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You love your cell phone. Of course you do. But sometimes it looks a bit… hmmm… how can I say this tactfully? A bit functional. Maybe even dull.

Thank goodness for phone fashion. Now your mobile technology can do everything you want – and you’ll look good using it, too. From the coolest cell phone cases to the slickest stick-on skins, there are stylish accessories here for everyone.

The best cell phone accessories make cell phone ownership even better. We suggest cellular phone accessories with plenty of fun styles including Swarovski crystal headphones and leather cell phone cases.

Best Cell Phone Fashion Accessories by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Nicole Miller Case

    Mark says: Designer Nicole Miller is renowned for her glamorous style and her non-conformist attitude towards fashion. This eclectic range of cell phone cases combines bold lines with sensuous materials, turning any phone into a catwalk icon.

    The purse-like format makes them ideal for almost any make or model of handset… and it also means you’ll look glam, not geeky!

    • Fashionable cell phone case
    • Choice of designs and materials
    • Compatible with most phone models
  • Swarovski Amazone Headphones

    Mark says: Is it an audio accessory or is it a necklace? Produced in association with Philips, these ‘ear bud’ headphones blend fashion with music.

    Each translucent earpiece is mounted in a stainless steel body, while the neck strap of polished steel beads can be attached to almost any small music-playing mobile phone.

    • Lightweight stereo headphones
    • Stainless steel with ‘Silver Shade’ crystal design
    • 3.5mm plug will fit most music phones and MP3 players
  • Tego Skins

    Mark says: There’s nothing worse than wearing the same outfit as someone else. So imagine how your cell phone feels!

    Self-adhesive ‘skins’ are designed to fit the exact shape of your handset, rather like giving your phone a non-permanent tattoo. They’re available from loads of suppliers, but Tego was one of the first companies to let you personalize a skin with almost any image, design, or message.

    • Adhesive vinyl ‘skins’ to customize your phone
    • Create your own design or choose an image
    • Available for most cell phones
  • Louis Vuitton Cell Phone Charm

    Mark says: Forget about dodgy replicas and cartoon characters because this is the real thing. Yes, you can give your cell phone its own Louis Vuitton fashion accessory.

    This monogrammed flower design dangles from a gold-colored chain that can be tied to most mobiles. The flower itself is created from transparent resin to catch the light… and catch all the attention.

    • Dangling ‘flower’ pendant
    • LV signature in the center
    • Can be attached to most handsets
  • Crocs-o-dial Holders

    Mark says: Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that Crocs shoes have been a fashion (or anti-fashion) phenomenon. The bright beach shoes soon found their way into the city… and ended up teamed with the most unlikely outfits.

    Now you help your cell phone take a step in the right direction, thanks to these official Crocs cases. They’re styled to match the shoes and are even compatible with the tiny Jibbitz charms that fit on the original Crocs – so you can coordinate your look from cell to toe!

    • Phone holder with distinctive design
    • Range of bright colors
    • Compatible with most phone models

You will be happy with any of these

  • Mathmos Cell Phone Charm

    Mark says: Back in the 1960s, there was nothing hipper than the Lava lamp. These bizarre table lamps originated in the UK, combining illumination with an ever-changing liquid display.

    Mathmos, the inventors of the original Lava lamp, have now created a retro-styled mini version that can dangle from your mobile. It detects the radio waves when you receive a call – and it’ll start to flash as long as it’s within a few inches of your cell phone. No, it’s not filled with gloopy lava, but you can’t have everything!

    • Mini ‘lava lamp’ charm
    • Lights up when you receive a call
    • Compatible with most GSM cell phones
  • Sena Leather Case

    Mark says: With their classic styling and high-class manufacturing, Sena cases have become a popular choice for mobile phones. The company sources its premium Napa calfskin leather from Italy and Turkey, hand-stitching it to create cases for most popular handsets.

    There’s a wide range of styles and colors available… and just like a leather jacket, they’ll keep looking good for a long while.

    • Hand-stitched leather cell phone cases
    • Well-designed and durable
    • Available for most models of cell phone
  • Mini Bourjois Lip Gloss

    Mark says: Bourjois is one of the oldest French cosmetics companies around – but it’s also one of the most innovative. It’s now created a special mini version of its popular Effet 3D lip gloss, complete with a handy cord to attach it to your phone.

    After all, if you’re heading for a big night out, you’ll grab your cell phone and you’ll want your lip gloss, too. If only they made a mini version of their spot concealer as well…

    • Lip gloss that attaches to a cell phone
    • Choice of eight shades
    • A true fashion accessory
  • Golla Cell Phone Bags

    Mark says: Once upon a time, not so long ago, phone cases were boring. Golla is one of the companies that’s brought style to the mobile world. This pioneering Finnish company has now sold 13 million bags worldwide, protecting everything from mobiles to laptops.

    The Golla collection for mobiles is fun and funky. You’ll find vibrant colors, dramatic designs, practical styling, and plenty of choice.

    • Trend-setting cell phone cases
    • Contemporary designs
    • Will fit most phone models
  • Sony Ericsson IDC-32 Exercise Case

    Mark says: Gym equipment isn’t always stylish. Fortunately this case has been designed by fashion-conscious tennis star Maria Sharapova, so you needn’t worry about taking your phone to your workout.

    It can be attached to your upper arm, letting you keep your phone at hand without the hassle of belt clips or lanyards. Not only is it stylish, it’s also practical: the Exercise Case is machine washable. No sweat!

    • Compact case attaches to your arm
    • Designed by Maria Sharapova
    • Will accommodate most cell phones

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