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Are you always looking for something you just know you left somewhere on your desk? Does your workspace look more like a pile of papers and random stuff than a clear, clean place where things happen? Are you finding it difficult to get things done? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be suffering from "organiziety,” the anxiety you feel when you are unorganized. In order to cure yourself, you must take charge of your life and your stuff, and the first place to do that is at your desk. The desk is the command center of your life. It's the hub where most of your information comes in and goes out. If your command center is cluttered, you can't run the operations that are your life. The top of your desk is some of the most valuable real estate in your office. How you arrange your work tools here can make the difference in how productive you are.

Luckily there are ways to get your desk/ workspace functioning smoothly. First you must go through everything on your desk (annoying) and give each item a home. It may be a file in a file drawer, it may be a bill that needs to be paid and sent out, it may be garbage (if it's paper, put it in the recycle bin). The major task is figuring out where to put all the other stuff. No desktop is really big enough to contain all the bits and bobs that we need at our fingertips to get work done. They need to be put away in an organized fashion. And you can't keep your mind clear to think when all that stuff is cluttering your visual space as well. So where do you keep your stamps? Where does the stationery go? And what about the incoming bills, where to put them so they don't go unpaid?

Here to save the day… dumptity dum… the desktop organizer. These organizational systems come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, so the first thing you need to do when considering a desktop organizer is to ask yourself some basic questions: How much storage do you need? How much surface space do you have to utilize? And, of course, you should determine the aesthetic of your workspace so you pick a piece that will look good, because with your new streamlined and productive space, you will be looking at it a lot.

Best Desktop Organizers by Jill Pollack

The Best You Can Get

  • Safco 58 in W High Capacity Desk Top Organizer

    Jill says: This piece has it all figured out. It features maximum storage and organizing space with two full width shelves and top. Fully adjustable shelves and dividers allow you to create a totally customized work center. You can store printer paper, supplies, notebooks, address books, CDs, Post-its and even has a nook for the phone or keyboard. It is made with furniture-grade wood cabinetry with a finished back that allows placement in open areas. Unit is a full 12" deep and includes eight 3-3/4" shelf dividers that adjust in 5" increments and three big 11-1/4"W x 16"D literature trays that can be mounted on the left and right-hand side. Choose from medium oak, mahogany or gray finishes.

  • SteelWorx Desk Riser Kit

    Jill says: This is a great looking contemporary piece with steel construction and a modern silver color. It features a 51” wide platform with three letter size trays and three supply drawers. You can keep a lot of little items in the drawers and out of sight making the workspace clear for your mind so you will not be distracted. Rubber feet protect the desk surface and prevent sliding. The platform is a perfect size to fit your monitor, phone, cup for pens, tape dispenser and even a printer. This piece is so sexy that you may even want to hang out at your desk even when you don’t have work to do!

  • Safco Compact Desk Top Organizer

    Jill says: This desktop organizer has it all in a small package. At only 29"W x 12"D x 18"H, it packs a compact organizational punch. It has fully adjustable shelves plus the top for a calculator, stapler, etc. This product gets major points for having a built-in tape dispenser, 3" x 3" Post-it notes compartment and two front bins for small supplies plus two pencil trays. Genius. You can’t help but keep yourself organized with this one. It also has a literature sorter that includes a fixed 9-1/2"W x 11-1/2"D shelf, three plastic slide-out trays for easy access, plus a pull-out organizer tray. It has two 17"W x 11-1/2"D shelves (lower shelf adjusts in 2-1/2" increments), and a finished back panel with a cord cutout.

  • Levenger Leather Mail Sorter, Desk Organizer

    Jill says: This desk organizer is classy and old school. It is made of full-grain leather and can manage a multitude of incoming mail while giving you a handsome staging area for all of it. It may even make you glad you still get paper mail (just don’t forget to recycle!). It features three compartments for letters and bills, two sides to hold notebooks, folders and magazines, a groove for a pen on the top surface, two shelves, and a drawer that fits in either of the shelves to keep stamps, address labels and a letter opener handy. It measures 20¼”W x 11”D x 9¾”H. It comes in black, chocolate or tan leather so it will fit perfectly on the desk in the library, dahling.

  • SteelWorx Step Up File Kit

    Jill says: This is a sleek and compact desktop organization system perfect for someone who needs a filing system at their fingertips. This piece includes a step up file, letter tray, and a supplies drawer for all those loose ends that can clutter a workspace. It has a great looking steel construction with silver color and rubber feet to protect desk surface and prevent sliding. The great thing about this company is that it can be mixed and matched stackable on other SteelWorx accessories, just don’t overcrowd your desk, (that will certainly defeat the whole purpose!)

You will be happy with any of these

  • Target Tidy Tower

    Jill says: This is a super functional, good-looking, and compact little desktop organizer! It features a top tray for active items (like an inbox), an open slot for reference materials and folders. This piece is so great because it also has two small and one large drawer for paper clips, pens, paper, stamps, etc., so you can really put away all your supplies neatly. It measures 10-4/5"H x 12-1/2"W x 10-4/5"L and comes in black.

  • Ergo In Demand 6 Drawer Filing System Organizer with Style

    Jill says: This is a great piece that tucks your important paperwork and supplies within easy-access. The stylish front drawer models feature a cutout impression that gives you visibility plus access with the easy pull drawers. The six closed-front drawers sit only 8-1/2" tall and eliminate clutter while maximizing desk space. The top surface can also be used to put a tape dispenser, stapler, and calculator. This system comes in grey or black to fit every office décor, and it measures 10-3/8"W x 13"D x 1-1/8"H.

  • Target 4 Shelf Desk Top Organizer

    Jill says: This desktop organizer is a great little system that offers a lot for the size. It has four full size shelves for files, papers, address books etc. and a thin felt lined drawer for pens, stamps, scissors and other supplies. It has a unique sliding door that closes to protect files and creates a neat workspace. It comes in black and measures 9-4/5"H x 10-4/5"W x 14"L. It is a perfect companion to the Target Tidy Tower.

  • Staples Black Wire Mesh Giant Desk Organizer

    Jill says: This piece is great bang for the buck! It is not only good looking, but also reasonably priced. It has two compartments for pens and other supplies like scissors. It also features two small stand-up compartments for mail, envelopes, an address book etc. There is a space for a Post-it note pad and two shelves for printer paper, CDs, and notebooks and one larger and deeper side pocket for bigger books, pads or even sideway files. It is made of steel mesh coated in black epoxy and measures 11 1/2"H x 13 1/2"W x 11 1/2"D.

  • Rolodex Harmony Desktop Organizer

    Jill says: This little guy from Eldon Office Products is a perfect desktop organizer especially designed for holding PDAs, cell phones, and other small electronic devices. How great is that! This piece has a built in pencil holder, a little compartment for Post-it notes, a little drawer for small supplies and another little space for miscellaneous items or a small address book. It has a nice mahogany finish that looks great on most desks.

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