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Best Organic Bed Linen & Best Eco Friendly Bedding Sets

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The world of eco-friendly and sustainable bedding has exploded into juicy color, fabulous texture, and enticing options (for even the things you don’t see, like mattress pads). You can go luxe or go basic, mass or artisanal, or mix it up for a bed experience that’s way more than the sum of its parts.

Aesthetics aside, why make the switch? The conventional cotton industry uses one quarter of all agricultural pesticides and insecticides. Each set of queen-sized cotton sheets requires 1¼ pounds of chemicals—and that’s not counting the chemical finishes that can give a set of sheets shelf appeal.

Organic bedding also uses low-eco-impact dyes... and has that softness that’s so unique to organic cotton and other fibers. So check out my roundup... and dream a little dream of green.

With the best organic bed linen, you'll not only help the environment, you'll be sleeping on some of the softest bedding. These best eco friendly bedding sets and individual pieces feature everything from coverlets to mattress pads.

Best Eco Adult Bedding by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Gaiam Organic Lucia Bedding

    Candace says: Since 1988, Gaiam has been supporting natural living with its line of thoughtfully chosen products. Their elegant Lucia organic cotton bedding collection is vibrant, super-luscious, and fair trade, basically the top of the line. They also have more basic choices at lower price points.

    • 300 thread count
    • Rich coral hue with golden trim
    • Duvet and shams have reversing contrast jacquard in gold
    • Low eco-impact dyes
  • Dreamsack Reversible Bamboo Coverlet

    Candace says: Bamboo naturally repels insects—so pesticides are not part of this product’s equation, and Dreamsacks’ dyes do not contain hazardous chemicals. I love bamboo’s incredible softness, and I love this coverlet’s stylish vertical quilted stitching.

    • 100% viscose from bamboo
    • Chocolate, natural, and reversible rain/blue moon
    • Choose it as a throw or in queen or king sizes
    • Pesticide-free
  • SnuggleWool Mattress Pad

    Candace says: We all sweat while we’re asleep, but I used to think I couldn’t escape feeling the perspiration between my skin and the mattress. Happily, the Snuggle Wool mattress pad provides a cushioning layer for air to circulate, which means that the sweat evaporates before it has a chance to accumulate. This keeps me cooler in the summer. In the wintertime, the mattress pad has an insulating property, which keeps me warmer. All that, and the softness gives my bed the feeling of having a pillow-top, too!

    • 1-inch lambswool pile
    • Provides support at pressure-points
    • Reduces the risk of bedsores
    • Elastic corner straps keep it perfectly in place
  • Essere Organics Shredded Natural Rubber Pillow

    Candace says: Why natural rubber? It’s soft, yet firm, and the filling molds to perfectly support your head and neck. Its organic cotton cover is removable and machine-washable.

    • Available in standard, queen, and king sizes
    • Made in Canada
    • 3-year limited warranty
  • Organic Style Organic Cotton Flannel Sheet Set

    Candace says: Mmm...flannel sheets. What could be more comfy? But hard to find on the eco side, I’ve noticed. Well, now you can have your flannel nap and rest easy, too. Organic Style has partnered with eco devotees Coyuchi to provide a beautiful, sturdy, warm and green set of flannel sheets. They’re grown in accordance with the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements.

    And unlike conventional flannel sheets, they are pill-resistant.

    • 6.4 oz flannel weight
    • 100 percent organic cotton
    • Low impact dyes

You will be happy with any of these

  • Garnet Hill Terra Comfort Organic Percale Bedding

    Candace says: Garnet Hill’s Terra Comfort line is way correct. Their organic cotton is hand-cultivated without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Then, it’s handpicked and woven in a factory that uses windmills as part of its energy source. The sheets are also readied without the use of chemical finishes. Visually, they have a wonderful, natural look that would not be out of place in a Zen-inspired eco resort.

    • Comes in natural/olive and white/indigo
    • Tinted with low-impact, eco-friendly dyes
  • Under the Canopy Organic Cotton Sateen Sheet Sets

    Candace says: Under the Canopy’s six color choices range from earthy to petal-esque... and the sets’ sexy sateen finish boosts the sensual factor between the sheets.

    • Comes in six colors (beautiful natural palette)
    • Organic cotton sateen
    • 250 thread count
    • Fair trade
  • Pottery Barn Woodland Organic Cotton Duvet Cover and Sham

    Candace says: Duvet covers rock, because a new blanket covering will completely transform a room (and it’s a lot easier than painting!). This beautiful pattern looks like a riotous garden in an Eric Carle book, albeit reconceived to suit sophisticated adult taste. The duvet cover is designed to avoid most duvet drawbacks. It’s got interior ties, hidden buttons, and a six-inch flap to thoroughly conceal the duvet within.

    • 200-thread count
    • Bold, bright pattern
    • Coordinates with their organic hemstitch sheet sets
  • The Company Store Organic Cotton Woven Blanket

    Candace says: There’s nothing nicer than a year-round cotton woven blanket: the perfect weight for warm summer nights, and a complementary layer beside a winter-weight quilt. The Company Store’s offering is incredibly soft and elegant, and comes in six subtle tones.

    • Generous 96” size
    • Cross hatch pattern provides textural interest
    • Machine-washable
    • Imported from Europe
    • Monogrammable
  • Target Nurture Organic Sheet Set

    Candace says: Target’s always been good at bringing exclusive, luxe items to the masses in an affordable and appealing package—this category is no exception. Choose from ivory, sky blue, sage, or stone, and choose a coverlet to match or contrast.

    • Good value
    • Four color choices
    • Part of Target’s Aspen Organic Bedding Collection

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The best organic bed linen is made of sustainable materials and offers the softest texture. Our best eco friendly bedding sets recommendations offer everything you need to go green, including flannel sheet sets when the weather turns chilly. The best green bedding on the market, our eco friendly selections are low-impact today so you can help create a better world tomorrow.