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Litter box avoidance is a big problem amongst cats. As a result, many cats unnecessarily land up in shelters because they owners think they have behavioral issues. Very often, simply having the right litter box and positioning it where you cat is comfortable using it can easily fix the problem.

Finding the right litter box system for your cat or cats, if you are lucky enough to have more than one feline, depends on a number of things:

- The size of the pan is very important especially if you have big cats.

- Location. Location. Location! You need to position your cat’s box in an easily accessible location.

- Also remember that cats are very private creatures. So avoid high traffic rooms and passages. A second bathroom may be a good location. Never place a litter box right next to your cat’s food station either. If your cat enjoys privacy and you don’t have the perfect quiet location, consider putting a special litter box screen around the box.

- Buying a special item of furniture designed to conceal a litter box such as a nightstand or an end table is another option.

- The rule is one box per cat. This is very important as often cats refuse to use a box frequented by other felines, which may result in them going outside the box. Even if you cats will happily share, you should still have two boxes.

- Scoop. Scoop. Scoop! Another major cause of litter box avoidance is a dirty litter box. Unless you have automated boxes that scoop automatically after they’ve been used, make it a rule to scoop at least once a day. No cat will complain if you scoop twice daily as felines are very clean creatures.

- The type of litter used is also important and you may have to experiment especially if you have adopted an older cat from a shelter. Kittens will usually accept whatever you put down for them from the beginning.

Always remember that litter box avoidance can also be a re-flag for a possible medical condition such as a urinary infection, kidney disease, diabetes, and mega colon problems. Act immediately and rule out such possibilities by taking your cat to the vet.

Best Cat Litter Systems by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • Ultimate Edition LitterMaid Elite Mega Litter Box

    Sandy says: The latest model from the manufacturers of the LitterMaid range of automatic litter boxes comes in black and silver to blend well with this popular kitchen interior design color scheme and has an extra large litter box area to cater for large cats such as Main Coons as well as multiple cat households.

    Additional info:

    - Extra-large interior pan measures 14 inches x 17 inches.

    - Outside dimensions are 19 inches wide x 31 inches long x 9 inches high.

    - Functions with included AC adapter or 8 AA batteries (sold separately).

    - During regular use, sensor activates the stainless steel rake 10 minutes after your cat exits the litter box for convenient waste removal. Sleep timer function puts the stainless steel rake at rest for nine hours to keep your home extra-quiet during the night.

    • The stainless steel rake and litter pan are easily removable for hassle-free cleaning
    • Triple Action Tool easily scrapes away hard waste clumps
    • Litter pan has an ionic air cleaner that is sensor-activated to help eliminate clumping litter and waste smells and keep the pan odor-free
    • Paw cleaning ramp supports large cats and aids elderly cats
    • Unit has four disposable and sealable waste receptacles
  • The Cat Genie

    Sandy says: This eco-friendly system uses re-usable litter technology that flushes the waste into the sewage system and washes and dries the litter so that it can be used repeatedly. This definitely is the technology of the future in order to prevent tons of kitty litter going into landfills every year. The system requires a power outlet, a connection to the sewage system for waste elimination, and a clean water supply. If you are handy, it’s probably not too difficult to re-plumb your home accordingly. Hopefully in time, builders will take this into consideration as part of their basic home plumbing plans.

    Additional info:

    - Dimensions: 21 inches high, bowl area is 19 inches across, and the unit measures 24 inches from front to back including the hoses.

    - Needs a cold-water hook up to a toilet or laundry drain.

    - Requires a 120-volt electrical outlet.

    - Two-year warranty on parts and labor.

    • Permanent washable litter never has to be replaced
    • Unit can be pre-set to work with a sensor and automatically flushes after use
    • Unit flushes like a toilet
    • Comes with a 10 ft. drain hose and a 8 ft. water hose
    • Ideal for 2-3 cat households
  • The Scoop Free Ultra Litter Box

    Sandy says: This automatic litter box system has a built-in health counter that works like an odometer to keep track of how often you cats use the box and is an excellent feature for monitoring health problems such as kidney diseases and urinary track infections.

