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Best Eco Baby Shower Gifts & Environmentally Friendly Baby Gifts

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When considering what to gift a new mom and her baby, it’s the eco-thoughtfulness that counts. Make sure to do your part to help co-create a green and serene world for baby, by choosing organic, beautiful, and useful items - instead of plastics, battery-driven toys, anything with lead, synthetic fibers, and items (like fabric) treated with harmful finishes.

Choose the best eco friendly baby shower gifts and you'll be making way for a better future. These best environmentally friendly baby gifts are practical gifts made of organic and other eco safe materials.

Best Eco Baby Shower Gifts by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Svan Bouncer

    Candace says: The Svan bouncer is eco- and baby-friendly for a lot of reasons. It’s made of birch bentwood, which wastes very little wood in production. The seat is PBDE-free, and its finish and glue are both non-toxic. Unlike many beeping, dinging, and whirring baby bouncers that need a battery, this one relies on the baby’s movement (quite a renewable resource) and your foot to set it gently in motion. This keeps the baby from being overstimulated.

    On a practical level, it has three toy loops, it’s fully adjustable, folds for travel, and is easy to clean. On a design level, it’s euro-gorgeous, and you can choose from six of-the-moment seat color combinations.

    • Ergonomic backrest
    • Safety certified (JPMA certified to meet ASTM F2167)
    • 3-point safety harness
    • For babies from 6-30 pounds
  • Lillebaby Tote

    Candace says: Want to buy a bunting, a carrier, a sling, a car seat liner, a stroller blanket, a play mat, a sleep sack, a Moses basket, and an all-in-one baby coat? Imagine - the Lillebaby tote actually combines all of these items’ functions into one non-toxic, ergonomic, and chic item. Comes in four color choices. Another great element: a portion of every purchase is donated to funding research on premature babies, preventing premature labor, preventing SIDS, and supporting an increased survival rate for premature babies.

    • Multi-purpose
    • Beautiful design
    • Non-toxic and machine-washable
    • Protects baby’s back and neck
    • Use with infants up to 20 pounds
  • Earth Mother Eco-Friendly Re-Run Diaper Bag

    Candace says: First off, I need to mention that this bag is oh-so stylin’. Because I would not counsel you to source a recycled-fabric bag if it weren’t seriously cute. Which it is. And now for its eco bona fides. It’s made from recycled water bottles and is PVC-free. It comes with all of the standard diaper bag bells and whistles, plus a special resource for mama: an iPod pocket with a pass-through for earbuds.

    • Fabric made from recycled water bottles
    • Adjustable shower strap
    • Changing mat
    • Carabiner clip; Wipes case
    • Numerous interior and exterior pockets
  • Under The Nile Layette Baby Basket

    Candace says: Under the Nile is an Egyptian company that’s fair-trade, organic, and sustainable. This lovely gift set comes with a neutral, pink, or blue assortment, which includes a long-sleeve onesie, a blanket, a hat, and a stuffed teething bear.

    • Organic layette items
    • Comes in reusable organic woven palm leaf basket
    • Includes a toy
  • Bummis Cotton Diapering Kit

    Candace says: First-time cloth diapering can be overwhelming, as most mamas don’t know where to start. This awesome kit will set you up, so that you can get into the swing of cloth diapering with a comfortable array of supplies includes 36 prefolds (the inner, cloth part), six diaper wraps (the outer, waterproof part), and a roll of flushable bioliners (which makes diaper-changing less messy).

    • Complete starter set of cloth diaper supplies
    • Cloth diapering is less expensive and better for the earth than traditional diapers

You will be happy with any of these

  • New Native Organic Cotton Baby Pouch Sling

    Candace says: You’ll be helping mama out for sure if you provide her with a sling. She can do sanity-preserving things (brush her teeth, email, you get the picture) while baby is nestled against her, receiving all of the comfort and soothing that skin-to-skin contact provides. In the sling, it’s even easy for baby to nurse.

    • Offers different positions for baby
    • Includes instructional DVD
    • Comes in many fabric choices
    • Not bulky - can fit in your purse
  • Cariboo Activity Gym

    Candace says: Unlike many noisy baby play mat sets, this one lets baby initiate contact with the gentle little friends that hang from the sustainable wooden bar. As a design element, groovy wishbone-shaped arches on each end seal the deal. Battery-free.

    • Hand-crafted from sustainable New Zealand Radiata pine
    • Finished with lead-free stains and paints
    • Comes with four mini dangling stuffed animals
    • Can coordinate with the Cariboo bassinet
    • Choose from mahogany, teak, white, or espresso finishes
  • Kathe Kruse Lamb Towel Doll

    Candace says: The flat fabric body of this winsomely sweet lamb increases its cuddle-ability for infants. The colorful tabs are quite interesting to babies, who generally become engrossed in a stuffed animal’s tag... but this toy has ten! Let the baby chew and suck on this lambie... it’s solidly made, made of organic fabrics, and dyed naturally.

    • The fabric toy absorbs mama’s scent to comfort baby
    • Organic cotton and wool
    • Fabric “tabs” engage baby’s visual and tactile senses
    • 13” high by 12” wide
    • Made in Germany
  • gDiapers gBaby Shower Gift

    Candace says: gDiapers are an innovation that combines the convenience of disposable diapers with the eco-friendliness and cuteness of cloth diapering. You can flush or compost the disposable inserts, while you machine-wash the covers. The system allows you to combine it with cloth diapers, or disposables, in whichever ratio that works for you. You can even put a cloth insert into the gDiapers cover.

    • Includes starter kit, plus a case of flushable refills and an extra cover
    • Cuts way down on disposable diaper landfill burden
  • Natural Pod Cherry Wood Bowl and Spoon

    Candace says: The saying “born with a silver spoon in her mouth” needs a green re-do. How about a wooden one? This beautiful bowl and spoon are made from safe, sustainable wood that happens to be warm and smooth - it’s not cold or rigid like metal, or possibly hazardous like plastic. A wonderful first memory-maker when it’s time to start solids.

    • Sanded smooth
    • Crafted with American black cherry
    • Sealed with beeswax

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