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Best Core Ball Workout Books & Exercise Ball Workout DVDs

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Ok, to begin with I am fully aware of the bathroom humor that accompanies any discussion of core exercise balls, and to be perfectly honest, I participate in that sort of sophomoric tomfoolery more than almost anyone! But to get this review past all those Internet content filters, we’ll exit that road right there, and stick with the clean names…

So whether you call yours a Pilate Ball, or a Fitness Ball, or a Pezzi Ball, they’ve been around for nearly 50 years, and many folks swear by them! The most common uses of the core exercise ball are for flexibility training and abdominal training, and for the purposes of the list I’ve compiled here, those are the activities I’ve focused on. Certainly, there are many other reasonable, and perhaps some not-so-reasonable, ways to utilize the core exercise ball, but for all the “cooky stuff,” you’re on your own.

The overall concept is simple: exercising on, and with, hard surfaces that don’t “give,” create stress on the body, and especially on the joints. If we can introduce a softer surface to the process, we should be able to exercise longer with less negative impact on the joints, right? Hence, the creation of the core exercise ball!

The Core Exercise Ball is great for flexibility and balance, and is commonly incorporated into many aerobic activities as a way to stretch and loosen up at the beginning of a workout. Similarly, the Core Exercise Ball is also recognized as a highly effective Abdominal Training tool, by getting the back and butt up off the hard floor and onto the softer pillow like surface; thus, it is often incorporated into a “core abdominal routine” at the end of the workout.

Two things to look for in a Core Exercise Ball Book:

1) Does it focus on the right exercises? You don’t want to get a book about Pilates if you’re looking for a strength routine.

2) Is it the appropriate fitness ability level? Many of these books have beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, and there certainly is no shame in thinking ambitiously; but why waste time or torture your self confidence by reading content that is totally out of reach.

Three things to look for in a Core Exercise Ball DVD:

1) As with books, is it a DVD focused on the exercise routines you’re looking for?

2) Is it the appropriate fitness ability level? This may take a little more research than with books, given that many of these workout themes have different “levels” for.

3) Is it the appropriate length and contain the type music you like?

With the best core ball workout books, you'll be on your way to success. Learning how to workout means you'll burn the most fat and build the most muscle. Choose from exercise ball workout DVDs and books.

Best Core Ball Workout Books and DVDs by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • The Essence of Stability Ball Companion Guide Manual

    Lee says: The programming section of “The Essence of Stability Ball Comparison Guide Manual” is extremely detailed, making this an attractive choice if you’ve participated in classes before, but are looking to create routines on your own.

    • By JC Santana
    • The Essence of Stability Ball Training Companion Guide provides you with the most comprehensive collection of stability ball exercises ever assembled
    • JC Santana takes you through the complete progression spectrums for all body parts; all exercises are illustrated by body parts and in order of difficulty from the easiest to the most complex
    • An excellent programming section also provides some great ideas for workouts and circuit classes
  • Balance on the Ball: Exercises Inspired by the Teachings of Joseph Pilates

    Lee says: The Exercise Ball is becoming more and more a “Pilate ball” for many. If you’re leaning this way, or perhaps you are looking to learn from scratch the ways to use the ball for Pilate workouts, then “Balance on the Ball” might be for you.

    • By Elizabeth Crawford
    • A guide to stability ball exercises using the Pilates principles of core control and stabilization
    • Over 100 exercises are illustrated, each offering modifications and/or advanced variations, a list of muscle groups used, and helpful tips to maintain correct alignment and form
    • The degree of difficulty for each exercise is indicated, and suggested workouts are included for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels
  • Get on the Ball for Great ABS: Exercises to Flatten Your Stomach and Strengthen Your Core

    Lee says: Because the abdominals are so stubborn to train, many are finding the exercise ball is a great way to prolong ab routines by getting the back and butt up off the floor. If this sounds reasonable, then “Get on the Ball for Great Abs” deserves a look.

    • By Lisa Westlake
    • All you need for toned abs and a strong, defined, flexible body is an exercise ball and “Get on the Ball for Great Abs”
    • Offers more than 60 all-new, easy-to-follow exercises, including some featuring weights, specifically geared toward strengthening the core, abdominal and oblique muscles to perfect your waistline.
    • Each exercise is illustrated with a black and white photo and the workouts progress from easy to higher degrees of difficulty, making this ideal for beginners, avid gym-goers, and top athletes alike
  • Swiss Ball Core Workout

    Lee says: The “Swiss Ball Core Workout” is unique because it’s an exercise ball book that isn’t singularly about ab routines, flexibility exercises, or Pilate workouts. It’s especially attractive if you’re looking for effective strength training ideas.

