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As beautiful as jewelry is, it comes with a big environmental price tag. One gold ring, conservationists say, generates twenty tons of mine waste. Fortunately, enough gold has already been mined to satisfy jewelry industry demand for the next fifty years, and much of it is available in the form of old or neglected jewelry. Likewise, you can find antique and vintage silver and gems in abundance, sparing the need for more mining and refining. Many jewelry artisans are doing their part, too, by fashioning their crafts from recycled materials and locally available beads, glass, stone, stainless steel, and wood.

Where should you start? Before you buy new, shop at antique stores, estate sales, yard sales, and specialty shops to locate quality used jewelry you can polish to look brand-new. The following companies may also meet your needs:

The best fair trade jewelry makes a big difference in saving the environment. This best fair trade designer jewelry also helps support the artisans, while giving you unique jewelry at the best price.

Best Eco and Fair Trade Jewelry by Diane MacEachern

The Best You Can Get

  • GreenKarat

    Diane says: GreenKarat sells a wide variety of designed and custom jewelry made from recycled gold. They offer elegant marriage and commitment rings, “responsible indulgences” like titanium and sapphire earrings, and necklace chains made from 22k gold.

  • Earthwise Jewelry

    Diane says: Earthwise Jewelry uses gold and platinum processed from reclaimed sources to make wedding and commitment bands, pendants, and rings. The collection also features colored gemstones mined and cut with a concern for both environmental issues as well as fair-labor standards.

  • Brilliant Earth

    Diane says: Brilliant Earth jewelry features Canadian-mined diamonds in recycled gold bands, pendants, heart necklaces, and many other beautiful settings.

  • Eco-Artware

    Diane says: Eco-Artware offers all kinds of baubles, including cuff links, made from such recycled materials as typewriter keys and vintage watch parts. The bright berry coil bracelet can dress up any outfit. And don’t miss the classic drop earrings featuring iridescent freshwater pearls on hand-forged silver "sugar" posts made by Fair Trade silversmiths in Bali.

  • Gwen Davis - Verde Collection

    Diane says: Gwen Davis' Verde collection is fashioned from recycled and organic materials like bamboo, vintage beads, and antique Swarovski crystals. Relying on a concept called “elemental design”, Davis uses fire to etch unusual designs into her bracelets, rings, necklaces, and earrings, then polishes them with beeswax.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Mercado Global

    Diane says: Mercado Global features bracelets and necklaces woven from beads, crystals, and glass. Cuff bracelets crafted from delicate beads into exotic geometric patterns seem to be a specialty. The “Strands of Progress” necklace and bracelet are woven from fifteen individual strands of hand-strung glass beads. Their purchase funds two months of education in the village where they’re made.

  • Porterhouse

    Diane says: Porterhouse crafts sells silver jewelry refashioned from flatware. Choices include a recycled vintage silverware elliptical cuff bracelet; recycled silverware vintage teaspoon bracelet; and a hair barrette made from a recycled sugar spoon.

  • Sarah Hood

    Diane says: Sarah Hood makes exotic bracelets and necklaces out of natural elements like leaves, pods, and acorns. Creations like “Transcript,” a choker-type necklace fashioned from sterling silver and Chinese lantern pods, are truly one of a kind.

  • Moonrise Jewelry

    Diane says: Moonrise Jewelry: all these designs are handmade by local artists trained at the company’s studios near the Chesapeake Bay. They source raw materials from Fair Trade and ethical vendors who pay fair wages and protect workers' rights. Check out the delicate Cody bracelet, made from Wyoming Green Jade and Fair Trade Fine Silver Beads or the gracious pendants, crafted from antique Chinese pottery shards more than one hundred years old, set in a silver-plated frame and suspended from a thin Greek leather strap.

  • Stefanie Wolf Designs

    Diane says: This studio’s designs are handcrafted from soda bottles, beer bottles, windowpanes, and reclaimed sterling silver. Colorful recycled glass accents the elegant sterling silver Raindrop Earrings. Recycled glass also figures in the “Falling Star” necklace that can either be worn as a choker or a pendant.

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