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If your eyesight isn’t what it was or your fingers don’t always do what you ask, you might struggle with many of today’s tiny cellphones. That’s why we’ve tracked down a range of phones that’ll make it simple for you to stay in touch.

In this collection you’ll find big keypads, large displays and even speaking phones that literally tell you what to do. Some of these mobile phones are delightfully simple while others are superbly sophisticated. After all, everyone’s different – and everyone has different needs.

Best Cell Phones for Seniors by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Jitterbug Dial

    Mark says: This isn’t just a mobile phone designed for senior citizens: the entire Jitterbug cell phone network has been created for baby boomers and their parents. You’ll even hear a reassuring ‘dial tone’ before you call.

    The Jitterbug Dial handset boasts a big keypad that’s easy to see, with simple ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ buttons replacing any complicated symbols. The bright screen has large easy-to-read text, while the powerful loudspeaker makes sure you enjoy clear calls.

    • Flip-open design by Samsung
    • Large, simple buttons
    • Padded earpiece to reduce background noise
  • Emporia Life

    Mark says: Here’s a phone that’s been aimed squarely at elderly users. It has big buttons, a large orange-colored screen and a unique ‘emergency call’ button on the back.

    The Emporia Life will also help if you’re suffering from hearing loss, because it offers an extra-loud earpiece and a strong vibrating alert. It can even run from standard AAA batteries if you forget to recharge it overnight.

    • Slide-open mobile phone
    • Large keys and large display
    • Emergency button on back
  • ITT Easy5

    Mark says: Mobile phones don’t get much simpler than this. There’s no display and there isn’t even a conventional keypad.

    The most complicated part is using another phone to program the SIM card with five telephone numbers. Then it’s simply a question of pressing the appropriate button to call one of the numbers you’ve stored.

    • Compact phone with big buttons
    • Calls five pre-programmed numbers
    • No display screen and no complicated menu
  • Nuance TALKS

    Mark says: Not a cell phone but cell phone software, Nuance TALKS will work on almost any Symbian Series 60 phone. That’s most Nokia smartphones… and plenty of others, too.

    It converts the on-screen text into speech, which means it’s possible to use contact lists, text messages and web browsing even if you can’t see the phone’s display.

    • Text-to-speech software for smartphones
    • Reads information from the screen of your phone
    • Enables blind and vision-impaired users to use complicated features
  • Burnside P23 Desktop Phone

    Mark says: Holding a cell phone can seem rather strange if you’ve not used one before. That’s when the Burnside P23 Desktop Mobile Phone comes into its own.

    It looks just like a fixed-line telephone with large buttons… but it’s really a mobile phone, so it can be used in a hospital or nursing home without any installation. And it’s easy to use, complete with an emergency facility that’ll automatically make a call when the handset is lifted.

    • Looks like a conventional table-top phone
    • Connects via the cell phone network
    • Large buttons and hands-free loudspeaker

You will be happy with any of these

  • Owasys 22c

    Mark says: Instead of a display screen, the Owasys 22C mobile phone has a voice that explains everything you need to know. Whether you’re making a call, sending a text message or checking the battery life, a synthesized voice will confirm everything.

    Yet, despite its loudspeaker, this phone is remarkably discreet. Your actions and details of your calls won’t be spoken aloud unless that’s your choice.

    • Mobile phone with no screen
    • Widely-spaced buttons
    • Talking interface
  • Motorola F3

    Mark says: Although the Motorola F3 is ultra-slim, it’s also ultra-simple. It doesn’t do much more than handle talk and text, so you won’t get lost with complicated menus.

    The simplicity continues with a black-and-white display screen that can be seen under almost any lighting – from candlelight to bright sun – and the phone will even speak to you if you need help.

    • Slim one-piece phone
    • Simple display screen
    • Budget price with no unnecessary features
  • Nokia 1600

    Mark says: Nokia has a reputation for making mobile phones that are simple to use… and this one’s been given an extra-simple menu system, making it an ideal first phone.

    There’s an above-average battery life, so you probably won’t need to recharge it every day, and it even has an on-screen ‘demo mode’ to show you its features.

    • Small, lightweight handset
    • Color display screen
    • Speaking alarm and speaking clock
  • Sonim XP1

    Mark says: Although it’s been designed to be at home on a building site, the Sonim XP1 is also at home on a shopping trip. It’s loud enough to be heard above background noise… and you needn’t worry about dropping it because it’s shock-resistant.

    This is a phone that doesn’t mind a steamy bathroom and it’ll happily survive being put in the same pocket as your keys. If you worry about accidentally breaking your cell phone, you’ll stop worrying when you see this!

    • Conventional cell phone with reinforced case
    • Protected against shock, dirt and water
    • High Output Audio makes it easy to hear calls
  • Verizon Wireless Coupe

    Mark says: The Verizon Coupe is an attractively-styled ‘clamshell’ phone that makes it easy to call your favorite numbers. Below the main display screen are three red buttons marked I, C and E – standing for “In Case of Emergency”.

    You can program any telephone number into each of the buttons… and then you simply flip open the phone and press the appropriate button to make a call. There’s even a special 911 button for added reassurance.

    • Flip-open handset
    • Three dedicated keys to store emergency numbers
    • Simple on-screen menu system

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