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These aren’t cellphones. These are multimedia computers, fashion accessories, and music players. Oh, and they’ll make calls.

Here are my top five mobile phones from around the world. Some are smart on the outside, some are smart on the inside – and some are good-looking geniuses. From the sheer luxury of the Vertu to the affordable elegance of Apple’s iPhone, you’ll definitely find something to suit your lifestyle. Just one question: Will it match your outfit?

The best wireless phone is essential for more than chatting with friends. We suggest the best cell phone recommendations that include smartphone choices and iPhone selections that operate like a small computer.

Best Cell Phones by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Vertu Ascent Ti

    Mark says: These phones are handmade by craftsman in a high-security workshop using precision-engineered components. No, I’m not kidding.

    The Vertu Ascent Ti has a solid titanium body and a screen of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. Inside there’s 4GB of memory, with information backed up wirelessly to a secure underground bunker. No, I’m still not kidding. There’s even a dedicated key to call a 24-hour concierge service.

    • Precision-engineered cellphone
    • Created by the original ‘luxury phone’ company
    • 3 megapixel auto-focus camera
    • Quad-band GSM and 3G coverage
  • Bang & Olufsen Serenata

    Mark says: When Bang & Olufsen creates a mobile phone, it’s time to sit up and listen. But this isn’t a mobile phone with a built-in music player. It’s a music player with a built-in mobile phone.

    The rounded design conceals a hi-fi speaker system that’ll out-perform many home stereo systems. And the phone part has been created in partnership with Samsung, so it certainly won’t disappoint.

    • Head-turning design
    • Hi-Fi music player
    • Aluminum casing with click-wheel navigation
    • Tri-band GSM and 3G coverage
  • Nokia N82

    Mark says: This is a superhero amongst mobile phones. On the outside it looks like a standard handset… but inside is one of the smartest kids on the block.

    You’ll find music. You’ll find pictures. You’ll find video. You’ll find maps. And you’ll loads of online connectivity. If you’re on the move, you’ll want to take the N82 with you.

    • Understated classic design
    • Packed with features
    • 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash
    • Quad-band GSM and 3G coverage
  • LG KU990 Viewty

    Mark says: The 5 megapixel camera on this phone is pretty impressive… but that’s just the beginning. There’s also a manual focus control and an image stabilizer, along with a bright xenon flash.

    If that wasn’t enough, there’s a high-speed 120-frames-per-second video recording function. And when you’ve finished, you can upload your creativity directly to Facebook or Cyworld.

    • Touch-screen entertainer
    • High-quality photos and video
    • 5 megapixel camera with xenon flash
    • Tri-band GSM and 3G coverage
  • Apple iPhone

    Mark says: This isn’t the best-specified cellphone in the world. But that hasn’t stopped it from being one of the most sought-after phones ever. Why?

    Design and usability. The Apple iPhone does everything very well. “Intuitive” is a word that’s over-used when describing mobile phones, but you could give the iPhone to your mum and she’d probably be sending you text messages before you’d left the room.

    • The cellphone that transformed the entire industry
    • Touch-controlled phone meets iPod
    • 2 megapixel camera
    • Quad-band GSM

You will be happy with any of these

  • Nokia N95

    Mark says: This phone is packed with features. It’s a music player. It’s a radio. It’s an organizer. It’s a 5 megapixel camera. It’s a video phone. And it’s a sat nav.

    You’ll find email, web browsing and loads of memory, plus Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity. If you want a phone that does everything, this is the one to pick.

    • Clever two-way sliding design
    • Well-featured and versatile
    • 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
    • North American and European 3G versions
  • Motorola F3

    Mark says: The ultra-slim design hints at expense – but the price tag is pure budget, because this phone offers texting and talking without including dozens of unwanted features.

    The F3 is simple but definitely not stupid. The Electrophoretic display screen can be seen under almost any lighting – from candlelight to bright sun – and the phone will even speak to you if you need help.

    • Possibly the simplest phone you’ll ever find
    • Innovative display screen
    • No unnecessary features
    • Dual-band versions for GSM and CDMA
  • Sidekick LX

    Mark says: Combining ‘smart phone’ features with a fashionable design is something the Sidekick does very well. The swivel-open screen handles email and proper web browsing, yet the Sidekick LX is also cool enough to offer instant messaging and one-button access to MySpace.

    There are many other similar handsets to choose from… but none of them has the same style as the Sidekick.

    • Smart technology meets smart looks
    • Easy to organize your life
    • 1.3 megapixel camera
    • Quad-band GSM coverage
  • Samsung Juke SCH-U470

    Mark says: This tiny phone has a massive 2GB of music memory inside. It even looks like a music player, thanks to the navigation wheel and slim display.

    A dedicated music interface makes it easy to manage your tunes… and it’ll also synchronize with Windows Media Player 11 on your PC. If you’re after good looks and good music, you’ll like the Samsung Juke.

    • The music player that’s also a mobile
    • Compact swivel-open design
    • VGA (0.3 megapixel) camera
    • Dual-band CDMA coverage
  • Sony Ericsson W380i

    Mark says: Like many other MP3-playing mobile phones, this handset has put its music controls on the outside. It also has a hidden display that only appears when needed.

    But what’s particularly impressive here is the ‘gesture’ control, which lets you manage some of the features by waving your hand over the phone. You can silence an unwanted call or switch off the phone’s alarm simply by moving your hand above the W380i. Neat, eh?

    • Movement-controlled Walkman music player
    • Fashionable flip-open design
    • 1.3 megapixel camera
    • Tri-band GSM coverage

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