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Mud and brick kennels were some of the earliest recorded doghouses dating back to 4500 BC, proving that man's best friend has been receiving the royal treatment for quite some time. You may not be interested in building your furry companion a doghouse like our Egyptian friends since there are so many fabulous doghouses on the market from which to choose. A simple plastic or wood doghouse can shelter Rover from the elements, but today's fashion forward Fido deserves, and gets, the best that money can buy.

Doghouse choices include posh indoor homes that blend in to modern decor to outside houses replicating the feel of a family farm. Let your imagination take over as you sample the list of the Best of the Best and then the Best of the Rest Doghouses.

Best Doghouses by Susan Sims

The Best You Can Get

  • Luxury Cape Cod Doghouse Kit

    Susan says: Yeowzah! Remember the song, “A House Is Not a Home”? Well, you can say that again because this ain’t your Grandma’s doghouse. This beautiful doghouse kit is secured on a pallet and delivered by truck to your home. Once assembled, your dog has his own entrance in to his cozy digs or his outdoor kennel. Paint this luxury doghouse to match your own home and your dog will be the envy of his neighborhood.

    • 8’x10’
  • Extra Large Hardwood Hideaway Designer Pet Crate

    Susan says: Is this an elegant piece of furniture or a doggie den? Well actually, it's both! Handcrafted from solid wood, this pet crate comes with a removable door to let Fido come and go as he pleases and when wanting Fido contained, the door safely secures your precious pup inside his cozy digs. There is also an optional pet bed designed to fit neatly inside the Hardwood Hideaway Designer Pet Crate. Choose from Espresso or Mahogany finish.

    • Interior: 32” H x 24” W x 38” D
    • Exterior: 34” H x 26” W x 42” D
    • For pets up to 150 lbs.
  • Zen Hideaway Doghouse

    Susan says: Oh so modern and oh so Zen, the Zen Hideaway Designer Pet Crate is available in red, white, black, and mint. The shiny fiberglass construction is sleek and smooth and is also waterproof. The removable door allows your pet to come and go or sit and stay, at your discretion. Include the pet bed for a perfect fit and your little Zen master will feel right at home.

    • Small: 22” H x 20” W x 28” D
    • Medium: 26” H x 25” W x 35” D
    • For pets up to 55 lbs.
  • Aluminum Doghouse

    Susan says: Very trendy and oh so modern, this delightful powder coated aluminum piece of art, blends naturally in to your chic decor. Very stylish with dog bone and paw print cutouts, you can place this den in your living room, bedroom, or wherever you want your furry best friend to rest. This precious doghouse includes a washable pad, available in three colors.

    • 23” round x 18” high
  • The Barn Doghouse

    Susan says: Old MacDonald had a farm, and on his farm he had a Barn Dog House! Kiln dried wood with natural color stains will withstand all types of extreme weather. The Barn Dog House has a raised bottom to keep Fido dry and a covered porch just perfect for sun bathing.

    • Barn: 39” x 47” x 35”
    • Porch: 29” x 40” x 33”

You will be happy with any of these

  • Mountain Lodge Dog Tent

    Susan says: Your petite pooch will love the Mountain Lodge Dog Tent. Plush and cozy, the whimsical miniature make-believe cabin makes any room the perfect spot for Fido's rustic retreat and perhaps the two of you can take a snooze by the fire near the real hearth at home, or the imagined motif on the cabins exterior. Watch out for that squirrel!

  • Ice Cream House

    Susan says: I scream, you scream, we all scream for this darling Ice Cream doghouse made with the petite pooch in mind. Colorful magenta trim adorns the base, windows, and rooftop. Open windows are perfect for Fido to take in sights and smells, and when it's time for Fido to take a snooze, the Ice Cream doghouse makes a perfect respite from a busy day.

    • Dimensions: 27” x 25” x 23”
  • Outback Country Lodge Doghouse

    Susan says: Your pet has arrived with his very own pet plaque attached to the rugged Outback Country Lodge Doghouse. Including a Snoozy Sleeper Pet Bed, the solid fir wood is waterproofed making this doghouse ideal for outdoor use.

    • External: 32” L x 40” W x 34” H
    • Internal: 31.5” L x 26” W x 27.5H
    • Door Opening: 13” W x 16.7” H
    • Small and medium sizes available, too
  • Willow Doghouse

    Susan says: How cute is this? Your tiny companion will be sitting pretty in this fabulous willow doghouse. The pink and white floral cushion and matching drapes are situated beneath the red roof and allows your extra-small pet to sleep in this cozy environment fit for a queen.

    • Dimensions: 20” L x 15-1/8” W x 17-3/4” H
  • Cool Cot Portable Doghouse

    Susan says: Did you pitch a tent in the back yard as a child? Your dog will love the pet version of camping outdoors with the Cool Cot Portable Doghouse. The portable tent makes perfect sense for the dog on the go and the UV treated and water resistant polyester cover will keep him high and dry. The comfortable mesh bed will have Fido howling with delight.

    Includes: cot, bed, tent cover and frame with carrying case. Ground stakes also included.

    • Small: 25” x 19” x 23”
    • Large: 32” x 16” x 30”
    • Jumbo: 39” x 31” x 37”

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