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Just as in the consumer digital photographic accessory matrix, the Best DSLR Accessories revolve around light, camera protection and camera stability. The added bonus of having a DSLR is you can experiment with some optional accessories. The Best of the Best DSLR Accessories will delve into lighting and a two of these optional accessories. Again, I am going to assume you already own a flashgun specific to your camera manufacturer. By owning a Canon flashgun for a Canon DSLR for example, you are better able to take advantage of the improved communication and the ability to use something called evaluative TTL (through the lens) functionality on some models. In short, the meter readings you get with your manufacturer’s flash will be reliable and give you something of a constant.

The ‘Best of the Best’ DSLR accessory is the Gossen DigiFlash Portable Digital Incident, Reflected & Flash Light meter. With the Gossen DigiFlash, you will never be fooled again by your camera’s built-in light meter. Taking a portrait next to the available light of an open window requires a hand-held meter and manual camera settings. And one of the best ways to improve the color accuracy of your photographs before you get them into your computer is to use the ExpoImaging Expo Cap White Balance (WB) Aid and the Hoya brand circular glass polarizer will reduce or eliminate the harsh light of the midday sun.

Other Best of the Best Accessories:
One of the disadvantages of digital is the small LCD screen. You take a photograph and think you ‘got’ the shot when you review your images. The real truth comes when you review your images later on your computer. To ensure a few more photographs before you leave the scene, try the Hoodman Professional LCD Screen Loupe. It fits over your DSLR’s LCD screen, provides 2x magnification and will ensure you achieved proper focus detail, especially in low light. However, if you want to play with the focus in your scene, then you absolutely need to get the Lens Baby 3G Special Effects Lens. It allows you to lock in a focus sweet spot in a scene and then perform fine focus adjustments to create creative and very unusual effects. The lens comes in a 50mm variety and you will need to get the wide angle and zoom attachments for different lens sizes.

When you pay attention to the quality of your light, properly protect your camera and lenses, and provide for the stability of your camera, you will ensure great quality photographs. It’s time that you included a few “Best of the Best” items in your photography gearbox. These items will add to your photographic skill and can be used with the next generation of DSLR’s.

Best DSLR Camera Accessories by Mark Sincevich

The Best You Can Get

  • Gossen DigiFlash - Digital Incident, Reflected and Flash Lightmeter

    Mark says: The Gossen DigiFlash is a digital incident, reflected and flash light meter. This means it works extremely well with your DSLR to determine the quality of light from reflected or natural sources as well as the light from your flashgun or even strobe lights. It is very compact in size so you can take it with you and it is indispensable when taking portraits – especially when only natural light is involved.

    • Size: 3
    • Power Source: One CR2032 3-Volt lithium
    • Significantly adds to optimizing the quality of light
    • Weighs 1.5 oz
  • Hoya 77mm Circular Polarizer Glass Filter

    Mark says: One of the best accessories you can use to improve the quality of your photographs is to reduce or eliminate the glare caused by the harsh lighting of the midday sun. Polarizer’s also remove the unwanted reflections from metal or water. The Hoya circular Polarizer Glass Filter reduces midday glare while intensifying the blue sky. You simply adjust the circular ring to achieve the desired effect. Remember to keep the polarizer snug in its pouch and properly cleaned.

    • Purchase the 77mm size
    • Negligible weight
    • Additional Item Needed: a 67 – 72mm adaptor ring for smaller DSLR lenses
  • ExpoImaging 77mm Expo Cap White Balance Aid

    Mark says: Another way to improve the quality of your photographs is to optimize your DSLR’s settings whether you are indoors, in sunshine or in a mixture of both. The ExpoImaging Expo Cap White Balance Aid improves color accuracy using your DSLR’s manual white balance setting. This will reduce or eliminate the need for post-processing color adjustment saving you valuable time. Remember to keep the polarizer snug in its pouch and properly cleaned.