    • By Declan Condron
    • Two inspired ideas join forces: the Swiss exercise ball and the concept of a workout for all the muscles of the body core
    • The workouts, which use dumbbells or ankle weights to tone muscles and promote weight loss, also build better coordination, improve posture, and equalize the tensions that cause stiffness and back pain
    • The wide choice of routines - all of which include strength and cardio - provide an exciting change from traditional weight training; fitness buffs will get results...and have a ball!
  • 101 Ways to Work Out On the Ball

    Lee says: 101 Ways to Work Out On the Ball is a great general resource if you know nothing about Exercise Ball workouts, but because something has peaked your interest, you are looking to learn more.

    • By Elizabeth Gillies
    • Filled with weight-training, Pilates, Yoga, and even cardio and stretching moves, that will strengthen, lengthen, tone, and stretch your body like no other form of exercise.
    • Includes workout plans, tips, and exercises for beginner, intermediate, and advanced workouts
    • Un-crunches to tone your torso, Ball Wall Squat to lift your butt, Rolling Front Lunge to shrink your thighs, and Side Bends with Weights to create curves in your waist

You will be happy with any of these

  • Balance Ball: Core Cross Train with Tanja Djelevic Video

    Lee says: Tanja Djelevic’s “Balance Ball” is a great choice for both beginners and veterans of exercise ball workouts. The functional exercises are a common sense approach to exercise and thus, a great start for beginners; while the innovative strength workouts will test even some of the most seasoned exercise ball veterans.

    • Challenge your body in a fresh, innovative way with this highly effective BalanceBall® workout, that uses “functional” exercises that mimic everyday activities
    • This brand new blend of balance and endurance will help you build strength and stability while improving your posture and toning your entire body
    • Swedish-born fitness expert and feature columnist Tanja Djelevic trains some of Hollywood’s biggest names and was dubbed one of “The 100 Best Trainers in America” by Men’s Journal magazine
    • 60 minutes total run time
  • 10 Minute Solution: Pilates on the Ball Video

    Lee says: If Pilates is your game, then the “10 Minute Solution: Pilates On The Ball Video” is a must see. I’ve always giggled at the “get ripped in minutes” sales pitch, but these ten-minute workouts don’t promise miracles, but instead offer multiple alternatives for ways to efficiently sneak quick workouts into a busy schedule.

    • Five innovative Pilates workouts that are just 10 minutes each, that will slim, tone, and tighten your whole body
    • Compact and ultra-efficient, these workouts fit into even the busiest of schedules; split them into five separate workouts or do them all together for one incredible Pilates ball workout
    • Workouts include Pilates For Abs, Lower Body Pilates, Upper Body Pilates, Pilates for Flexibility, and Total Body Pilates
    • 55 minutes total run time
  • Having a Ball with ABC: Ball Choreography with Patrick Goudeau Video

    Lee says: If you’re tired of everyone telling you your exercise ball is for Pilates and abdominal core workouts only, then “Having a Ball” may be just the ticket! The workout philosophy comes from a whole different, yet pleasantly unexpected theme of dance aerobics. A great marriage of the high-energy aerobics class you love with the exercise ball you can’t live without.

    • Getting in shape should be fun and ABC makes it easy; so if you’re not on the ball, what are you waiting for?
    • Start bouncing and have a blast with Amazing Ball Choreography, the dynamic cardio routine named the “Most Innovative Workout” of 2005 by Health Magazine
    • Patrick Goudeau is a Nike Fitness Athlete and a former U.S. National Aerobic Champion, who has been featured on “All Star Workouts”, the hot new fitness workout show from The Discovery Channel/FitTV!
    • 60 minutes total run time
  • Denise Austin: Hit the Spot Core Complete Video

    Lee says: Denise Austin is has been pumping up fitness folks since I had to walk to school… in the snow… up hill, both ways… and fitness DVDs were on eight-track! I’m not really sure what the heck I just said, but if you’ve been into fitness for a long time, you know exactly what I mean. Regardless, Denise Austin brings nearly a quarter century of fitness expertise and enthusiasm to a Core Exercise Ball DVD that delivers some great content put together into very effective routines for both beginner and veteran. 68 minutes total run time.

    • Denise Austin uses the stability ball to strengthen the core and build lean, fat-burning muscle with four complete workouts that target your entire body for flatter abs, sculpted arms, leaner legs, and firmer buns
    • Core & Upper Body: Whittle your waistline while firming the chest, shoulders and arms with this 15-minute, calorie-blasting workout
    • Core & Legs: Slim and trim your thighs, hips, calves, and core with this sizzling, 15-minute sculpting session
    • Core & Buns: Gets your rear in gear with a core-combo creation that lifts and firms the buns
    • Core Complete Challenge: Turn up the heat and the fun with this full-body combination workout that packs a powerful punch

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