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Best Designer Tech Accessories & Designer Computer Accessories

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Even geeks love a good accessory. Especially when it comes attached to some techie, gadget-y, and science-like type of contraption. As a girl who loves accessories and nerds, this was a fun avenue to pursue for the purpose of retail research. If it has rhinestones and a plug, I am in. There are many ways in the words that follow to combine the evolution of technology with the love of accessory. Welcome to glamour geek chic.

The best designer tech accessories take on a whole new purpose when they come from Gucci and Prada. These handsome designer computer accessories are perfect for the person who has everything.

Best Designer Tech Accessories by Jess Zaino

The Best You Can Get

  • Gucci Laptop Case

    Jess says: If you're going to be lugging around your laptop you might as well do it in luxury. Gucci is an internationally recognized brand of luxury and to keep your computer in this case is certainly a statement. Beautifully handcrafted and stylish sturdy, this one is for the label lovers. Especially when you take it out at the airport to show off... in the economy class line.

    • Medium computer case with double zip closure and interlocking G detail
    • Brown leather trim and brown hardware
    • 14.6” L x 1” W x 12.2” H
  • Pat Says Now Diamond Flower Mouse

    Jess says: Are you a high-net-worth shopper searching for this one truly unique gift? Look no further! There is an extraordinarily exclusive toy. Let me introduce you to the world’s most expensive computer mouse, cast from 18-carat white gold and set with 59 brilliants, reader meet the “Diamond Flower”. 25K is a lot of cheddar for this stylish little mouse but worth it for the luxury lover in you.

    • 18-carat white gold
    • 59 diamond brilliants
    • Limited edition
  • Prada mp3 Case

    Jess says: Prada is the brand fashion insiders stick with when they want the ultimate in luxury and style. If you can't afford the steep price tag of an $800 tee shirt, perhaps a fun little accessory for your iPod? Made in Italy of Saffiano leather, this gorgeous case will keep your tunes tucked away in the best of the best. And most useful of all, it comes with a wristband so no more leaving your iPod behind at the bar.

    • Available in gold and silver Saffiano leather
    • Detachable carrying strap
    • 3-3/5” H x 2-1/5” W x ½” D
  • Gilty Couture iPhone Case – Gold

    Jess says: I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am a girl who loves accessories. Techie gadgets are fun too, but if I can have my techie gadgets in fabulous cover-alls and cases, this stylista is satisfied. I don't have an iPhone but would buy one for this over-top-top gold and crystal encrusted case. It's not named Gilty Couture for nothing.

    • Fits the Apple iPhone 1G
    • 2-piece full slider case
    • 14K gold with Swarovski crystals

You will be happy with any of these

  • Betsey Johnson Bling Bling Case

    Jess says: I love Betsey Johnson's signature brand of whimsy and fun. Since we all carry cell phones, why not do it in style with fabulously studded, black leather with blue trim and cute print purse. Its four inches wide so it fits most small phones (and some gum, lipstick, some cash, and an ID if you're lucky).

    • For most small cell phones
    • Padded nylon and PVC material with expanding gusset helps keep your cell phone safe from the elements
    • Magnetic snap closure helps keep your phone snug and secure in the case
    • Wrist strap for easy portability
  • David and Goliath Tee

    Jess says: This isn't technically a tech accessory, however it is an accessory that has a techie intention. Tech geeks love to mingle online and fashionistas love cute tee shirts, so it’s really a multi-media win-win. Plus, it’s got a cute spider on the front of an ever-cuter tee.

    • Cute and quirky graphic
    • Sizes S-XL
    • 100% Cotton
  • Geo Anime Extra Wide Contacts

    Jess says: Animation and gaming is a huge part of a being a tech lover. A much-loved look by gamers and girls alike are the extra wide eyes of the Japanimated anime characters. Now with a click of a keyboard button you too can get the deer caught in the headlights look of a cartoon character. Hot or weird? You decide.

    • Tinted in a variety of colors
    • Extra-wide outer ring to expand iris
  • Hard Cover Shell for Laptop

    Jess says: I tote my 13” Mac laptop around town like it’s not an expensive piece of cutting edge technology. I love these candy colored hard shell cases as it protects the laptop from outside forces like accidental flips out of an open car door or the spill of a Starbucks. Plus with all of the yummy colors, I can match my computer to my couture.

    • Full access to all controls
    • Cool translucent case
    • Comes with rubber feet for added support
  • Pocket Guitar Hero

    Jess says: If you're as obsessed with Guitar Hero as I am, you will love this pocket-sized version of the video game. You can clip it to your acid-washed jeans and rock out with your socks out and your hair sprayed high. All hail Guitar Hero. A functional accessory that really rocks.

    • Measures about 3” x 7.25” & 3” x 4” when folded
    • Features smash hits from Guitar Hero I and II
    • LCD screen

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