
    • Soft, moisture-wicking liner
    • Thigh zippers for ventilation
    • Outer cuff reinforcement
    • Lifetime warranty
  • Patagonia The Kids’ Puff Rider Pants

    Dino says: The Kids’ Puff Rider Pants by Patagonia are warm, warm ski pants. If you have an easily chilled junior, these pants should be high on your list. They feature a tear- and water-resistant shell and lots and lots of insulation (80 grams worth). The pants look puffy as the name implies and most kids will love that as “baggy” is in! You may have noticed that roomy, puffy pants are in style, especially among young riders and jibbers in the terrain park. These pants are puffy yet light at the same time. The Puff Rider Pants are extremely durable due to their heavy-duty nylon shell and also offer reinforced, articulated knees. All seams are sealed. Like the Obermeyer Competition Pants, the Puff Riders will grow along with your kid, as the pant legs can be let out another two inches, which likely will make them last at least one season longer than other ski pants. The fit can be easily adjusted by a comfortable fleece-lined waistband that will keep the pants in place. There’s room for some layering for the coldest days, but that is most likely not necessary since the pants have tight-sealing inner cuffs and keep the cold and moisture out so well. You’ll also find useful hand-warmer pockets along with ski-pass pockets and back pockets. The pants come in the colors Black and Morel (which looks like of a mix of brown and red).

    • Reinforced articulated knees
    • Water-resistant
    • Very warm
    • Tear-resistant
    • Extendable legs
  • Sun Ice Tarmac Team Pant

    Dino says: The Sun Ice Tarmac Ski Pants are very, very cool! They are gray colored with light pin stripes that make them look a bit like a suit pant. However, they are also quite functional. The pants are waterproof and breathable as well as ventilated and nicely insulated. I really like how they are made, definitely a high quality product. The Sun Ice Tarmac team will also give you an adjustable elastic waist band, inside leg ventilation and sealed seams. At boot level, the snow is kept out by tight sealing elastic inner snow cuffs. Nice!

    • Very cool style!
    • High quality materials used
    • Waterproof
    • Breathable
    • Inside leg ventilation

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