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Best Eco-Friendly Pet Toys & Best Environmentally Friendly Pet Toys

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Your pets may be your closest connection to Nature. Why not help keep them entertained with toys and other goods that offer the most natural entertainment possible?

The best natural toys are also the safest for your pet and the healthiest for the planet. In addition to low- or no-synthetic ingredients, they use recycled materials, can be easily washed and dried, and last at least as long as you’re interested in them.

Discover the best eco friendly pet toys, and you'll never go back to toxic traditional pet toys. Go green with these best environmentally friendly pet toys, and you'll create a better environment today and into the future.

Best Eco-Friendly Pet Toys and Stuff by Diane MacEachern

The Best You Can Get

  • Chase the Cat Hemp Cattails

    Diane says: This site will be enormously useful whether you’re just starting down the natural pet care path or have been raising Fido and Felix organically for as long as you can remember. Need to entertain your cat? Try the catnip-filled ‘chase the cat’ hemp cattails. Is it your dog that needs a diversion? Give the “Simply Fido Organic Plush Toys” a try.

  • Recycled Cotton Denim Dumbbells

    Diane says: The 100% recycled cotton denim dumbbell will make an adorable toy for your canine.

  • Garden Organic Pet Bed

    Diane says: Don’t miss The Garden Organic Pet Bed, which features 100% organically grown cotton printed with low impact dyes, an appealing option if your pooch likes to gnaw… on anything!

    • By Bella Dogga
  • Chewy the Hemp Rope

    Diane says: Want to play “catch” with your cat? Try dousing “Chewy the Hemp Rope” in catnip before you give it a toss. But I warn you. Once kitty sets her claws into that rope, you’ll have a hard time getting it away from her.

  • Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil

    Diane says: Flea and tick controls don’t have to be laden with pesticides. Wholistic Pet offers Certified Organic Tea Tree Oil to do the job, along with the PetGuard Herbal Collar for dogs and cats.

    • By The Wholistic Pet

You will be happy with any of these

  • Flushable Poop Bags

    Diane says: Good organic pet care isn’t just about “input” - the yummy natural food you feed “Whiskers” or “Woof.” It’s about “output” too. When you pick up after your dog, consider Flushable Poop Bags, although they’re not nearly as inconvenient as they sound.

  • Thermo Kitty Sill

    Diane says: If your feline needs a little eyeball entertainment during the day, the Kitty Sill could be the cat’s meow. This padded shelf attaches to a window ledge so your cat or kitten can perch for many hours of diversion. The sill adjusts to any windowsill using provided Velcro fasteners. You can also screw the sill to the wall for more permanent attachment. The sill, which will support over 40 pounds of feline, consists of soft orthopedic foam covered with washable faux lambskin. Though you could use the included heating element to warm the sill bed, your cat probably won’t mind practicing a little energy conservation, especially in spring and summer.

  • SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post

    Diane says: If you’re tired of your cat clawing your furniture or drapes, try the Ultimate Scratching Post. The natural sisal cylinder, 32 inches high, sits on a sturdy base to avoid wobbling or tipping.

  • Jilly Bean Retriever Toy

    Diane says: This bright orange bean-shaped toy is perfect to teach retrieving skills – though, depending on your dog’s inclination, you may be the one doing most of the fetching. Made from pre-consumer recycled hose material, the flat 8” x 4” “bean” will float if you throw it in a pond or lake. It will also be easy to spot if it lands on the snow. Need to wash it? Just throw it in with your jeans, then hang it up to dry.

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The best eco friendly pet toys create a good environment for your cats and dogs. These best environmentally friendly pet toys are often made of recycled materials that can be washed and dried. Also these best green pet toys recommendations are usually made of low to no synthetic materials to create a safe environment for your pets.