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Best Organic Babies Bibs & Green baby Burp Rags

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Babies need bibs from the day they’re born until they’re old enough to whip off and use the bib as a napkin! Whether they’re drooling, teething, or just having a food funfest, little ones can make a real mess. There’s nothing like a soft, sizeable bib to keep things under control. Sometimes you need all the help you can get, too. Hoisting your child to your shoulder for a boisterous burp will be a lot more inviting if both you and baby can cushion the burp in a cuddly and absorbent cloth. Choosing fabrics made from organic cotton ensures that both you and baby keep the entire experience as natural as possible.

Of the wide variety of bibs and burp cloths available, only a handful of them are eco-friendly. The best of those are not only organic: they’re also soft, easy to slip on and off, and big enough to contain either a drip or a deluge.

Choose the best organic babies bibs and you can help protect their clothes from food and burping up. Always the best price, these green baby burp rags recommendations are made of the softest and finest sustainable organic cotton.

Best Eco Bibs and Burp Cloths by Diane MacEachern

The Best You Can Get

  • Sleeping Partners Organic Cotton Bibs and Burp Cloths

    Diane says: These one hundred percent certified organic cotton burping cloths are healthy to use, eco-friendly to make, and soft on baby's skin. They’re grown without pesticides and manufactured minus harmful chemicals, so you don’t have to worry if baby decides to chew on the food she’s dripped down the front. The set includes two interlock knit burping cloths with thick terry panels for extra-absorbency, and two double ply terry cloth and interlock knit bibs with snap closure. Available in white with brown, green, or sage trim. Good from the first time your baby opens her eyes until she starts toddling.

  • Organic Baby Bib

    Diane says: This bib is great for all those little messes your little one creates when she eats. Fashioned from absorbent 100% organic terry, it snaps in the back for easy on-and-off. The terry fabric absorbs well, yet the bib is so soft, it will not irritate your child's skin, a real plus when you use the bib during teething (i.e., drooling) time. Made from 100% Organic Egyptian Cotton, the oval shape should cover most of baby’s “drop zone.”

  • Bumkins Organic Cotton Everyday Bibs and Burp Cloths

    Diane says: Velcro “snaps” make it easy to fasten these square-shaped bibs. Though the 100% unbleached organic cotton terry is enhanced with satin or cotton trimming, they’re all machine washable. The companion organic cotton burp cloths will make a thoughtful eco-gift, unless you’re keeping them for your own little greenie!

  • iPlay Organic Cotton Baby Bibs

    Diane says: These brightly colored “drop cloths” come in sets of two: rose pink/sage green, cornflower blue/sage green, and bamboo/sage green. Perfectly suited to your three to twelve month old, the large front flap, proportional shoulder flaps, and Velcro back fasteners will make them easy to slip on and off, whether for feeding or teething.

  • KushTush Organic Cotton Sherpa Baby Bibs and Flannel Burp Cloths

    Diane says: These sizable but soft bibs will protect baby’s “food and drool zone” no matter what the challenge. Choose from the natural with lavender trim or the natural with sage trim. After feeding, baby won’t mind burping on two-ply organic cotton flannel burp cloths softened by the layer of organic cotton batting inside.

    Available in: NWS (natural white stripe), PAN (pastel animal print - lavender, salmon, mint, blue, aqua), and pink/white striped.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Satara Organic Cotton Bibs and Droolies

    Diane says: Now there’s a word that captures the action when baby’s teeth start coming in. The flat, rectangular “Droolies” are made in the USA from organic cotton flannel in a natural hue. Use it to wipe up baby’s mouth or as your shoulder’s landing pad when your little one needs to burp. The sizable natural organic cotton bib features a couldn’t-be-cuter elephant on front. Baby won’t be able to see it, but you will.

  • Bumkins Organic Cotton Embroidered Bib and Burp Set

    Diane says: Thick, soft, and organic: could baby ask for anything more? Especially when each bib is embroidered with a charming little phrase like “Sweet Pea,” “Cutie Pie” or “Hunny Bunch.” The natural fabrics are trimmed in rose, sage, baby blue, periwinkle, and natural. The hook-and-loop behind the neck closure makes it easy to interchange bibs when baby is having a ball!

  • Rose Floral Bib and Burp Cloths

    Diane says: If flowers make you smile (and if your baby is a she, not a he), this made-in-the-USA ensemble may be perfect for parent and child alike. The floral bib is made of soft organic cotton and hemp terry cloth, then embellished with a vintage rose pattern. The reversible companion burp cloth features organic cotton on one side and hemp terry on the back. Both bib and burp cloths wash easily.

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With the best organic babies bibs, you're prepared for the inevitable drooling and burping up of milk. Always the best price, these best green baby burp rags recommendations are made of the softest organic cotton for the for baby today and tomorrow with sustainable fabric. Choose the best eco friendly bibs for baby for your infant's feeding, teething and burping.