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With the help of a few accessories, your mobile phone can become more stylish, more useful, and more fun. We’re not talking about hands-free equipment because there’s a separate section on that explains all about headsets and in-car kits. This is the best of the rest… and we reckon we’ve discovered a few ideas you didn’t even know existed!

Best Cell Phone Accessories by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Audex Bluetooth Link Jacket

    Mark says: Talk about teamwork. With design from snowboard manufacturer Burton and technology from mobile giant Motorola, this stylish padded jacket will keep you connected on the ski slope.

    Inside is Bluetooth technology and ultra-thin speakers built into the hood, which means you can use any compatible phone to listen to music or make calls. There’s even a control panel and display screen on the sleeve, so it’s easy to see what you’re doing.

    • Waterproof insulated jacket
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Control your cell phone from inside your coat
  • Parrot Boombox

    Mark says: If your cell phone is compatible with Bluetooth stereo technology – and most of today’s music-playing handsets are – you’ll like the sound (sorry!) of this compact speaker system.

    It connects wirelessly to any compatible phone, letting you play your favorite tunes through its two wideband drivers and central bass woofer. And because it’s mains powered, this stylish lacquered cabinet can deliver an impressive 60W of music power through its digital amplifier.

    • Stereo loudspeaker system
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Share music from your mobile phone in hi-fi quality
  • Celluon CL850 virtual keyboard

    Mark says: If your mobile doesn’t have a QWERTY keyboard – or if it’s too small for you to use properly – this futuristic little box has the answer.

    By combining laser and infrared technology, the CL850 protects a full-size keyboard on any flat surface. As you type on the projected keyboard, it calculates where your fingers are and sends the information to your phone. It’s compatible with most popular cell phone operating systems and will connect using Bluetooth (or a standard USB socket).

    • Virtual keyboard projected onto a flat surface
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Use a QWERTY keyboard with your mobile phone
  • Sony Ericsson MBW-150 Bluetooth watch

    Mark says: Created in association with Fossil, the MBW-150 range lets you control any compatible Sony Ericsson mobile from your watch. The understated contemporary design includes a slim display screen that lets you see who’s calling, enabling you to reject calls without touching your phone.

    A vibrating alert lets you know if you’ve left your cell phone behind – and you can even use the watch as a remote control for your phone’s music player.

    • Wristwatch with mobile phone display screen
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Check your phone without removing it from your pocket
  • Slingbox and SlingPlayer Mobile

    Mark says: Whether you’re into cable TV, receiving programs by satellite or watching films on your digital video recorder, Slingbox can help you enjoy them all on the move.

    Simply connect Slingbox to your TV and your home broadband connection. Next, there’s a little bit of set-up needed on your home PC. Finally, download the special viewing software to your compatible mobile phone and you’re good to go.

    • Watch all your usual TV channels on your cell phone
    • Uses your cell phone’s internet connection
    • Enjoy television when you’re not at home

You will be happy with any of these

  • Sony Ericsson MBS-100 Speaker

    Mark says: With its unique styling and its built-in rechargeable battery, this stylish speaker lets you enjoy music from your mobile phone wherever you are.

    You can listen to tracks via any compatible phone and can even connect your MP3 player to the standard 3.5mm socket.

    • Wireless loudspeaker system
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Share music from your mobile phone
  • SanDisk 8GB microSD card

    Mark says: There are two simple rules when it comes to buying memory cards. Make sure you buy one that’s compatible with your cell phone. And always buy a card that’s at least twice as big as you think you’ll need!

    If you’re in the market for a microSD card, which is favored by many of today’s super-slim handsets, you can now buy a massive 8GB of storage. SanDisk offers a five-year warranty and is the world’s largest supplier of memory cards, so your data is in safe hands.

    • Memory expansion card
    • Now available with 8 GB capacity
    • Store more music, photos, and videos on your mobile
  • Gear4 BluEye

    Mark says: Once, using your iPod meant you might miss an important phone call. Not any more.

    The BluEye plugs into your iPod, turning your headphones into a Bluetooth hands-free headset for your mobile. It also becomes a remote control and an FM radio, letting you take calls, listen to the radio and control your music – all from your trusty iPod.

    • Links your iPod with your cell phone
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Listen to music without missing calls
  • Hulger Penelope Phone

    Mark says: Half novelty, half practical accessory, this is certainly a distinctive way to use your mobile phone. It looks like an old-fashioned telephone receiver from the 1930s, although it’s actually a brand new design from a London-based electronics company.

    Who’s it for? Well, anyone who yearns for the days when a telephone call was something special. Or anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd.

    • ‘Old-fashioned’ phone handset
    • Available with Bluetooth technology
    • Hold a proper phone when you’re talking
  • Parrot Photo Viewer

    Mark says: The Bluetooth-loving people at Parrot have put their technical experience to particularly clever use with this wireless digital photo frame.

    You can display your favorite photos by sending them straight from your Bluetooth-equipped camera phone… which could be mere seconds after you’ve taken them. It’s even possible to create a slide show of up to 500 images.

    • Digital photo frame
    • Equipped with Bluetooth technology
    • Send pictures wirelessly from your cell phone

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