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Long, long, ago (1866) in a faraway land, a young gentleman named Hairm Maxim designed the machine gun bearing his name. That same man also applied for and obtained a patent on a less deadly but more commonly used device – the hair-curling iron. Since its invention, the hair curling iron has been whipping up women’s tresses throughout the world. Twentieth century women – from the average girl venturing out for a night on the town to Hollywood actresses walking down the red carpet – rely on this device. To sum it up, “Curling irons are HOT!”

The curling iron I use depends upon many factors, including the job, texture, and look. Thankfully things have improved since Mr. Maxim first patented the device; curling irons today are more advanced and can be used to get a customized look without risking the integrity of the hair. Here are the best irons on the market today.

Choose the best curling irons with the help of Tibesti experts who scour the Web for the best hair products. Our best iron curler recommendations include Chi, Hot Tools and others that curl your hair in no time.

Best Curling Irons by Alyn Topper

The Best You Can Get

  • Hot Tools

    Alyn says: Many professional stylists prefer these hot golden rods of magic. They are quick heating and have adjustable heat settings. The iron comes with the Marcel or Spring Grip handle. Quick tip: high temperature settings better suit coarse hair, while lower-temperature settings better suit fine hair.

    • Preferred many professional stylists
    • Adjustable heat settings
    • Quick heating
    • Marcel or Spring Grip handle
  • Enzo Milano

    Alyn says: This is a clip-less handle iron. You will never get kinks or ridges. The iron heats up to its maximum setting in 60 seconds. The Alumin Teflon alumin coated barrel protects your hair and reduces friction and tangling.

    • Clip-less handle iron
    • Heats up to its maximum setting in 60 seconds
  • Chi Ceramic Barrel

    Alyn says: Avoid the damage and dry hair caused by traditional copper irons. This iron’s ceramic heat is moist. It seals the cuticle for more shine, locks in hair color, and slows fading. Ceramic seems to be the new, big trend in curling irons.

    • Seals the cuticle for more shine
    • Locks in hair color
    • Slows fading
  • FHI Ceramic Spring Barrel

    Alyn says: This easy-to-use hair iron is great for all hair types. It uses a digital LCD display which allows for precise heat settings anywhere between 210 and 410 degrees. The iron also includes a cool touch tip, built in circuit breaker, and patented Nano-Fuzeion Technology.

    The use of Nano-Titanium and Nano Titanium Oxide produces superior conditioning and shine while providing unmatched health and purification benefits to the hair.

    • Great for all hair types
    • Cool touch tip
    • Built in circuit breaker
    • Unmatched health and purification benefits to the hair
    • Superior conditioning and shine
  • Babyliss

    Alyn says: Instant heat and increased heat distribution eliminates sometimes harmful hot spots found on other irons. Dual voltage settings allow you to bring this iron with you on a trip to anywhere in the world. Use the 30 heat setting to your advantage: 1-9 for light fine hair, 10-21 for curly to medium hair, and 21-30 for coarse or hard-to-curl hair.

    • Instant heat and increased heat distribution
    • Dual voltage settings for world travel
    • Various settings for light fine hair to hard-to-curl hair

You will be happy with any of these

  • T3 Tourmaline Iron

    Alyn says: Another ceramic barrel iron that provides classic ceramic iron benefits - the maximum negative ionic impact and the infrared impact. This iron also gives moisture to the hair, helps reduce color fading, and increases the shine of the hair.

    • Ceramic barrel
    • Gives moisture to the hair
    • Helps reduce color fading
    • Increases the shine of the hair
  • Wigo Professional Curling Iron

    Alyn says: I like this iron because its electronic sensor delivers consistent temperature. The 100-watt iron heats up in 50 seconds, almost five times more powerful than most irons. Be careful to choose the correct temperature. Comes in a Marcel or Spring Grip.

    • Delivers consistent temperature
    • Heats up in 50 seconds
    • Marcel or Spring Grip
    • 100-watts
  • Hot Tools Ceramic Irons

    Alyn says: This iron heats up quickly to a sweltering 428 degrees. Its cool tip allows you to grab onto the end of the iron for easier styling manipulations. The iron has multiple heat settings for all hair types. It also eliminates hot spots by distributing heat evenly throughout the barrel.

    • Heats up quickly to 428 degrees
    • Cool tip
    • Multiple heat settings for all hair types
    • Eliminates hot spots
  • Hot Tools Helix Curling Iron

    Alyn says: This iron features Nano Silver technology. The Ceramic Titanium (Ti) barrel produces negative ions and infared heat to add shine, reduce frizz and improve hydration. The titanium additive improves the strength of the hair and the Nano Silver is infused with actual silver element known to be a natural bacteriostat. This iron always gives me great results.

    • Negative ions and infared heat add shine, reduce frizz and improve hydration
    • Improves the strength of the hair
  • Bio Ionic Iron

    Alyn says: This iron works well with finer hair. Natural negative ions break water molecule clusters into micro-fine particles that penetrate and hydrate the hair shaft. The iron also delivers heat all the way into the hair shaft, allowing fast styling and long lasting results without the damage.

    • Works well with finer hair
    • Hydrates hair
    • Fast styling and long lasting results without the damage

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