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Style isn't always functional, but when it comes to your eyes, it's best to choose a sun spec that protects your eyes while keeping your look effortlessly fabulous. Sunglasses are wonderful accessories to add to an ensemble, and the right pair can make or break a look. There are so many sizes and styles for shades but there are a few key rules to follow. Staying on trend with sunglasses is fun if you can find an inexpensive pair of white-rimmed or oversized specs at the local flea market, but if are looking to invest in a sturdy and powerful pair that say you are ready for anything and flatter your face, some retail research needs to go into your purchase. The frame you choose for sunglasses should be in proportion to your face. A smaller frame looks best on a smaller face so don't go for the oversized shades. Stick with something that's a bit more narrow in width. Keep the larger frames for a larger face. As a general sunglass style rule of thumb, the frame shape should be the opposite of the shape of your face. As for maintenance, make sure to take good care of your sunglasses by washing them in non-abrasive soap and warm-water. Dry them with a lens-cloth or cotton towel. Never use paper towels. And always store them in their case to avoid scratching and debris build-up.

With the best sunglasses, you'll protect your eyes and look stylish. We suggest cheap sunglasses that offer the best chic designs for the best deals on the Web.

Best Chic Sunglasses by Jess Zaino

The Best You Can Get

  • Moss Lipow

    Jess says: Moss Lipow is known for his unique creations within the global couture set. Rarely ever designing for functionality, his eyewear are true works of art that are sure to be a conversation piece and certainly will create a statement. His collections can be found at high-end shops such as Maxfield in Los Angeles and Henri Bendel in New York City.

    • Crafted of the most exotic materials: ostrich and alligator skin
    • Unique angular shape gives dimension to round and sweetheart faces
    • You will own the most expensive pair of sunglasses in the world
  • Christian Dior Grandsalon

    Jess says: Oversize sunglasses are totally trendy — not to mention a great way to hide sleep-deprived eyes. Christian Dior sunglasses are known for frame style and elegance.

    • Black frame with grey lenses
    • Trendy crystal design with Dior silver logos
    • 100% UV protection
  • Tom Ford FT 0001 Hawkings

    Jess says: Tom Ford’s eyewear collection epitomizes a strong-yet-simple design concept. They are inspired by the timeless classics such as the Aviator. The Tom Ford line focuses on exaggerated frames with sensuously curved silhouettes. His logo is discreetly engraved on a small gold plaque on the earpiece of each model.

    • Comes with interchangeable lenses
    • Comes in several color options
    • Packaged in rich velvet cloth as luxurious as the frames themselves
  • Chanel CC 4148B

    Jess says: Parisian coutier Coco Chanel was the epitome of chic style. Her contributions to fashion like the "little black dress" and Chanel suit are iconic fashion images. The eyewear collection is no exception. Chanel is designed in France and made in Italy. Their superb craftsmanship promises ultimate style and comfort.

    • Wrap-around shield supported by metal frame
    • Comes with crystal sunburst
    • Has UV 400 to protect eyes
  • Bvlgari BV 8016B

    Jess says: Bvlgari eyewear is designed for sleek, select people who want to distinguish themselves by wearing a unique accessory. The Bvlgari includes outstanding features like high-quality materials, painstaking attention to detail, and contemporary, unmistakable design, all of which makes them precious and exclusive luxurious items.

    • Made of plastic-acetate with flex hinge
    • Jeweled detailing on side arm

You will be happy with any of these

  • Ray Ban RB3025

    Jess says: What are you trying to convey? For the chic, I love an Aviator. If you look at chic designers like Michael Kors or chic celebs like Angelina Jolie, they are always the first to wear the ready-to-fly look. Aviators with goldwire frames are flattering on most faces and, Ray-Bans are the ticket into the club of cool.

    • A lightweight and durable classic metal Aviator
    • Scratch/impact-resistant lenses ensure
    • Superb optical clarity
  • DKNY DY4027

    Jess says: DKNY Sunglasses redefine a classic style with a spirit that is unmistakably urban. For moms on the go who spend their time outside, this classic square shape and brown shade is appropriate and stylish for daytime, driving, and orange-slice snacks on the soccer field. For the girl on the go, this model defines effortless chic.

    • Inexpensive price tag for known luxury designer
    • Can come as prescription
    • Classic look
  • Ralph Lauren RA5003

    Jess says: I love these. They seem so very vintage to me. Ralph Lauren is a timeless American brand that brings a luxurious aesthetic to every aspect of any lifestyle.

    • Feminine shape
    • Black acetate with silver detailing
    • Great for everyday
  • Club Monaco CM6506

    Jess says: This summer a glossy, red frame spices up a simple design. Curvy frames soften the sharp lines of square, rectangular, and heart-shaped faces.

    • Fun red frames make for sassy pop
    • Simple design
    • Accessible to everyone
  • Betsey Johnson Oversized Leopard Print Sunglasses

    Jess says: Betsey Johnson creates pieces that embody sass. Her eyewear collection makes a funky and fun twist on classic design by mixing it with oversized styles and flirty prints.

    • Funky print on a classic frame
    • Oversized reaches 5 inches across for optimum coverage
    • Made of resin, so extra durable

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