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In this age of environmental awareness, many homeowners are rethinking the tools they use around the house. One of the most common is that all American tool, the lawn mower. Gas powered mowers are ubiquitous in this country. Just take a walk in any suburban neighborhood on a Saturday morning in the summer and you’ll see and hear what I mean. However, gas powered mowers are noisy, polluting, and getting more expensive to run and maintain. It’s estimated that five percent of the air pollution in our country is produced by gas powered mowers. Running a gas mower for one hour is the equivalent of driving your car for twenty miles. These reasons, along with the rising price of gas, has turned many homeowners to buying electric mowers.

Electric mowers offer many advantages over gas-powered machines. They are quieter, don’t pollute, and easier to maintain. Most electric mowers emit 60 to 75 decibels of noise while gas powered mowers emit around 95 decibels. It’s thought that any noise louder than 85 decibels can injure your hearing. While a gas-powered mower will cost $30 to $40 dollars a year in gas costs, an electric mower can run on $5 to $10 worth of electricity a year. Electric mowers also don’t have plugs, filters, and oil that need to be changed periodically.

However, electric mowers are not for every yard. They work best on small to medium sized lawns. Lawns more than one-third of an acre aren’t practical to mow with an electric mower. Also, they mow certain grass types, such as Kentucky blue grass and fine fescue, more easily than others. They aren’t as powerful as gas-powered mowers so you have to be more careful mowing tall grass that can clog the mower. Also, it’s not as easy to bag grass clippings with electric mowers.

There are two types of electric mowers: corded and cordless. Corded mowers need an extension cord to plug into an outlet to run the machine. They’re more powerful and lighter weight than the cordless mowers, but you run the risk of tangling or cutting the cord. Plus, you can only mow as far as your cord will reach (usually 100 feet). They often have handlebars that fold up for easy storage in winter.

Battery-powered electric mowers offer the freedom of mowing away from the house, but their batteries need recharging (sometimes overnight depending on the battery size) and only last on average 30 to 60 minutes. The batteries may need to be replaced after a few years of usage and can be expensive. Most battery powered mowers run around $300 to $500 dollars, while most corded mowers run about $100 dollars less.

Best of the Best:

Here are some of the best corded and cordless mowers on the market. They are good quality machines that require little maintenance. For a small yard, they certainly are a good investment for you and for the environment.

Think about buying the best electric lawn mower, not only to cut down on pollution but because these electric mowers are quieter and easier to maintain. Choose from Black and Decker mower choices and others.

Best Electric Mowers by Charlie Nardozzi

The Best You Can Get

  • Black and Decker CMM1200

    Charlie says: From one of the leaders in electric power equipment, this Black and Decker cordless mower has one touch deck height adjustment allowing you to adjust the mowing height to a maximum of 3.5 inches. The mower is powerful enough to even mulch up fallen leaves in autumn.

    • Cordless
    • 19-inch mowing deck
    • 24-volt battery
    • 76 pounds
  • Black and Decker MM875 Lawnhog

    Charlie says: Also sold as the Craftsman corded mower, the Lawnhog features a large polymer built deck and strong engine. It has a one-touch blade height adjustment option and mulching or rear bagging options. There are other versions of this Black and Decker electric mower with smaller (down to 6.5-amp) engines that are more cost efficient for smaller yards.

    • Corded
    • 19-inch mowing deck
    • 12-amp engine
    • 52 pounds
  • Homelite UT 13122

    Charlie says: Also, sold as the Earthwise cordless mower, this Homelite model has a wide cutting width and blade adjustment to mow grass at up to 3.75 inches tall. It has large rear wheels making it easier to go over uneven terrain and options for mulching, rear or side bagging the clippings. Also comes as a corded model.

    • Cordless
    • 20-inch mowing deck
    • 24-volt battery
    • 97 pounds
  • Neuton CE 5.2

    Charlie says: The Neuton comes with a 24-volt or 36-volt battery and a version (CE 6.2) has a 19-inch wide mowing deck. Neuton is known for its lightweight machines with a quiet sound. The battery is removable so you can purchase two and be able to mow for longer than one hour at a time if necessary.

    • Cordless
    • 14-inch mowing deck
    • 24- or 36-volt battery
    • 48 pounds
  • Remington Power Mower

    Charlie says: The Remington Power Mower is unique in battery-powered mowers because it has an option for using an extension cord to power the mower as well. If your removable battery needs recharging and you haven’t finished mowing you can simply plug in the cord to finish. It has large rear wheels and the cutting height can be adjusted as high as 3.5 inches. It also can be used as a mulching or bagging mower.

    • Cordless, with extension cord option
    • 17-inch mowing deck
    • 60-volt battery
    • 60 pounds

You will be happy with any of these

  • Cub Cadet CC-500

    Charlie says: This Cub Cadet model comes in corded or cordless versions. Both models feature a large cutting deck, a single lever, seven-position cutting height option with maximum height of 3.5 inches, and a mulching, rear or side bagging option. The corded version has a strong engine, but is heavier than other similar types of mowers.

    • Corded
    • 19-inch mowing deck
    • 11-amp engine
    • 51 pounds
  • Robotics Robomower RM200

    Charlie says: And now for something completely different, an automatic lawn mower! The Robomower is a self-guided mower that can be timed to mow without you. The battery-powdered unit is programmed to mow a certain area at a certain time. Boundary wires help the mower stay within the yard. It has a rain sensor so it won’t mow when the grass is wet and an anti-theft device with an alarm system. The RM200 can mow an area up to 2700 square feet. Larger models can mow up to 17,000 square foot lawns. Although expensive, these automatic mowers can free up your weekends.

    • Cordless
    • 24-volt battery
    • 20-inch mowing deck
    • 39 pounds
  • Ryobi Electric

    Charlie says: This small, corded electric mower is best for urban lots and small yards. The small deck and lightweight make it easy to use in tight spaces. It can run on 150 feet of extension cord and is powerful enough to either mulch or bag grass clippings. The cutting height has three adjustments with the tallest being 3.5 inches.

    • Corded
    • 8-amp
    • 13-inch deck
    • 33 pounds
  • Solaris Solar Powered

    Charlie says: Another innovative mower for those that want to save energy and have less work mowing. This solar powered mower is the first cordless mower to be self-propelled. It has a 24-volt battery to store the power. Although heavy, the self-propelled engine makes for easy cutting on slopes and hills. The solar panel charges the battery for two to five days. You can also use an AC adaptor as well. The steel deck, large rear wheels and single handle mowing height adjustment make this model worthy of its expensive price.

    • Cordless
    • 24-volt battery
    • 19-inch mowing deck
    • 108 pounds
  • WORX WG712

    Charlie says: This lightweight, small mower is perfect for small yards. The 16-inch wide deck and rear bagger makes getting into tight spaces easy. The ergonomically designed handles fold away for easy storage. The mowing height can be adjusted with one lever, but only raises to 2.75 inches high.

    • Corded
    • 13-amp
    • 16-inch mowing deck
    • 40 pounds

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With the best electric lawn mower, you'll do your part in saving the planet. These electric mowers mean less pollution, are quieter and easier to maintain, while saving money on power for the year. Choose an electric Black and Decker mower or another one of our other suggested lawn mowers run by electricity and join the green revolution.