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Buying luggage is like building any kind of wardrobe - it is a base that you can build on, as pieces often come in varying shapes in sizes. While quality and function are primary, your choice of luggage is also an extension of your personal style.

Before deciding on your luggage of choice, consider where you are going - a city holiday requires a different kind of bag than backpacking. Its size and detailing depends how much you plan to pack which is determined by the amount of time you’re traveling, the varying activities and climates you anticipate, and your personal needs.

The designs featured are geared for weekend warriors whose destinations vary as greatly as their needs and style. Each piece is the best of the best and should last a lifetime of travel adventures. The materials, craftsmanship, innovation, design and durability are top notch, which is reflected in the prices. Each company included has a history serving their peripatetic clients as intriguing as any sojourn imaginable. Many are worth checking out on their websites. Choosing these pieces has inspired me to dream, even if only as an armchair traveler.

For the best weekend bag, find the basic pieces you can build on, just like any wardrobe. We suggest weekender bags that are chic to match your style and rugged for years of use.

Best Chic Weekend Bags by Kim Johnson Gross

The Best You Can Get

  • Global-Trotters Centinary Edition

    Kim says: My most very favorite dream vacation luggage is made by Global-Trotters.

    The Centinary edition was designed in honor of Globe-Trotter’s 100th anniversary. It is available in a variety of directional colors and graphic prints.

    I see myself on the Orient Express with the weekender and cosmetic bag, where, who know, perhaps I’ll meet my Cary Grant.

    Since 1897 this British company has been creating luggage of choice, for those in the know. Queen Elizabeth II honeymooned with them. Winston Churchill used their attaché when he was Chancellor of the Exchequer. Sir Edmund Hillary took their suitcases up to the First Base Camp when he successfully climbed Mt. Everest in 1951.

    The distinguished look of these boxy pieces with leather luggage straps remains, but refreshed by a rainbow assortment of colors, optional wheels and increased lightness for easy handling when you don’t have a staff in tow, without compromising on quality, craftsmanship, or durability. Their bespoke service allows you to personalize luggage with a choice of color combinations, Liberty print linings, and embossed initials.

    For the armchair traveler, they would look quite smart piled up as a bedside table to hold your books of dreams. For a treat, check out their archives.

  • T. Anthony - Rawhide Wheeled Trolley

    Kim says: I have always considered T. Anthony to be classic chic with a twist. This family-owned business has occupied a prime location on Madison Avenue since 1946. Jackie O. worked with them in the '60s to create their now renowned blue luggage. Former Presidents Nixon and Reagan traveled with their black and trimmed in tan leather suitcases, whereas Nancy Reagan favored them in “her” color red. Elton John owns close to 300 T. Anthony pieces. This season, they are offering a handsome variety of styles in my colors - black and white. I favor those with wheels to take a load off my back.

    • 21” x 14” x 8”
  • Tumi Spectator Tote Wheeled Packing Case

    Kim says: Tumi was the first grown-up luggage I had ever purchased. I needed sturdy but sophisticated looking bags when I was a young editor traveling to Europe twice a year to cover the fashion collections. Twenty years later and travels around the world, they still hold up.

    While I may not be able to justify buying another one of their alpha travel suitcases, I could easily convince myself into a few of their newer designs inspired by vintage valises owned by their creative director, David Chu. The snappy spectator tote is perfect for a city weekend, and the duffle on wheels will comfortably hold enough gear for a rugged weekend in the country.

    • White Italian coated canvas with brown vachetta leather trim
    • 16” x 24” x 13”
  • Velextra Soft Duffle

    Kim says: Velextra got together with the Argentine yacht designer German Frers to design what every yachtsmen needs. This soft duffle is worked in a canvas-like waterproof material and holds several different compartments so you can easily organize your stuff, important when on a boat. Now I just need a yacht or a friend with a yacht….

  • Victorinox Swiss Army - WT East-West Garment Bag Carry-on

    Kim says: When you need to pack a suit, you’ll want luggage designed to do the job efficiently and with style. Victorinox Swiss Army, a company founded in 1897 when it created the Swiss Army Knife, has maintained the same innovation, quality and design excellence in their luggage line that has made the Swiss Army Knife standard equipment for the Space Shuttle Crew and a permanent place in the New York Museum of Modern Art design collection. Sturdy, functional, and timeless the WT East/West Garment Bag Carry-on has been re-engineered to be 30% lighter and provide 30% more space than other uprights in its class. 21” x 15” x 9”, it also is available in the signature Swiss Army red with black.

    They offer a complementary registry of their Swiss Tracker protection program, which helps to relocate lost baggage.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Zero Halliburton 21-Inch Carbon Fiber Carry-on with Suiter

    Kim says: The prototype for the quintessential “don’t mess with me” bag was an aluminum case designed 70 years for tough travels in Texas oil fields and the back of pick-up trucks. The business grew into what is now known as Zero Halliburton. Its distinctive style has been a screen favorite in movies featuring guys and gals who mean business - Oceans 11, Charlie’s Angels, Austin Powers 2, Men in Black, and most recently was featured in the storyline of “Lost”.

    The bags are lighter and more streamlined than the original and offered in colorful aluminum, polycarbonate, silver texalium, and carbon fiber.

    • 13” x 21” x 9”
  • Bottega Veneta Leather Carry-on

    Kim says: Bottega Veneta is Italian luxury at is best, and favored by those who prefer discretion rather than logos. Only the cognoscenti will recognize Bottega Veneta’s unmistakable signature leather weave.

    • Champagne colored leather carry-on
    • 17.2” x 1.9” x 15.2”
    • Also available in black and dark brown
  • T. Anthony Alligator Duffle

    Kim says: It’s all in the details. The traditional canvas duffle reworked in alligator with nickel hardware.

    • 22” x 11” x 10”
  • The MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-on) Wheelie

    Kim says: Patagonia, affectionately known as Patagucci by wilderness guides, is the gold standard of active outdoor sustainable gear. Since 1965 when founded by the legendary Yvon Chouinard, Patagonia has been a pioneer in innovation, function, and design only matched only by its deep commitment to the environment.

    The MLC (Maximum Legal Carry-On) Wheelie is a favorite for weekend warriors of all ages. It is designed to hold three to five days of clothes, features internal pockets, one designed for dirty clothes, and has hidden backstraps. The ballistic cloth nylon and 150-denier polyester is treated to deflect rain and sleet.

  • Louis Vuitton Canvas Golf Bag

    Kim says: No packing story is complete without Louis Vuitton. And for many, no weekend is complete without a round of golf. The 150-year-old company has long been synonymous with luxury travel and their commitment to customize pieces for the needs and desires of their clients. They have reworked the interior of their renowned trunks to accommodate a writing desk, bar, or even an alter.

    This monogrammed canvas golf bag combines the old-world craftsmanship and aesthetic of Louis Vuitton with modern technology to meet the high expectations of their clients.

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