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Home Exercise Equipment almost didn’t exist 25 years ago, and over the last twenty, the quality and versatility has improved dramatically. A shining example of a recent “game changer” is the Adjustable Home Dumbbell. “Back in the day” unless you had a whole rack of ascending weight dumbbells in your garage, you probably had to stick with that lonely pair of “25 pounders” for every muscle group, every exercise, every workout; because that’s what your older brother had stolen from the High School Phys Ed class! Unfortunately, these were much too heavy for some exercises, much too light for others, and if, “heaven forbid,” you actually got stronger and wanted to increase your “poundage”? Forget it!

The Adjustable Home Dumbbell has changed all that, and you can now bring much of your free weight workout home with you, without spending a ton of money or taking up a ton space.

To make this Adjustable Dumbbell list, a product must consist of two dumbbell grips, with a relatively simple weight adjustment mechanism, as part of its core design. Thus, you’ll be sadly disappointed if you were hoping to see your cute little lavender “four pounders” on the list; not because I don’t like cute little lavender “four pounders,” but because to increase to cute little lavender “five pounders,” you’d need a whole new dumbbell.

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Best Dumbbells by Lee Reherman

The Best You Can Get

  • Nautilus Bowflex Select-Tech 550 Dumbbells

    Lee says: Nautilus and Bowflex have teamed up to create the “gold standard” in the category. I’m always hesitant to anoint anything “perfect”, but the look, feel, and weight distribution evenness of the engineering make the Select-Tech 550 close. What really sets the 550 apart is the tighter ranges of the lower weight settings: the 2.5 lb. increments up to 25 lbs. and the 5 lb. increments up to 50 lbs., truly yields an all-in-one product for everyone.

    • The weights adjust at 2.5-pound increments until reaching 25 pounds
    • Once reaching 25 pounds, the weights increase five pounds at a time until each handle reaches 52.5 pounds
    • The large weight range makes it an adaptable piece of equipment, so anyone can adjust it to his or her preference and fitness level
  • Reebok 25 lbs. Speed Pack Dumbbells

    Lee says: If you’ll never need a 50 lb. dumbbell heavy enough for Hercules, and are looking for a more mobile product, then the Reebok Speed Pack may be just right for you. A cushioned handgrip and sleek construction make the Reebok Speed Pack perfect for a power-walk or maybe that aerobic hand-weight routine you were thinking about signing up for.

    • One pair of hand weights consisting of two 12.5 lb. dumbbells, yielding a total combined weight of up to 25 lbs.
    • Convenient storage tray that holds unused weights in order and upright for quick changes
    • Comfortable cushioned handgrips that are easy to hold onto
  • Fusion Space Saver Adjustable 100-lb. Dumbbells

    Lee says: Great quality construction and a no-slip handle put the Fusion high on any list. The weight dialing apparatus is simple and durable, and if you consider the convenience and look of the heavy-duty stand, you’ve got a pair of adjustable dumbbells second to none.

    • Equivalent to several pair of dumbbells, Fusion Space Saver dumbbells put an entire set of weights into a single pair
    • Simply move the knob to your desired weight setting and lift
    • You can choose between 10 to 50 pounds of weight on each dumbbell for a maximum weight of 100 pounds
    • Convenient stand keeps dumbbells within reach and holds unused weights in order
    • Comfortable handgrips that are easy to hold onto
  • Stamina Chrome Versa Bell II 50 lb.

    Lee says: The first thing you’ll notice about the Stamina is the feel of the ergonomic “bulge” in the center of the hand-grip, which is usually reserved for the dumbbell rack in the most exclusive free weight gyms. The weight dialing apparatus is also easy for seamless adjustment.

    • This innovative 10 to 50 pounds Stamina 50 lb. Versa-Bell II Pro replaces nine individual dumbbells
    • The dial mechanism makes changing weight fast and easy for uninterrupted workouts. As you dial, the weight minder shows the weight you've chosen
    • Add the Stamina SPS Versa-Bell Dumbbell Stand to hold a pair of Stamina 50 lb.
    • With a footprint of just 23” x 19.75”, it fits easily into most home workout areas, so you save space and money without sacrificing quality
  • Weider Space Saver 25 Adjustable Dumbbell Pair

    Lee says: Another adjustable dumbbell on the list engineered for the active cross-trainer. The Super Saver is ideal for circuit training and if you’ve got a routine that may call for an “on the fly” weight adjustment, this dumbbell may be just right for you. Also, the cushioned handle is especially designed for those longer aerobic workouts where grip due to sweat and/or fatigue may be a concern.

