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Best Eco-Friendly Baby Cribs & Best Environmentally Friendly Rockers

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The creation of a natural nursery just happens to support the earth - the heart of it lies in creating a nest for your infant that is free of fumes and industrial chemicals harmful to his or her system. From wooden and particleboard furniture, which can give off gas formaldehyde, and crib mattresses and upholstered chairs, treated with flame retardants, to plastic items that release phthalates into the air, there are lots of reasons to go green.

Yet another reason: it’s fun! Why? Creative and gifted designers have applied themselves to the reconceptualization of many nursery items, with an eye toward evolving usage, beautiful natural materials, repurposing, and heirloom quality (so that pieces may be passed down for generations to come, which cuts down on future consumption). Engaging with pieces that have so much thought and personal involvement behind them is a deeply gratifying and mindful part of preparing for baby’s arrival.

With the best eco friendly cribs, rockers, mattresses and other eco friendly baby furniture, you're helping create a better world for your infant. Our best environmentally friendly rockers, mattresses and cribs are essential for baby's comfort.

Best Eco-Friendly Baby Furniture by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Natural Mat Organic Coco Mattress

    Candace says: Crib mattresses can be among the most significant offenders in the toxic baby product category. Traditional crib mattresses are made with PBDEs (flame retardants) and chemical antimicrobial agents that have no business near such a tender and vulnerable little body.

    I love Natural Mat because of its thoughtful components. The organic coir core provides loft and air circulation, the essential-oil infused lambswool layers are certified anti-dust mite while providing all of lambswool’s thermal benefits, and the organic cotton covers are removable and washable.

    • Has an organic coir (coconut husk) core
    • Lambswool layers are infused with naturally antimicrobial lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon
    • Lambswool keeps baby cool in summer and warm in winter
    • Organic cotton inner and outer covers are removable
  • Stokke Sleepi Crib

    Candace says: The Sleepi Crib transforms from a bassinet to a crib to a toddler bed, and then with the Junior Kit, becomes a kid’s bed (with storage). And when your child is finally full-sized, the kid’s bed disassembles to become two stylish chairs. In other words, it’s a crib with multiple lives, in an age with too many single-use items.

    • Convertible
    • Comes in five different colors
    • Unique oval shape
    • Made of sustainably sourced beech wood
    • Exceeds all international safety standards
  • Cariboo Earth Folding Bassinet Set

    Candace says: When I was a kid, bassinets resembled lozenge-shaped wedding cakes made of plastic and festooned with ribbons. Cariboo’s Earth Collection model is breathtakingly simple, yet thoroughly memorable...for all of the right reasons. Its dark wood and natural cotton remind one of an elegant Kenyan safari lodge, while the eco elements are almost too many to list. The spare design reminds one that streamlined baby furniture keeps the focus where it should be - on the baby.

    • Hand-crafted from sustainable Radiata pine
    • Stained with water-based biodegradable finishes
    • Natural fiber mattress
    • Mattress support is comprised of e-zero board (no formaldehyde emission)
    • Folds away for easy transport, and to free up space when not in use
  • IKEA Leksvik Convertible Crib

    Candace says: Let’s face it - “eco” can overlap with “way pricey,” but that’s why Ikea is such a breath of fresh green air. At this price, you’re getting both a crib and a toddler bed, from a fair-trade company using sustainable materials. Best of all, if you’re yearning for something more colorful, paint it with Yolo Colorhouse’s non-toxic, zero-VOC Trim and Cabinet paint ( in the luscious hue of your choice.

    • Converts into a toddler bed
    • Made of renewable solid wood
    • Two choices for mattress height
  • Nurseryworks Storytime Rocker

    Candace says: This great piece starts out as a rocking chair for mom and infant, and grows with baby to become a side-by-side storytime rocker.

    • Sustainable materials
    • Elegant lines
    • Comes in microsuede, twill, and velvet in 11 colors

You will be happy with any of these

  • Q Collection Junior Solare Crib

    Candace says: The Solare Crib combines simple, striking beauty with outstanding environmentally friendly bona fides (and a breathless celebrity endorsement from Gwyneth Paltrow, to boot). It comes with a structurally integral set of mobiles, in two colorways.

    • Certified by the GreenGuard Environmental Institute
    • Handmade in the USA with locally sourced wood
    • Received “dark green” designation by
    • Lots of room beneath crib for storage
    • Striking design
  • NettoCollection Case Group Changer

    Candace says: The Case Group Changer (changing table) pairs delicious lines and design with a fabulous perk: when the potty training is done, you can reverse the top and let it take on its second life as a cabinet. Now that’s repurposing at its best (and takes a bit of sting out of the price).

    • Sustainably harvested wood
    • Non-toxic finishes
    • Non-VOC emitting
  • Nurseryworks Storytime Bookcase

    Candace says: This bookcase for the nursery has an excellent interior structure that mixes up the strict vertical book-storage convention, and turns it on its... side, which provides much more interest when storytime rolls around. Not only that—it will grow alongside your wee one, a piece so timeless in its design that it will look great in the teen years, in the dorm room, and the first apartment... should you permit it to leave the house.

    • Green construction
    • Comes in four colors
    • Stackable; comes with anti-tipping kit
  • Nest Jax Toy Cube

    Candace says: The Nest Jax line is both an eco-star and a charming design presence in any room. The nesting cube is both soft and clean-lined, as its fabric panels are stretched onto a cube frame. Loose items are hidden away but also easily accessible within, and the sturdy top serves as a great seat for your child from around preschool age forward.

    • Organic cotton and recycled mdf construction
    • Wood finish is water-based
    • Comes in four great colors (dyed with low-impact reactive dyes)
    • Fair-trade manufactured
    • Serves as a storage box and a chair
  • Orbit Green Edition Bassinet Cradle

    Candace says: Orbit’s cradle works within the modular Orbit system, or on its own as a standalone product. In addition to its organic and eco-safe materials, the company is launching a program that will welcome and re-use all Orbit Green Edition items in the manufacture of new products.

    • Organic cotton interior
    • Natural wool exterior
    • PVC- and phthalate-free
    • A portion of proceeds is donated to the Nature Conservancy
    • Modular and recyclable, to cut down on waste

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