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Best Eco-Friendly Baby Room Accessories & Best Eco Friendly Paint

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A gorgeously appointed nursery is only truly welcoming to baby if the elements within are free of contaminants, fumes, and off-gassing materials. Worried you might not be able to locate the safe stuff? Fear no more. I’ve done all the research so that you can sit back and work on your birth plan instead (or just have a nap).

Eco-friendly equals baby-friendly, so consider the following elements when building that tender newborn’s nest.

Our recommendations for the best eco friendly baby room accessories ensure your baby won't be breathing in fumes from chemicals in carpets, paint and other accessories. Our experts suggest the best environmentally friendly paint, carpet, wallpaper and other decor.

Best Eco-Friendly Baby Room Accessories by Candace Walsh

The Best You Can Get

  • Little Yolo Interior Paint

    Candace says: Yolo Colorhouse’s children’s line, Little Yolo, makes the idea of painting downright irresistible. Their six yummy colors, from pale butterscotch to periwinkle, are both nursery-esque and chic. Best of all, you can buy their Pint-Sized color swatches (13” x 15”) and test out colors without extrapolating from a tiny chip or buying a quart that will go to waste. Recycle them into party hats after you’re done, as their website suggests... or use them to spiff up your birth announcements.

    • All six colors coordinate with each other
    • Zero VOC
    • Washable finish
    • Certified by Green Seal
  • FLOR Classic Pooh Modular Carpet Tiles

    Candace says: FLOR is a shining star in the eco-design world. They make the carpet tiles out of recyclable and renewable materials, use renewable energy sources in the manufacture process, and when you’re done with your carpet, will pay to have it returned to them so that they can make it into new FLOR tiles.

    You don’t need any stinky glue to install FLOR, as it’s engineered to hug the floor with FLOR dots, which actually only stick to the bottom of the carpet tiles, not your floor. It’s easy to spend hours on their website, as there are so many fabulous options for mixing, matching, building the perfect modular carpet. Best of all - if you spill cough syrup on it, you can simply remove that particular tile and replace it with a fresh one. Stain gone.

    • Soothing color palette
    • Make an area rug or cover the whole floor
    • Completely recyclable
    • Floating floor surface
  • Haba Dreamland Carpet

    Candace says: The German company Haba has super-exacting safety standards, from toys to games, to even their collection of durable, delightful rugs. This one will grace your nursery and your little one’s childhood memories from day one to middle school.

    • Sweet, soft colors and lines
    • Gender neutral
    • Meets or exceeds safety specs from the British Standards Institution and the American Society for Testing and Materials International
  • Expanko Vallarex Cork Flooring, Aurora pattern

    Candace says: Cork is an eco darling of a choice in the green interiors world. This cork is sustainably hand-harvested from cork oak trees in Spain and Portugal. It can be installed over concrete, plywood, vinyl, and hardwood floors. The finishes, sealers and adhesives used are all water-based and environmentally friendly.

    • A renewable resource
    • Glueless installation
    • Gentle, soothing organic pattern
    • Quiet and cushiony underfoot
  • Mod Green Pod Wallpaper in Butterfly Jubilee

    Candace says: Mod Green Pod’s artisanal wallpaper is hand-silk-screened, and made of all-natural ingredients. Just cover one wall, or the closet door, or the whole room if fancy strikes you. Mod Green Pod also offers coordinating fabric in this pattern, if you’d like to upholster furniture or have a blanket or pillows made to match.

    • PVC/vinyl-free
    • Hand silk-screened
    • Printed with water-based, nontoxic ink
    • Cleans up with damp sponge

You will be happy with any of these

  • Lawson Sheepskins Baby Pad (Rug)

    Candace says: Tummy time, meet the fabulous, versatile sheepskin baby pad. It’s mini-rug sized just for baby that you can take anywhere - to cozy up a surface, car seat, or grandma’s living room floor. It’s even machine washable.

    • Made in the USA
    • Short pile
    • Organic
    • Naturally water-resistant
    • Cools baby in summer, warms baby in winter
  • Dwell Studio Dots Lemon Wall Art

    Candace says: Dwell Studio’s kicky graphics will give a dose of “playful urbane” to your baby’s nursery.

    • Forest Stewardship Council-compliant frames
    • 22” x 26”
    • Coordinates with other Dwell bedding and decor themes
  • BioShield Kinder Paint

    Candace says: BioShield Paint is not only safe and eco-friendly, it also has a certain depth and luster that seems more beautiful than regular latex paint. You can make the colors lighter by adding their white paint, or even do an accent wall in something bolder from their main collection of tones.

    • Comes in 10 colors
    • No acrylic copolymer, anti-microbial agents, preservatives, ethylene glycol
    • No VOC
    • Can be applied to walls as well as brick and masonry
  • Ikea Barnslig Djur Curtain

    Candace says: Ikea has a strong environmental and fair trade tradition, which makes shopping there guilt-free as well as a super treat. Ikea also offers coordinating fabric so that you can accessorize further by making matching pillows or a throw.

    • 100% renewable, recyclable cotton
    • Fair trade
    • Tie-top with colored ribbons
  • notNeutral BIik Season Surface Graphics

    Candace says: This delightful wall decal set allows you to create an engaging wall design element that is infinitely changeable. There are 44 decals per pack (tree trunk parts, leaves, flowers, birds and butterflies), so that you can change the design with the seasons, move it around the room, or take it down and re-use it somewhere else entirely.

    • Removable and reusable
    • Apply to walls or furniture
    • Made in the USA

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