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As we grow older, for some of us, certain parts don’t work as well and our memory slips a bit. We also become targets of criminals be cause we may not be as swift as we used to be. Advances in technology have provided us with certain tools to make up for some of these liabilities.

Best Elderly Safety Gadgets by Robert Siciliano

The Best You Can Get

  • Portable Health Profile - Family USB Medical Record Storage

    Robert says: Finally your entire family can store health records, track expenses, and keep vital medical information on hand at all times. Portable Health Profile offers individuals the ability to store vital medical information on their home computers and to carry that information on a key chain, wallet, or purse. Each Portable Health Profile comes with detailed medical software which allows individuals to store: photos, fingerprints, emergency contacts, medications, medical images, surgeries, hospitalizations, family history, review of systems. In addition to medical information, store your Living Will, Medical Power of Attorney and Consent to Treat forms on your home computer and carry them with you where they need to be, not locked in a safe. Finally track all of your medical expenses with individual forms for insurance, prescriptions, medical savings accounts, and out of pocket/co-pays. Never miss another tax deduction.

    The Portable Health Profile Includes:

    - 5 medical software profiles
    - Five 64MB USB flash drives
    - Mini CDR and case
    - USB extension cable
    - Key chain and lanyard
    - 2 EMS alert stickers

    • Comes with detailed medical software for the whole family
    • Store photos, fingerprints, emergency contacts, medications, medical images, surgeries, hospitalizations, family history…
    • Store documents: living wills, medical power of attorney, and consent to treat forms
    • Track medical expenses with individual forms for insurance, prescriptions, medical savings accounts, and out of pocket/co-pays
    • Includes flash drive, mini cdr/case, USB extension cable & keychain/lanyard
  • Wherify GPS Locator Watch

    Robert says: It is an unfortunate reality that, after a certain age, we are all susceptible to Alzheimer’s and Dementia. My grandmother is a victim of a combination of these diseases and went missing on us not to long ago. While my grandfather was sleeping, she went for walk, in the snow, in her nightgown.

    Wherify created the world’s first GPS Personal Locator to help you determine your family members location in minutes. Wherify’s GPS Locator helps keep loved ones safe by combining Wherify’s patented technology with the U.S. Department of Defense's multi-billion dollar Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites plus the largest 100% digital, nationwide PCS wireless network.

    A device like this can provide family with peace of mind in an uncertain time.

    Note: Monthly service charge.

    • Integrated GPS and digital wireless technology
    • Web-based tracking
    • Atomic clock synchronization
    • Built-in pager and built-in 911 request
    • Rugged, lightweight, adjustable, water- and cut-resistant
  • Alert One Medical Alarm System

    Robert says: You’re home alone; you’ve fallen and can’t get up or are suffering from a medical emergency that requires immediate assistance. You’d pick up the phone and dial 911… if you could, but you can't, because you are flat out and only have enough strength to push a button on a device that’s around you’re neck or wrist.

    When you press your medical alert personal help button a signal is transmitted to the medical alarm which seizes your phone line and immediately contacts an Alert One monitoring center. Within moments a real person is talking to you, and ready to get you help. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, someone is there when you need them.

    Additional Features:

    - The Alert One button can work from anywhere in your home and probably well out into your yard.

    - The pendant neck cord can be easily adjusted to a length that is comfortable for anyone.

    • Automatically calls the monitoring center every 28 days to ensure everything is working properly
    • Can be used to answer your incoming phone calls just by pressing your button when the phone rings; you don’t even have to get out of the chair to answer the phone!
    • Automatically notifies if the battery in your medical alert button needs replaced
    • The powerful Alert One button allows you to travel up to 600 feet from your medical alarm in any direction; as with all medical alarms, range may vary depending on location
    • The Personal Help Button that you wear is 100% waterproof and can be worn in the shower, bath, or any location where it may become wet or immersed in water
  • The BrickHouse Locator

    Robert says: I hear it all the time, “If my head wasn’t attached I’d lose it.” Forgetfulness comes with age. Technology is here to help solve this a part of this problem. Whether you are trying to locate your stuff or your loved ones, this is a great tool.

    Use it in your home, office, the mall, the park, sporting events, camping, amusement parks, etc. The small, discrete homing tags and it’s compact handheld design can detect tags as far as 600 feet away and can direct you to within one inch of your wallet, keys, car, pet, or family members. With The BrickHouse Locator, you will never fear of losing track of stuff again.


    Locate Mode lets you find tagged items up to 600 feet away outdoors, and up to 250 plus feet away indoors.

    Includes both audio and visual directional guidance technology that leads you within one inch of the lost item.

