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When I hear the words ‘medical’ and ‘bling’ they are not normally words I would consider in the same sentence, let alone as a fashion trend. With the emergence of rhinestone Blackberry's and Swarovski crystal encrusted, ummm... everything, the medical world has been bitten by the bling bug. Our friends at Trendhunter were the first folks to shout out the hospital haute couture, so inspired by them, I am using my 18k gold x-ray vision to scope out the sparkly. Perhaps one of the items will be just what the doctor ordered.

For the best medical accessories, check out the diamond-encrusted hearing aids, designer heart pill boxes and other bling we've found. The best designer accessories are also the perfect gift for those who have almost everything.

Best COS-Medics (A.K.A. Medical Bling) by Jess Zaino

The Best You Can Get

  • Widex Diamond-encrusted, 24K Gold Hearing Aid

    Jess says: Wait, what? I can't hear you. Did you say a gold hearing aid? Yes folks, if you want to amplify your audio in pure posh fashion, this is the luxury item for you. Covered in over 100 publications, this over the top audio accessory caused quite the stir. Made by hearing aid company, Widex, this 'behind the ear' piece is covered in 200 diamonds, comes with a remote control and is 24K gold for the glamorous hard of hearing.

    • 200 Diamonds
    • Pure 24 K Gold
    • The ULTIMATE in medical bling
  • Judith Leiber Heart Pill Box

    Jess says: For the most fashionable pill popper is this heart-shaped box encrusted with fine Austrian crystals from fine-jeweler Judith Leiber. Pick your favorite colors from champagne, pink, or Siam red and fill ‘er up. Since your dolls take such good care of you, shouldn't you do the same for them?

    • Made from sparkling Austrian crystals
    • Push-lock closure
    • 2” W x 1.5” H x 1” D
  • Black Hills Gold Medical Bracelet

    Jess says: I am a sucker for gold accessories. This Black Hills gold piece does double duty as it will not only look fierce around your wrist but it may save your life. You can engrave your medical information on the faceplate whilst wearing the piece with your best wardrobe. It even comes in a proper jewelry case, so next time you are gifted with a pretty little thing, hope for the Black Hills medical bracelet.

    • Features grape leaves, grape clusters and grape vines in a tricolor motif of green, rose, and yellow gold
    • A 10 karat gold blend, accented with 12 karat rose and green gold leaves
    • Chain-link bracelet for the fashion forward
  • Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar

    Jess says: I'll meet you at the bar. The oxygen bar that is. If you're looking to feel rejuvenated and refreshed, take a sit down with this Tranquil Sounds Oxygen Bar. Easy to set up, it plays relaxing audio while you fill your lungs with some much needed O2. Take a deep breath here.

    • 30% oxygen-enriched air
    • Soothing music provides the tranquility your mind needs
    • 16” H x 11.5” W x 6” D
  • Cutie L Personal Mobility Scooter

    Jess says: Now this super Cutie L Personal Mobility Scooter may not look blinged out but you can bet it’s the best in the biz. Hooligans in the UK use it as their preferred method of transportation as you don't need a license plate for it (hence the cops can't identify you in a scooter chicken fight). A quick trip to the detailer and you can have customized rims, paint job, and stereo system installed. Let's roll!

    • 100 lbs. total weight
    • Assembles in less than 30 seconds
    • Battery operated and up to 20 mile range per charge

You will be happy with any of these

  • Knobble II Accessory Massager

    Jess says: I have used this little baby and I have to say, it works wonders! For something so small, I can't believe the big job it does. It is easy to use by yourself and with one flip of the switch it’s like you have two Swedish massage therapists going to work on your weak muscles. Perfect for after the gym, a restless night sleep, and a hard day at work or just because you gosh darn feel like it.

    • For deep muscle massage
    • Made of non-latex Santoprene
    • Comes in fun, bright colors
  • Medical Alert Watch

    Jess says: As the Beastie Boys so famously sing, ‘What time is it? It's time to get ill.’ I hope nobody is getting too ill, but if they do, they will look super stylish in this Medical Alert Watch. This gold tone piece will direct emergency personnel to your medical card and with the customized health issue engraved on the watch it won't be too long before you're better again.

    • Available in heart, diabetic, allergy or general medical
    • Features adjustable stainless steel band, stainless steel casing, precision movement, and gold-tone bezel
    • Water resistant to 30 feet
  • Danish No Skid Socks

    Jess says: I love the pop of blue color on these Danish No Skid socks. Not only are they fun to wear, they are super soft, and with the traction soles, you’ll have fewer falls. If you're looking to impersonate Tom Cruise in Risky Business, these are not the socks for you but if you're looking for perfect pair of peds for around the house (or on other slippery slopes), order up.

    • Made of washable cotton/nylon
    • Well-made with traction soles
    • Made in Denmark and certified Oko-Tex standard (which means no harmful substances on product)
  • Respire Asthma Inhaler Case

    Jess says: The Respire case is certainly a statement accessory, and if you don't want to keep your inhaler tucked inside, how about your cigarettes?

    • Glossy chrome and satin finish
    • Held together magnetically for extra strength coverage
    • Keeps out dirt, dust, and debris for healthy breathing
  • Copper Magnetic Ring

    Jess says: For centuries, people have believed in the benefits of copper and magnetic therapy to help enhance circulation, reduce swelling, relieve stiffness, and ease pain. With this stylish ring, you’ll be back in balance in no time. Forget what “they” say about not mixing silver and gold (or in this case copper and steel); make this beneficial beauty the new medical trend.

    • Features copper and stainless steel twisted braids
    • 2500 gauss magnets concealed in the plated balls
    • Ring adjusts to fit all

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