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I recommend to my clients that they treat their cars just like their homes… once they do an initial clear-out, monthly maintenance is their insurance policy! Keeping your car clear of accumulation will keep it in better condition and make it more pleasant to drive.

Here’s my own maintenance routine: I empty the garbage catcher that is a staple in my vehicle. I unload the collapsible crates I use to carry equipment and supplies to my speaking engagements. I purge the console and door pockets. And I make sure my son’s travel toys are safely stowed. Then, I follow this “pruning” with a good clean. It doesn’t take long – less than fifteen minutes – but that small investment of time provides a big payoff.

In today’s busy world, our cars have become an extension of our homes. Between chauffeuring our children to numerous after-school activities, running errands after our daily commute and driving to weekend sporting events, we seem to spend more time in our vehicles than ever before. And like a family room or office inside a home, cars require a little bit of time and energy to keep them streamlined, efficient, and comfortable.

I’ve found that I can tell a lot about someone’s home environment just by looking at the state of their car. When I see lots of stuff stashed, stored, lost or forgotten inside a vehicle, it’s a good bet that the owner’s house has the same characteristics. This isn’t a 100% foolproof method, but if someone’s car is messy and disorganized, their house tends to follow suit.

Professional organizers are inclined to look at any space, be it a home office, kitchen pantry or bedroom closet, with an eye for how it can be better maximized. We can’t help it! It comes with the territory. We look at cars with the same viewpoint. It’s not just a space on four wheels in which to get from point A to point B. It’s an extension of your home and a reflection of your lifestyle. As such, it should be treated with a little TLC.

We’ve all heard the saying about life being more about the journey than the destination. Imagine how much nicer that journey can be in a well-maintained car, both inside and out!

Use the best car organizers to keep your vehicles tidy on a daily basis so you don't have to do a big clean. With the best car accessories at the best price, you can organize maps, toys and other items you haul every day or on special occasions.

Best Car Organizers by Vicki Norris

The Best You Can Get

  • Modular Hauler System

    Vicki says: This system is a great tool for organizing by person or by activity. The “modular” description comes from the three color-coded cases that fit inside a larger section. You may want to assign each family member a color so each person can be in charge of his or her own stuff. This could be a fun way to teach younger ones about responsibility. Or, you might like to use each color for specific activities: red for sports equipment, green for children’s car activities, and yellow for emergency supplies. This system is a good way to eliminate forgotten items or supplies. Rather than constantly packing & unpacking, simply store it in the car so you’re always ready to go… whatever the activity may be!

    • Durable rip-stop fabric
    • Zippered closures and storage pockets
    • 3 separate, removable cases
  • simplehuman® Bag Capsule™

    Vicki says: You never know when you might need a trash bag, so why not keep some with you all the time? Perfect for the car and beyond, this clever capsule adjusts to your needs. The sturdy, thermos-like outer shell holds a roll of plastic tubing. When you have some trash that needs to be stashed, simply pull out the amount of bag you need, cut it with the built-in cutter and tie off the end. Presto! You’ve got a custom-sized trash bag. No fuss, no muss, no waste (except what’s inside the bag!)

    • Includes two rolls of plastic tubing
    • Additional tubing rolls sold separately
    • Fits in the glove compartment
  • Case Logic Front Seat Car Organizer

    Vicki says: It’s a console-on-the-go! Designed to serve multiple functions, this front seat organizer can handle almost anything you throw at it. It’s like having a personal valet for your car! Not only will it keep your CDs, maps, and papers in order and at hand, it will also let you stash your cell phone, PDAm or personal items safely in a side pocket. On top of all of that, the insulated cup holder will keep your coffee hot or your iced tea cold. How’s that for personal service?