    Alert Mode will warn you if any of your tagged items are outside of your designated “safety zone.” The safety ranges can be set independently for each one of the 24 tags.

    Miniaturized tags can be attached to almost anything with a key ring or adhesive strip.

    Homing tags give off an audible beep and flashing LED light to help locate items more efficiently.

    Panic tag allows an individual to set off a distress alarm that is sent to the locator.

    Each device can track up to 24 homing tags.

    Tags and handheld locator device come standard with Duracell batteries for reliability.

    • Handheld locator device
    • 3 mini homing tags
    • Panic homing tag
    • 4 key ring loops and adhesive strips
    • User guide and Duracell batteries included
  • Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless 802.11

    Robert says: Here is a handy dandy compact wireless Internet camera that allows to you monitor your spouse or parents from any computer in the world. View the things you value when away from home or when you’re at another room in your home. You can even listen in! It works with 802.11g wireless technology and it lets you monitor its "view" (what its lens sees) from virtually anywhere. Just log on a specially designated Internet site using a PC and instantly access camera images. You can even control the BL-C131a using your web browser to move the camera’s pointing direction and modify its digital zoom to bring objects of interest into close view.

    • 1 lux color night view mode
    • Built-in microphone
    • Privacy mode can be controlled remotely using your administrator password
    • Can be set to automatically record video at certain times and certain speeds
    • With optional, external sensors attached to the camera, it’s possible for the camera to email or record when triggered by motion, sound, light, timer, or even a push button

You will be happy with any of these

  • Jitterbug Dial Cell Phone

    Robert says: The cellular phone is one of the greatest inventions of modern technology. It allows for freedom to go and do with full connectivity without being tied to your home phone. It also creates a safety line (as long as there is cell service) wherever you go.

    Ideal if you want an easy-to-use cellular phone to dial direct and keep in touch. It has the same (even easier) functionality as a home phone without all the bells and whistles that complicate most cell phones. It’s the least complicated and easiest phone on the market.

    Additional Features:

    - Large text on screen
    - A personal phone list stored on the phone with easy access
    - Hearing-aid compatible
    - Padded earpiece to reduce outside noise
    - Familiar dial tone when ready to call
    - Convenient no-mistake volume control
    - Easy-to-use message service and retrieval
    - Separate on/off button

    • Large, backlit, bright, easy-to-see buttons
    • Full keypad for dialing yourself
    • Simple “Yes” and “No” action buttons - no confusing icons
    • Press “0” to reach a live Jitterbug operator
    • Helpful onscreen hints
  • Mace Brand Safety Flasher

    Robert says: Stay safe at night while you are outdoor and active with the Mace® Safety Flasher, a personal protection flashing light. The red lens allows the user to be more visible at dusk or in the dark. Built in belt clip or fluorescent arm strap allows user to wear easily. Great for walking, running, bicycling, and other outdoor activities, day or night. Uses two AAA batteries (not included).

    • Personal protection flasher
    • Great for walking or bike riding
    • Use it for better visibility while jogging
  • 3-in-1 Nitelite LED Flashlight with 8-hour battery backup

    Robert says: Don’t get caught in the dark! The 3-in-1 Nitelite functions as a nightlite, an LED flashlight and an emergency light with “automatic on” 8-hour battery backup!

    • 3-in-1 LED is a night-light, emergency light, and flashlight!
    • Guaranteed 100,000 hour lamp life
    • Costs only 40 cents/year to operate
    • Night light with on-at-dawn, off-at-dusk auto sensor
    • 8-hr. battery backup – comes on if power lost
  • Electronic Barking Dog

    Robert says: If you can have the real thing, get a female German Shepherd. They are the best protection dog available. If you cant get a dog then a “digital” barking dog is an excellent way to deter burglars and this one doesn’t need food, water or to be taken for a walk. The Electronic Secure Dog is the ideal watchdog because he does what even the best living, breathing watchdog can’t do (without some of the annoying problems that go with owning a dog). With his electronic radar eyes, the Electronic Secure Dog can “see” through thick doors, walls, and glass. And once his collar (power cord) is plugged in, he’ll stay on duty around the clock, indefinitely.

    Additional Features:

    - Very realistic: barking gets louder and more frequent as intruder gets closer
    - Switches from the watchdog to the tranquil sounds of nature with the simple switch of a button
    - Variable distance sensitivity (up to 21’) as well as volume control
    - Size: 7.5” x 5” x 5.5”

    • Reliable 24-hour protection
    • No Installation required
    • Maintenance free
    • Protection with none of the problems of owning a real dog
    • Senses movement through walls, doors, and glass to alert you of a visitor’s arrival

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