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If your pet is left home alone for lengthy periods, boredom can lead to behavioral problems, which often results in the destruction of property. The best way to counteract this situation is to ensure your dog has plenty of distraction or puzzle toys to keep him occupied for hours. Manufacturers have taken their cues from trainers and behaviorists to produce a wonderful selection. Make sure you rotate the toys in the toy box regularly to keep canine interest piqued.

Best Distraction Dog Toys by Sandy Robins

The Best You Can Get

  • The Bob-A-Lot

    Sandy says: Every dog should own this latest food and treat dispenser toy. You can a put your dog’s entire meal for the day inside plus some of his favorite treats and he can have fun playing and eating and exercising at the same time. The anti-slip bottom is weighted so that it rolls around erratically and always bobs back upright to keep the games going for hours.

    • Holds up to three cups of food
    • Suitable for dogs of all sizes
    • Adjustable opening to that you can control the ease or difficulty in which the food is extracted
    • Easy to open and fill
    • Holds different sized kibble and treats
  • The Dogzilla Deep Freeze

    Sandy says: All dogs love to lick ice or a frozen broth. The Dogzilla Deep Freeze works like an ice tray allowing you freeze your pet’s favorite snack and add some chunks of meat or treats to the liquid. When frozen the solid shape will pop out like cubes from an ice tray.

    Available in three sizes:
    4.25” Pop & 5.5” Bone – for 10-25 lb. dogs.
    5” Pop & 6.5” Bone – for 20–50 lb. dogs.
    6” Pop & 7.5” Bone – for 45–75 lb. dogs.

    • Suitable for dogs of all ages
    • Excellent for teething puppies
    • It’s available in two shapes the Arctic Bone and the Arctic Pop
    • Non-toxic, durable rubber bases and molds can be used over and over again guaranteeing hours of entertainment and stimulating play
  • The Busy Buddy Bouncy Bone

    Sandy says: This is fabulous distraction toy consists of three toys in one. The durable nylon bone and rubber ball gives pups plenty to chew on after the replaceable special Gnawhide™ ring treats are gone.

    Available in three sizes:
    Small – for dogs up to 10 lbs.
    Medium – for dogs 10–30 lbs.
    Large – for dogs 30–60 lbs.

    • Toy unscrews to load treats and clean
    • Comes packed with three sets of treats
    • The Gnawhide treats last 10 times longer than regular rawhide treats
    • Replacement Gnawhide treats sold separately
  • Crinkle Critters

    Sandy says: This canine version of the sock monkey can be filled with recycled water bottles. Dogs love the crinkly sound that plastic bottles make. They are lightweight and easy to carry around.

    • Available in two sizes
    • Pink for girls and blue for boys
    • Simply replace the bottles when they have lost their crunch and recycle
  • The Hi Q Puzzle

    Sandy says: This puzzle toy will keep one or more dogs happy when they are home alone. The durable brightly colored plastic puzzle pieces link together to create a variety of fun shapes and the rounded orb-sections can be filled with treats to keep the games going for hours. You can create individual puzzles for multiple dogs in the home or link it all together and let them have fun amongst themselves.

    The slots in the treat section are large enough to fill with a variety of treat shapes. The larger the treat, the more challenging it is to remove, giving your pet lots of mental stimulation, too.

    • Available in red, blue, and yellow
    • Both the L-shapes and the orbs are sold separately
    • Made from FDA approved, durable, non-toxic rubber that will not damage hardwood floors
    • Can be used indoors or outdoors
    • Puzzle pieces also float

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Monster Mouth

    Sandy says: The Venus flytrap plant was obviously the inspiration for this distraction toy that will bounce erratically all over the place and keep your dog chasing it for hours on end.

    • Available in two sizes - three inches and four inches
    • Can be filled with a variety of treats
    • When your pet plays, their teeth and gums are massaged by the different sized teeth on the toy to promote good dental health
    • Made from 100 % natural rubber
  • Orbee Tuff Fruit And Veggie Toys

    Sandy says: These fun strawberry, eggplant, and artichoke treat dispensers bounce around for endless fun. They can be filled with peanut butter, cheese, or liver-flavored pastes, too. The Orbee-tuff compound is incredibly durable and safe and can stand up to sharp teeth and rough play.

    • All these toys can be safely chilled or frozen for a cool treat on a hot day
    • Orbee toys are also non-toxic and recyclable, which makes them great for the environment, too
    • Suitable for all dogs and puppies
  • Silly Squeakers

    Sandy says: These novelty beer bottles with squeakers come in a two-pack and are available in different “flavors”.

    • Cataroma, ButtWiper, HeinieSniff’n, O’Drool’s, Mountain Drool, and Bark’s
    • Each bottle is 9.5 inches long
    • Made from non-toxic rubber
    • Collect all for your canine companion and play responsibly
  • Leo Canine Genius

    Sandy says: This puzzle toy can be played with separately or fitted together allowing you to design puzzles specifically for your dog’s problem-solving level. When the multiple toys are attached, the hollow spaces allow the treats to shift about keeping dogs engaged for hours.

    Two versions. The Leo Extra is for medium chewers and the Leo Regular is for medium to soft chewers.

    Two sizes: 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide, and 5 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide.

    • Available in turquoise, orange, yellow, pink, and blue
    • Made from a non-toxic, FDA–approved material
    • Can be stuffed with a variety of treats
    • Special IQ treats are sold separately
    • Dishwasher safe
  • Henrietta Chicken

    Sandy says: This rubber chicken has lots of squawk and will have your dog shaking, rattling, and rolling it around for hours. Henrietta is boneless and free-range. Her manufacturers say that this hilarious toy was raised in America’s Heartland, and became a Las Vegas showgirl in her youth. Now retired and de-feathered, she has become a canine favorite.

    • Hand-painted with non-toxic paint
    • Available in two sizes: the large is 17 inches and the small is 9 inches
    • Henrietta comes in a Christmas outfit making is a great holiday gift for a special pooch
    • Henrietta has a boyfriend and other squawky rubber relatives, too

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