    • Separate zippered and mesh pockets for additional storage
    • Insulated cup holder
  • Folding Crate

    Vicki says: If your car has suddenly turned into the “sports gear transporter” or “rock band instrument carrier” for your kids, a folding crate or two could do wonders for your trunk or backseat. Their heavy-duty plastic construction will hold up nicely under the pressures of baseball equipment or bass drums. I use these crates to transport items to and from speaking engagements in the back of my SUV. If it’s your time off from being the keeper of the gear, these crates come with optional casters and can be repurposed for toys or arts and crafts supplies inside the house. Also great for transporting groceries, the crates can hold two or three paper grocery bags upright.

    • Available in black, white, yellow, blue, and multi-color
    • Collapses flat when not in use
  • Folding Trunk Organizer

    Vicki says: How many times have you come home from the grocery store, unpacked your purchases and wondered what happened to the oranges you clearly remember going into one of the grocery bags, only to find them rolling around in the trunk three days later? If the answer is “One time too many,” let this folding trunk organizer stand up to the job! With Velcro on the bottom to hold steady on carpet and the capacity to hold several bags of groceries, your produce will always be produced at the end of your trip.

    • Exterior pockets for extra storage
    • Divided interior
    • Folds flat when not in use

You will be happy with any of these

  • TrashStash™ Car Litter Bag

    Vicki says: When you’re in a space where you’re likely to generate trash, doesn’t it make sense to have a place to throw it out? What sounds like a simple organizing tip for any space – putting a trash can in each room – is often the most overlooked. The same can be said for your car. Rather than throwing your gum wrappers, used Kleenex and empty coffee cups on the floor or under the seat, why not make a small investment that has a big payoff? Hang the TrashStash litter bag on one of the seats and stash that trash! You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. And your clean car will thank you.

    • Durable and waterproof
    • Hangs behind driver or passenger seat
    • 3-gallon capacity
  • High Road Visor - CD Organizer

    Vicki says: If you’re like me, you enjoy listening to music while you drive. And while the radio can be great company while you’re on the road, it’s always nice to have your own CDs on hand as well. Rather than keeping multiple CDs in their plastic jewel cases in the car, I prefer to remove the disks and keep them in a visor organizer like this one. I keep mine on the inside visor of the passenger side, so I can still use the top visor to block sun and easily reach my tunes.

    • Numerous pockets for additional items such as sunglasses, lip balm, or sunscreen
    • Flips up and out of your way when not in use
  • Floral Soft-sided Market Tote

    Vicki says: These pretty market totes aren’t made or marketed specifically for use in cars, but they should be! Amanda, one of our Restoring Order® professional organizers, discovered this practical beauty and now several of our organizers use them to contain files and reference materials. It’s a wonderful way to keep items that stay in the car all together in one tidy solution. It’s large enough to hold manuals, books, kids’ car activities, or your gym gear, but still small enough to fit on the floor behind the front seat. And in case you forget your environmentally-friendly bags for the grocery store, this tote is a great substitute!

    • Collapsible frame with lockable handle
    • Lightweight, but still rugged
  • Mobile Office

    Vicki says: The traveling worker’s dream! Increase your productivity while decreasing clutter. For those of you who spend just as much time in your office-on-wheels as in your home office, here’s a nifty way to organize all of your essentials. Attach the “mobile office” to the seat next to you for quick and easy access (after you’ve stopped driving, of course!) to your files, notes, office supplies, cell phone, and PDA. It will even hold onto your laptop stored upright. In this age of identity theft, just don’t forget to remove your electronics and sensitive files when you exit the car.

    • Securely holds a 15” laptop
    • Multiple pockets and divided compartments
    • Nylon construction
  • Case Logic Auto Catch-all

    Vicki says: Raise your hand if you’re tired of having your stuff fly around the front seat of your car every time you go around a corner! Sometimes, we need a little help to keep things grounded. The auto catch-all is a great solution. The neoprene pouch hooks onto the dashboard vent and provides a safe landing place for your sunglasses, cell phone and wallet, or a notepad and pen, while your hands are otherwise occupied with the steering wheel. The snug fit ensures items won’t fall out over speed bumps or tight turns.

    • Flexible adjustable hanging arm
    • Made of neoprene
    • Hooks into air vents on your dashboard

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