    • Put an entire set of weights at your fingertips without investing in several different pairs of dumbbells
    • When you want to change weights, simply move the selector pin to the desired weight range
    • The storage tray includes a color-coded weight guide and each weight varies from 2.5 to 12.5 pounds in 2.5-pound increments
    • Includes a cushioned handgrip

You will be happy with any of these

  • GoFit 48-Pound Sport Block Selectorized Dumbbell Set

    Lee says: GoFit has thrown some “old” and “new” into the Sport Block, and the result is a solid quality product great for any home gym. Instead of a dialing mechanism like many others in the adjustable dumbbell category, the Super Block uses a “pin apparatus” like the weight stacks we’ve all used for years. Also, a key feature is that each dumbbell is adjustable in three pound increments up to 24 lbs., which allows smaller weight increases for the beginner.

    • With 24 lbs. per handle, the Sport Block Selectorized Dumbbell set is the perfect way to weight train without having to buy multiple sets of dumbbells
    • The set adjusts simply & easily from 3 lbs. up to 24 lbs. per handle in 3 lb. increments with a selector pin, without turning any complicated dials
    • It replaces 8 pair or 16 fixed dumbbells that would have a combined weight of 216 lbs.
    • Stores easily under a bed, in a closet, or on a shelf, and a space-saving storage tray is included
  • AquaBells Dumbbells - Travel Weights

    Lee says: Ok, I’m an old gym rat with an “old school” workout mentality, but no matter how hard I tried, I could not think of a good enough reason to keep the AquaBells off the list! The concept is simple, the price is economical, and the portability is obvious. So if you’re looking for an effective light hand weight, especially for power walking, just add water!

    • Men and women can stay fit with this water inflatable workout system while traveling, at home, or in the office.
    • Designed specifically for people on the go, this is a novel portable workout system for strength training and great for physical therapy
    • You can take your weight training with you wherever you go, without lugging 32 lbs. of heavy weights in your travel bag or car
    • Made of soft vinyl and injected-molded polystyrene, which is gentle on the skin, and they will not disturb other people with noise while working out
  • Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell Handle

    Lee says: I used Kettlebells years ago, but when I started researching dumbbells, I rediscovered a hidden gem in the fitness equipment landscape that I hadn’t thought about since college! The Kettlebell premise is the same as the traditional dumbbell premise, except the handle is on the end, versus in the center; and this difference in “torque” has some advantages, which I won’t delve into here. But the modern Kettlestack Adjustable Kettlebell combines old with new, and if you’re seeking interesting new ways to spice up a home gym, then the adjustable Kettlebell may be worth a look.

    • The unique kettlebell allows a wide range of compound motions
    • You can combine a mix of dumbbell and Olympic lift training into a variety of fast, effective workouts that challenge your strength, cardio, and flexibility
    • No bench or power-rack needed and holds up to 70 pounds of weight
    • Easy to assemble
  • Apex Polished Chrome Adjustable Dumbbell Set

    Lee says: Apex hits our list with a “good old fashioned” dumbbell, weight, and collar configuration you might remember working out with as a kid in the basement. But with the rubber grips, carrying case, and storage tray, it’s a solid, quality piece of equipment that will fit nicely into any modern home gym.

    • Two dumbbells with adjustable weights from 2.5 lbs. up to 12.5 lbs.
    • Two 14-inch threaded chrome dumbbell handles with rubber grips
    • Four threaded collars, four 2.5-lb. polished chrome plates, and four 5-lb. polished chrome plates
    • Includes vinyl carrying case and storage tray
  • Bayou 25 lb. Adjustable Dumbbells

    Lee says: The quality heavy-duty chrome of the Bayou will immediately catch your eye. We’ve all become keenly aware that the sales pitch, “get professional quality at home,” usually means, “you’re buying crap!” The Bayou is a high quality piece of workout equipment that should last forever, and the chrome construction has a look and feel that you’ll be proud to have prominently displayed in any home gym.

    • Adjustable weight pin positions for 5 different weights, with easy adjustment from 5 to 25 lbs. by simply moving the knob to your desired weight
    • Heavy-duty, chrome-plated steel construction
    • Two custom storage trays

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