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You may be shocked to hear that the ONLY food you should be feeding your cat is wet food, either from a can or raw food. Cats are “obligate carnivores” by nature – they must eat meat, preferably meat resembling their natural protein sources like mice and birds. Unfortunately people have gotten into the very unhealthy habit of feeding dry cat food, which is made primarily of cereal grains and poses a serious health threat to felines. The name I’ve coined on my radio show CAT CHAT® for any and ALL dry cat food is “kitty crack” – because it is so bad for cats and is sprayed with an addictive substance to get them to eat it and then get them hooked on it. Carbohydrates are not a natural to the cat’s digestive system and can lead to serious health issues in cats like obesity, digestive problems and urinary tract problems, to which cats are prone. Dry food is actually the cause of type II diabetes in cats – who are then fed wet food to recover! If all this takes you by surprise and you want to know more, have a look at “The Cat Bible”. Listeners call in bragging that they’ve “gotten their cats off the kitty crack” and they just seem so much happier and healthier.

So while we cannot offer our pussycats a steady supply of fresh mice or birds, we can do the next best thing, which is to feed them a well-made food in a can.

Best Canned Cat Food by Tracie Hotchner

The Best You Can Get

  • Weruva

    Tracie says: They are the new kids on the block, but in my book are instantly the ones to beat. This is the crème-de-la-crème of cat foods - when you pop open a can it looks and smells like real food. You can see the pieces of actual chicken breast, which is antibiotic-and- hormone-free. It is also my number one pick for canned foods just because the company doesn’t make dry food at all: the owners know it is bad for cats (even though the profit margin would be higher for them) and they deserve our support for that fact alone.

  • EVO

    Tracie says: EVO (the high end of Innova) bills itself as an alternative for people who like the idea of feeding raw or those who want to home-cook. EVO 95% Chicken & Turkey can be served alone or as a supplement to raw or home-cooked pet food. This gives you what they describe as “a gently cooked food that provides benefits that match raw, frozen or home-prepared, high-meat pet diets.”

  • Nature’s Variety Instinct

    Tracie says: The Chicken Formula Cat Food has chicken and turkey as the first ingredient, and is a food free of grains or fillers. You need to read labels, since some of these have broth as the first ingredient and others have a lot of vegetable and fruit.

  • Newman’s Own Organics

    Tracie says: All of the Newman's Own Organics foods use protein that is without hormones, pesticides, or antibiotics. This company was probably the first to include organic ingredients in pet food and has supported sustainable growth and support for regional organic farmers. Another reason to support this company is that the profit from the pet food is donated to organizations that support animals' well being.

  • Wysong Gourmet Chicken Dinner

    Tracie says: This company is one of the most respected and makes foods they market as being for both dog and cats. The ingredients are superb but watch out for the “au Jus’ 95% meat line – it has no added vitamins and minerals and therefore is not a complete food. Best to avoid those flavors.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Avoderm Natural Select Cuts

    Tracie says: This whole line of foods is based on nutrients from avocados, for healthy skin and fur. It has chicken as its first ingredient – which is even more important.

  • Merrick

    Tracie says: Some of their foods contain grains and rice, so you need to read the labels – many have fruits and vegetables and potatoes which make them seem like dog foods masquerading - but all in all, there are whole protein sources are at the top of the ingredients list and that’s what is important.

  • Petguard Rabbit and Rice

    Tracie says: Most of the flavors from Petguard are excellent, but this company is one of the few to offer rabbit pet food, which is closest to a cat’s natural prey. In Europe, rabbit is a frequent ingredient in all pet food. This is especially important for cats who don’t normally have access to it.

  • Innova Canned Cat Food

    Tracie says: The company just calls it “cat food” without specifying the ingredients, but turkey and chicken are the top two. Also, they sell this food in full size cans – like dog food - making it great for multi-cat households rather than having to open several cans.

  • California Natural

    Tracie says: Deep Water Fish & Brown Rice Canned Cat and Kitten Food uses mackerel and whitefish as its primary component, with whole eggs added to the protein profile for their high digestibility. I like how few ingredients there are in these foods, with whole brown rice far enough down on the formula list to not be alarming.

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