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Clay kitty litter is an ecological disaster any way you look at it: it poses health dangers for people and their cats because of the dust they have to breathe in, and procuring it is an environmental assault. “Green” thinking cat owners who are conscious about ecology and want to minimize their carbon footprint should know that in order to make the traditional kind of kitty litter, first the clay has to be mined from the ground, impacting the landscape. Then it poses another non-ecological problem because clay litter is not biodegradable and remains for decades in landfills where it is dumped.

Fortunately, there are now many alternative litters made from organic substances like wood, orange peel, corncob, wheat kernels, paper, peanut shells, and even grass! The ones below are safe for you, your kitty cat, and the world around you – they are biodegradable, easy to handle and usually control odors.

All of the Best of the Best litters below are plant based and biodegradable: they can be flushed down most toilets or recycled as mulch in the garden. This means that by choosing a “politically correct” litter, you’ll be impacting the environment so much less than with clay litter. Furthermore, eco-litters are generally much less dusty, making them safer for the cats and people who have to handle them.

Choose the best eco friendly kitty litter so you never have to use the clay kitty litter again. These best natural kitty litter choices means never breathing in clay dust or a heavy impact on the environment.

Best Ecologically Correct Kitty Litter by Tracie Hotchner

The Best You Can Get

  • World’s Best Cat Litter

    Tracie says: Wow, how refreshing! A product that really lives up to its name – World’s Best truly is the best. It is made of whole kernel corn and clumps immediately on contact with urine, a big selling point because it isn’t true of all eco-litters. Although this is the most expensive litter around, customers say it is worth it because their cats use it willingly, with fewer Out of Litter Box disasters. The litter is dust-free and because of its larger grains is especially safe for kittens, who might otherwise try to eat it as are known to do with finer grained clay litters. Another plus – which puts this litter right at the top of the heap - is that it can be easily used in automatic litter boxes, some brands of which actually recommend it.

  • Nature’s Miracle Odor Control Clumping Litter

    Tracie says: Another contender in the corn category, this one is made from granules of corncob, which clumps really effectively. The company that makes the odor neutralizer by the same name makes it, and the litter has that enzymatic additive to produce odorless litter boxes. This product is dust-free and lightweight, so people with any physical challenge will not have trouble lifting it.

  • Feline Pine

    Tracie says: This product is made of pellets of pinewood and is very popular – it’s especially non-dusty and doesn’t track around on the kitty’s feet. One big selling point is that it is low maintenance – a litter box of Feline’s Pine can take as much as two weeks to need changing, since the pine pellets work by dissolving slowly. This means, however, that it is not a clumping litter, making it harder to scoop. Also, some cats are averse to stepping on this litter because the pieces are quite large.

  • Swheat Scoop

    Tracie says: This litter made from wheat kernels has many fans because it clumps so well that it is easily scooped. On the other hand, it can also get stuck to the bottom of the litter pan, especially in cases where people are not super-careful about scooping regularly. Because this product is so environmentally friendly, people have come up with fixes to the problem of it getting stuck. Some people will mix it with World’s Best litter – my #1 pick – because they work well together and it lowers the cost of using World’s best alone. Others have found that by spraying the bottom and sides of the litter box first with a non-stick oil cooking spray (made of canola-type oil) that the box is then easily scooped. One drawback to this product is that some cats are attracted to the odor of the wheat and will nibble on it, causing digestive problems.

You will be happy with any of these

  • Yesterday’s News

    Tracie says: Using recycled paper pellets sounds like a good idea and it‘s certainly eco-friendly, but this litter does not clump and does not seem to attract most cats. Some cats do prefer the softer texture, but apparently it has become a favorite of owners of smaller rodent-type pets.

  • Dr. Elsey’s Cat Attract Cat Litter

    Tracie says: Although this is a clumping clay litter, it has a natural herb odor, which is a proven attractant to cats, especially those who have had out-of-litter-box issues with other litters. Feline behavioral consultants often recommend Cat Attract to re-train litter-box-challenged cats to use their litter boxes again. Although it is not “green” as the others are on the list, this one serves a valuable purpose to help non-compliant kitties get back on the program and then be transitioned back into using a box with planet-friendly filler.

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The best eco friendly kitty litter choices feature organic substances like wood, orange peel, corncob, wheat kernels, paper, peanut shells and even grass. These best natural kitty litter selections are much safer than traditional clay that produces dust you breathe in. Always the best price, these plant-based organic kitty litter recommendations are also biodegradable to help preserve the earth.