    • Purchase the 77mm size
    • Negligible weight
    • Additional Item Needed: a 67 – 72mm adaptor ring for smaller DSLR lenses
  • Lens Baby 3G Special Effects Lens

    Mark says: Being able to selectively control the focus in your photographs down to one specific object or person is ideal for creative and advertising photography. The Lens Baby 3G Special Effects Lens allows for this to happen. You simply select your image and you lock in the sweet spot of focus with a combination of fine focus adjustments. There are also wide angle and zoom attachments. Remember to order the lens with the correct attachment to fit your particular DSLR such as Nikon’s F-mount or Canon’s EF mount. The minimum focus distance is 12 inches.

    • Size: 50mm lens
    • Filter Size: 37mm
    • Unit Weight: 5.7 ounces
    • Unit Measurements: 3 x 3 inches
  • Hoodman Professional LCD Screen Loupe

    Mark says: A very common occurrence in digital photography is the quality of the final digital image not matching the image you see on the back of your DSLR’s LCD screen. While LCD screen sizes are at a maximum of about 3 inches, you still do not know for certain if your image is properly focused or has any symptoms of camera shake (in low light circumstances). The Hoodman Professional LCD Screen Loupe provides 2x (two times) magnification for your camera’s LCD to confirm focus detail.

    • Size: One Universal Size
    • Covers LCDs from 1.6 to 2.75 inches
    • Unit Weight: 8 ounces
    • Unit Dimensions: not specified by manufacturer

You will be happy with any of these

  • Gary Fong’s Light Sphere Universal Inverted Dome Cloud Diffusion System

    Mark says: Diffusing or spreading the light from your DSLR’s flashgun is extremely important. It allows for more even lighting and more pleasing photographs. Gary Fong’s Light Sphere Universal Dome Cloud Diffusion System fits most flashguns. When properly attached, it lights up the entire room for more even lighting and the best thing about this unit is there is no more need for a camera bracket!

    • Size: One size fits most flashguns
    • Unit Weight and Dimensions: not specified by manufacturer
    • Can be taken on or off very easily
  • Hoya Ultraviolet UV (0) Haze Glass Filter

    Mark says: Protecting your most important photography investment, your DSLR’s lenses is one of the most important things you can do. Every one of your DSLR lenses requires a protective lens filter. Make sure you automatically order the Hoya Ultraviolet UV (0) Haze Glass Filter for protection from dust, scratches and even lens damage. Filter should be left on each one of your lenses at all times.

    • Size: 77mm fits most of today’s lenses (double check sizing)
    • Unit Dimensions: 77mm
    • Negligible weight
  • Bogen-Manfrotto 3007 Tabletop Tripod with Micro Ballhead

    Mark says: For such a small tabletop tripod, the Bogen/Manfrotto 3007 with Micro Ballhead supports an impressive 4.4 pounds. The unit is extremely versatile providing an impressive 360-degree pan and a 90-degree tilt. It’s definitely something every serious DSLR photographer should have in his or her camera bag.

    • Size: Folds to 7.45 inches
    • Supports 4.4 pounds
    • Weights 7 ounces
    • Optional 3007X center column provides an extra 10 inches of height
  • Hakuba Metal Cable Release

    Mark says: Once you affix your DSLR to a tabletop tripod, a monopod or a full-size tripod, you will need to prevent camera shake in low light situations. Camera shake will happen if you press the shutter. The best way to eliminate camera operator shake is with the Hakuba Metal Cable Release. It fits into a standard mechanical cable release receptacle and includes a lock for leaving the shutter open for long periods of time.

    • Size: 12 inches long
    • Negligible weight
    • Made of metal for smooth operation and longevity
    • Check your DSLR manual if you can use this unit
  • Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 Camera Holster Bag

    Mark says: You absolutely need to protect your DSLR at all times as one hard bump or drop could spell the end of your investment. The Lowepro Topload Zoom 1 Camera Holster Bag provides adequate protection for your DSLR and one medium zoom lens. There is also room for a few must-have accessories. The great feature about the top-loading bag is you can use the camera whilst having another lens or two in the bag. It is much easier to carry and use this holster bag versus traditional (and heavier) camera bags.

    • Size: 8.3 x 6.5 x 8.7 inches (Interior Dimensions = 6.5 x 4.5 x 7.75)
    • Designed for a DSLR with a medium-sized zoom lens
    • Weighs 7 ounces
    • Fits over shoulder or around waist

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