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If you’ve bought yourself a ‘smartphone’ – and let’s face it, cellphones are getting smarter every day – you’ll probably be wondering how to make the most of its built-in brain.

Here’s our selection of the best cellphone software available to buy. (We’ve left out the free stuff because there’s no charge for checking whether you like it). From improving your mobile email to watching TV on the move, there’s almost nothing your phone can’t do.

Best Cellphone Software by Mark Bridge

The Best You Can Get

  • Quickoffice Premier

    Mark says: You don't need a laptop to create and edit Microsoft Office documents on the move. This sophisticated software package gives you control over Word, Excel and PowerPoint files using your mobile phone.

    Update your presentations on the move, write letters, create proposals and amend spreadsheets. When you've finished, you can send your finished versions by email or transfer them to your PC - they'll arrive as standard Microsoft documents.

    • Read and create Microsoft Office documents on your phone
    • Easy and intuitive with no loss of formatting
    • Symbian S60 operating system
  • WorldMate Live

    Mark says: BlackBerry owners tend to be busy travelers – and this is their perfect companion. It combines all your travel details, flight information, accommodation and meetings on a single screen.

    But the really clever part is an internet interface that tracks your plans in real-time, showing flight delays and suggesting alternatives if there’s a problem. It’ll even give you a weather forecast for your chosen destination!

    • An electronic travelling companion
    • Checks your itinerary and updates you about events
    • BlackBerry operating system
  • Garmin Mobile XT

    Mark says: If your smartphone has a built-in GPS receiver, Garmin’s Mobile XT software will turn it into a fully-featured satellite navigation system. Everything’s already loaded on a memory card, so simply plug it in and you’re ready to start navigating.

    Enter your destination and you’ll be guided there with 3D maps and turn-by-turn voice instructions… whether you’re in the car, on your bike or even walking!

    • Sat Nav for your smartphone
    • Pre-loaded on a memory card
    • Palm, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile operating systems
  • PocketMirror

    Mark says: This software's already included with many Palm organizers and Treo cellphones because it’s so useful.

    Quite simply, it synchronizes your Microsoft Outlook diary, your contacts, your task list and your notes with a laptop or desktop computer... which is something the standard Palm software package doesn't do. If you want all your essential data in one place, you'll want this.

    • Synchronizes Outlook information with your portable device
    • Keep your calendar, contacts, tasks and notes up to date
    • Palm operating system
  • Slingbox and SlingPlayer Mobile

    Mark says: This is part software, part hardware – and all entertainment. Whether you’re into cable TV, satellite television or watching films on your digital video recorder, Slingbox can help you enjoy them all on the move.

    Connect Slingbox to your TV and your PC’s broadband connection, download the special viewing software to your compatible mobile phone and you’re good to go.

    • Watch all your usual TV channels on your cellphone
    • Sends your television signal to your mobile device
    • Windows Mobile, Palm and Symbian S60 operating systems

You will be happy with any of these

  • Advanced Call Manager

    Mark says: Install Advanced Call Manager and you’ll never need to worry about your phone ringing at the wrong moment.

    It identifies callers by their telephone number and automatically responds in the pre-programmed way you’ve decided. Choose between a busy tone, dropping the call, replying with a text message, diverting to another number, playing a personal greeting or answering the phone as usual.

    • Automatically handles incoming calls
    • It’s like having a Personal Assistant to answer your phone
    • Symbian S60 operating system
  • SPB Mobile Shell

    Mark says: This clever software doesn’t have a user-friendly name… but everything else is delightfully straightforward. It enhances the standard Windows Mobile interface by putting the date, time, missed calls, new messages, appointments and alarms on a single easy-to-read page.

    It also gives you an improved menu system that’s much easier to navigate by touch, whether you’re selecting programs or calling your contacts. It’s like having a new mobile phone without upgrading!

    • Puts your essential information where you can see it
    • Makes your smartphone easier to use
    • Windows Mobile operating system
  • Airscanner Antivirus

    Mark says: Viruses, worms and 'malware' are attacking computers around the world. Virus writers are now turning their attention to cellphone operating systems and - although the problem isn't as serious at the moment - there's a good chance we'll soon see similar problems on our phones.

    This is one of the first anti-virus programs that offers desktop-style protection on your mobile device, letting you ‘quarantine’ or delete any unwanted software. Better safe than sorry.

    • Protect your mobile device from malicious software
    • Real-time checking for mobile viruses
    • Windows Mobile operating system
  • Handy Weather

    Mark says: Much faster than using a standard web browser, this software connects to the internet to bring you weather updates for a choice of over 40,000 cities worldwide.

    Choose from colored weather maps, pressure maps, satellite views and symbols for a full forecast that can include temperatures, wind direction, UV index and visibility.

    • Weather forecasts on your phone
    • Choose maps, graphs or simple symbols
    • Symbian S60 operating system
  • Splash ID

    Mark says: Security experts say your online passwords and PIN codes should all be different… but how can you remember them without writing them down?

    Splash ID lets you use your laptop or desktop PC, then synchronizes the information with your smartphone. From credit card numbers to user names, from passwords to PINs, it’s all protected using 256-bit Blowfish encryption. That means it’s very, very safe.

    • Secure storage for passwords and personal data
    • Safely encrypted on your mobile device
    • Palm, Symbian S60 and Windows Mobile operating systems

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