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If you and your dog are agility addicts like I am, I’m sure that you’re looking for fun and innovative ways to play with and reward your athletic dog. In agility, most rewards come in the form of food or toys, or a combination thereof. The problem, of course, is keeping the reward fresh and exciting.

In many cases, there are foodies of the dog world, who would happily gnaw on dry biscuits all day. But if your dog is a bit on the picky side, or require extra motivation, you may be trying to think of new ways to motivate your dog.

One way is to offer increasingly tempting snacks. Offering cheese, lunchmeat, liver, bacon and whatnot can be a real motivator. But before you start breaking out the filet mignon, remember at some point, you’re just not going to get better than what you’ve given. A better solution is to make the reward much more fun and tempting. After all, your dog may appreciate the cut of filet mignon you gave him, but did he even chew before he swallowed it?

The way to make that reward all that much better is with toys. And your dog is going to delight in some of the most fun toys on the planet that incorporate play and food all at once. Most of the toys here listed are what are commonly called “jackpot” toys. That means that the toy has a pouch inside it that your dog can pull open and get at the goodies therein. These toys have some sort of action with them – such as a tug, throwing disc, or some kind of puzzle for your dog to figure out.

I recommend the following toys for their ingenuity in both physical and mental stimulation – not to mention their overall encouraging interaction between you and your dog.

Best Dog Agility Toys by Margaret Bonham

The Best You Can Get

  • The Ultimate Jackpot Toy by Genuine Dog Gear

    Margaret says: When they say that this is the ultimate jackpot toy, they really mean it. This toy combines the very best of the jackpot toys with a tug toy that most agile dogs love. Like most agility toys, the intent is to provide interaction between your dog and you, while at the same time give him a treat he deserves. Fill up the sturdy nylon pouch with his favorite treats and seal the Velcro strip. When he’s done with the course, get ready for fun. Swing the braided tug so your dog can catch it. When he does, have fun tugging for a bit and then open up the jackpot so he can enjoy.

    • Jackpot treat toy
    • Tug action
  • Toss-N-Treat by Genuine Dog Gear

    Margaret says: This is another jackpot toy that your agile dog is sure to love. When he’s done with a course or completed a particularly hard sequence, have the Toss-N-Treat ready to go. Great for dogs who like flying discs. Just toss the disc and have your dog get the yummy reward. How fun is that?

    • Jackpot toy
    • Flying disc action
  • Busy Buddy Twist-n-Treat by Premier

    Margaret says: This is one toy I heartily endorse because it has survived my Malamutes, despite their very destructive tendencies. Fill up these saucers with treats, twist them to the amount of treat giving you’d like, and hand it to them. I have yet to have one of my chewers tear one apart even though they’re rated for “medium” chewers. (I suppose a power chewer can probably shred it if he puts his jaws to it). They’re great for jackpots and for entertaining your dog while waiting for his turn at the trials.

    • Jackpot toy
    • Puzzle toy
    • Tough – made for medium chewers
  • Teton Tugs™ by Agilite

    Margaret says: These dog toys are made from polartec scraps that are braided into tug toys that are fun to grasp onto but not hard on the teeth. Agile dogs love the extra play and its added incentive to do well.

    • Braided tug toys
    • Made from recycled materials
    • Soft on teeth
  • ChuckIt™ Ball Launchers by Canine Hardware

    Margaret says: If you’re looking for a way to give your dog plenty of exercise – or maybe just a reward for a course well run, try the modern day version of the Atlatl, the ChuckIt. This throwing stick launches tennis balls with ease and gives your agile dog a fun way to play fetch.

    • Ball launcher
    • Great for tennis ball dogs

You will be happy with any of these

  • The Busy Buddy Tug-A-Jug™ by Premier

    Margaret says: This is one of those toys that makes so much sense, I’m surprised it hasn’t been created sooner. Put the treats in the jug and close it up. The dog must work to get the treats out of the jug, where he can see, hear and smell them. Great for a reward, or even for meals.

    • Jackpot toy
    • Tug toy
    • Good for feeding, too
  • ChuckIt Squirrel™ by Canine Hardware

    Margaret says: Another fun motivational toy, the ChuckIt Squirrel provides the fun of flying disc with the fun of soft toys. A great way to motivate your agile dog when he’s performing his best.

    • Toy combined with flying disc
    • Softer on dog’s teeth
  • Kong Stuff-A-Ball Treat Dispensers by Kong Pet Toys

    Margaret says: These are great treat dispensers when combined with Kong’s Stuffin Snacks and Stuffin Pastes. They make a great jackpot toy or one that will simply keep a dog busy during idle times.

    • Puzzle toy
    • Jackpot toy
  • AKC Green Planet Plush Dog Toys

    Margaret says: Every agile dog loves toys with squeakers, but most toys end up being too dangerous for play. AKC has its own brand of toys that are double-stitched, made of recycled material and have a squeaker safely hidden. Only use when supervised.

    • Soft toys with durable stitching
    • Recycled material
  • Dr. Noy’s Material Dog Toys by Kong Pet Toys

    Margaret says: These toys are great because they’re made with nontoxic material, double stitched, and have a separate squeaker pouch that once the squeaker is destroyed you can replace it so it is good as new. Again, only give to your dog when you can supervise him.

    • Soft toys with durable stitching
    • Separate squeaker pouch for replaceable squeakers

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