    The litter bed measures 14 inches by 14 inches. The exterior dimensions are 27¾ inches long, 19 inches wide, and 7 inches high. The height is 16¾ inches with the optional hood installed.

    • The system comes with a removable privacy hood; hard waste matter is scooped into a special area for removal
    • The system uses easy-to-load disposable litter trays using litter crystals, which, depending on usage can last up to four weeks
    • The anti-tracking carpet matches the color scheme and is made from a durable soft and spongy material
    • Adjustable rake can set to automatically remove waste five minutes, ten minutes, or twenty minutes after the box has been used
    • Laboratory tested for more than 100 000 cycles without failure or jamming
  • Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System

    Sandy says: This system works with specially formulated litter pellets with a tray holding removable absorbent pads beneath it. The urine bypasses the pellets and goes directly to the pad that has have built-in odor control and offer absorbance for up to seven days. Solid waste remains on the pellets and the system comes with a scoop to remove waste. With this system, you are only scooping hard waste matter on a daily basis.

    • Available in attractive green and white color scheme; scoop clips directly on to the back of the tray
    • Pan dimensions measure 20.3 inches in length by 15.2 inches wide and 11.8 in height
    • Removable pads are 16.9 inches long and 11.4 inches wide
    • Starter kit contains 1 litter box with scoop, 1 bag of litter pellets, and 4 cat pads
    • Litter pellets are 99.9 percent dust-free and anti-tracking; pads and pellets are sold separately
  • The Bionaire Odor Grabber Litter Box

    Sandy says: This system has a built-in electronic air purifier which works to continuously eliminate odors and simultaneously sends fresh, odor-free air into the room. The air purifier is super quiet so as not to disturb cats. A pre-filter also removes harmful litter dust, dander, and fur from circulating in the room.

    Litter box pan measures 24 inches in length, 14 inches wide, and 18 inches high.

    • Continuously eliminates odor
    • Built-in electronic air purifier with whisper quiet operation
    • Also removes harmful dust and dander; unit includes 2 sets of filters
    • Convenient roll-top lid for cat privacy; a place for the scoop is behind the unit
    • Can be used with standard litter liners and any kind of litter

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Omega Paw Roll N Clean Litter Box

    Sandy says: This enclosed design offers cats complete privacy. It has a revolutionary litter-separating grill that works when the box is rolled 180 degrees, separating the waste matter into a separate pull-out tray that slides out to remove all waste matter completely. It works with any clumping litter.

    • Regular size: 17 inches long by 20 inches wide and 18 inches high
    • Large size: 19.5 inches long by 22 inches wide and 20 inches high
    • Available in various color combinations such as green and grey, blue and grey, and brown and beige
    • Easy assembly and easy to clean
    • This design eliminates the need for scoopers, filters, or pan liners
  • Petmate Giant Litter Pan

    Sandy says: Hooray! A simple pan that caters for large cats!

    • Strong and sturdy with storage compartments for the litter scoop and litter deodorizer sprays
    • Available in blue and cream
    • Can be used with any kind of litter
    • Special Microban antimicrobial protection impregnated into the plastic to keep the pan bacteria free
  • The SmartCat Corner Litterbox

    Sandy says: This triangular corner design makes in a good choice for a second box in the home. A hooded version is also available.

    • Dimensions: 8.5 inches high by 17 inches wide and a 24-inch arc
    • High sides prevent sand from being kicked out
  • The Ultimate Litter Box

    Sandy says: This stylish design will fit into any room in the home.

    Dimensions: 25 inches long by 18.5 inches wide and 10.5 inches at the back.

    • Large, over-sized rim for easy handling
    • Rounded corners prevents wet litter from sticking
    • High sides prevent litter being kicks out
    • Low entry ideal for elderly cats
    • Available in Ocean Blue
  • Framed Litter Pans

    Sandy says: A framed pan is often a good idea for elderly cats to ensure they are properly seated so that they don’t mess outside the box.

    • Available in a variety of sizes from different manufacturers but always buy the biggest that measures 19 inches long by 15 1/8 inches wide and 4 ¼ inches high
    • Suitable for all kinds of litter
    • A variety of litter liners will fit this design
    • Large selection of colors available include white, black, beige, green, burgundy, and blue

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