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Playtime with your cat is more than just fun and games. It’s a wonderful way to help kitty watch her weight, keep her intellectually stimulated, and allow her to hone her innate hunting skills. It also builds social confidence and most importantly, helps to strengthen the feline-human bond.

While cats can be very inventive and turn just about anything from a crumpled piece of paper to a shopping bag into a plaything, toy manufacturers have in fact been honing their research skills and sharpening their design capabilities to come up with come really innovative ideas to pique feline curiosity and take care of various emotional, instinctual, and physical needs.

By ensuring your cat has plenty of interactive toys and possibly her own cat tree or kitty condo play center, she is less likely to be destructive around the house, too.

Interactive toys that will certainly enrich your cat’s life include gadgets on wands and fishing rods, laser toys, various kinds of balls, catnip toys, and even bubbles. Here are some fabulous feline toys that will definitely get kitty into play mode.

Best Cat Enrichment Toys by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • The Catit® Sensory Activity Center

    Sandy says: This set-up consists of three sections that are sold and can be used separately or combined to create a fabulous feline amusement park that caters to a cat’s senses of touch, taste, sight, smell, and sound.

    Section 1) The Catit® Design Senses Massage Center is a complete kitty spa. It has the following features:

    - An accu-pressure mat that provides pressure point paw massage.
    - Three body-stroke grooming stations with ripple massagers for cats to rub up against.
    - A gum stimulator for them to bite on and promote good dental health. This gadget is great for teething kittens. Add a few drops of catnip oil to pique feline interest.
    - Suitable for multiple cats to use simultaneously.

    Section 2) The Catit® Design Senses Scratch Pad. This section consists of numerous concentric circles and will definitely appeal to your cat’s sense of touch, providing a scratching surface that all cats instinctively need.

    - The pad’s unique, extra thick design has cutouts in which catnip or treats can be added to heighten multi-sensory appeal.
    - Ideal for “hunt and play” games.
    - Suitable for several cats at once.
    - This section also has an acccupressure mat.

    Section 3) The Catit® Design Senses Play Circuit. Sight, sound, and touch are key senses used when hunting prey. And this peek-a-boo track appeals to all these senses. It can be worked into any shape or set up around the other two stations to create a complete amusement center.

    - Gray and green balls are specifically designed to attract cat’s attention.
    - The design allows cats to see, chase, and swat the balls.
    - You can add catnip or treats to the track, too.
    - Additional sections sold separately. Go wild and run it around a complete room.

    • Three sections that can be combined or used separately
  • Mouse in the House

    Sandy says: This fun play station has a timer and can be pre-programed to operate at set intervals during they day when cats are home alone.

    • Can be set up anywhere in the home, preferably against a wall to keep it secure
    • When operative, the mouse runs along a track disappearing and reappearing to much feline delight
    • It has an on/off button too allowing you to clicker train your cat to switch it on herself, (uses 4.5 volts so won’t harm the cat if the cable is chewed)
    • This toy has a clutch mechanism that allows the cat to hold the mouse and prevent it from moving forward without damaging the mechanism
    • Cat can’t remove mouse from the track; additional mice are available to replace over-batted ones
  • The Panic Undercover Mouse

    Sandy says: This is a great toy for multiple cats to enjoy simultaneously. The movements are so real you could easily be convinced there is a mouse in the house.

    • Kit includes large yellow skirt concealing the operating mechanism that allows a little mousse tail at the end of a wand to peek out from under the mat
    • Tail jumps about in different directions when batted with a paw
    • Special gearless friction drive allows the “mouse” to move silently… randomly speeding, slowing, and reversing direction under the nylon skirt
    • Suitable for both cats and kittens to hone their hunting skills
    • Requires three AA batteries to operate which are not included in the toy
  • The Fling-ama-String

    Sandy says: This battery-operated toy can go for hours and can be attached to any doorknob in the home. A long string is attached to a flat elastic “conveyer belt” that constantly rotates throwing the string out again and again.

    • Two speeds to appeal to both the young and frisky and the older feline
    • Works on three AA batteries that are not included in the toy
    • Suitable for cats of all ages
  • The RunawayRascal™ Remote-Controlled Mouse

    Sandy says: The thrill of the hunt is nature’s exercise program for cats. It calls all 500 feline muscles into action, maintaining body weight, and releasing pent-up energy.

    • The plush furry remote controlled mouse can be filled with catnip for extra fun; supplied with a bag of organic catnip
    • The remote control unit is shaped like a wedge of cheese and the left and right movements have cracker-shaped keys pads
    • Easy finger-touch controls allow the mouse to dart in different directions
    • Charger is built-into the remote unit to recharge the mouse battery
    • External antenna to allow for greater range for play

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Loco!Motion™

    Sandy says: This automated activity toy will kick start your cat’s exercise program. Watch the wand fly around putting the feathered attachment into flight. No cat will be able to resist the unpredictable movements. Begin by introducing your cat to the feather attachment by dangling it from your hand before attaching to the wand. Let your cat smell the feather and familiarize itself with the attachment.

    • Can be pre-programed for up to two hours of play
    • Two speeds: a simple on/off button controls the movement
    • Requires three AA batteries (not included with the toy)
    • Replacement feather attachments sold separately
    • Other attachments can also be ordered from the manufacturer WorldWise Inc. that work in conjunction with this toy
  • The BirdBoing

    Sandy says: This fluttery songbird toy has a built-in sound module and the bird “chirps” the moment it is batted with a paw. The more it’s batted, the more it bobs about on the branches of the tree.

    • Bird attachment can be filled with catnip to add to the excitement
    • Easy assembly
    • The tree is made from fiberfill made from recycled plastic
    • The feathers are natural and undyed
    • Two cats can play simultaneously
  • The PURRfect Go Fur It Cat Toy

    Sandy says: A plastic coil that extends up to eight feet really gets cats jumping about to catch the feathered attachment on the end of this wand toy.

    • The 32-inch wand is lightweight and flexible
    • Wand available in various colors
    • The coil retracts to its starting position every time
    • The furry attachment is generously filled with feathers
  • The Cat Quest

    Sandy says: This battery-operated wand toy features a bug on the end of a very flexible plastic-coated wire attached to a short wand. When in motion the wire becomes “invisible” to the cat making the bug appear to be moving freely and as it flies the wings make a very realistic fluttery noise that’s guaranteed to capture feline attention.

    • Guaranteed to pique feline interest
    • A button-touch operates the bug
    • Easy to flick around to create fast movement
    • Suitable for children aged eight and over to operate for their favorite feline
    • Easy wand assembly; two AAA batteries are included
  • The Orkakat Cat Nip Stuffers

    Sandy says: This cat chew toy is excellent for teething kittens and also as great choice for adult felines that enjoy chewing. This indestructible Orka material is lightweight and easy for cats to carry around in order to take their games to different places.

    • Comes with catnip bag inserts to liven things up a notch
    • Can also be stuffed with standard treats
    • Textured surface helps promote dental health

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