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Let me settle the score here - a wet shave (using some kind of razor) will provide a better shave than any electric shaver. However, many men have various reasons for opting for the electric razor. Some like how electric shavers are quicker and provide the ability to shave anywhere. Seniors may like electric shavers because a steady hand isn't all that crucial. Guys with acne swear that they get less cuts and knicks with electric shavers.

Whatever the case, if you're opting for an electric shaver, you want to use the Best of the Best.

Best Electric Shavers by Vic Sosikian

The Best You Can Get

  • Braun Pulsonic System 9585CC

    Vic says: The pulsonic technology packed in this system provides more than 10,000 micro-vibrations per minute, which helps expose and shave more hair with each stroke. The Gillette Blade Technology shaves hair close without pulling or tugging. These features, combined with the patented power comb, literally lifts hairs that lie flat to the face. Finally, the smart foil system provides a smoother shave with less strokes. Top it off with this Braun's push button technology - you get a cleaned, lubricated, dried, and charged shaver with a single push of a button.

    • Pulsonic technology
    • Gillette blade technology
    • Power-comb
    • Smart foil
    • Clean & Renew system
  • Panasonic Vortex ES8077S

    Vic says: Adjustable pivoting head of this shaver shifts up, down, back and forth allowing you to shave every possible contour of your face comfortably. The Pivot Action Selector allows you to adjust the pivot to your liking. Its linear motor pumps out 13,000 RPM to help with extra thick beards. The pop-up trimmer cleans up your sideburns, moustache, and beard. The HydraClean System provides a water-infused hygienic solution that cleans stubble and debris from the shaver and refreshes the blades.

    • Water resistant
    • HydraClean system
    • Pivot action selector
    • Linear motor
    • Hair trimmer
  • Philips Norelco Speed-XL 8160XLCC

    Vic says: The Jet Clean and Charge system of this Norelco automatically cleans your razor and charges it, while the Patented Reflex Action System adjusts to every curve on your face for a more flexible and smooth shave. An impressive feature of this shaver is the ultra-thin heads with slots and holes that get to all types of hair while catching the loose ones neatly. These heads are individually floating - this aligns the razor-sharp blades closer to your skin for amazing closeness. Finally, the superior lift-and-cut technology is a dual-blade system which lifts facial away from the skin level to ensure that the hair is cut comfortably.

    • Jet Clean and Charge system
    • Reflex action system
    • Lift and Cut technology
  • Panasonic Pro-Curve ES8043SC

    Vic says: The adjustable pivoting head of this shaver rocks up and down, and back and forth - this provides for a more comfortable shave while following every contour of your face. The Pivot Action Selector allows you to adjust the amount of pivot based on your preference. The sharp blades provide for precise and accurate shaving. Most conventional shavers offer a range of 45 to 90° blades, this shaver, on the other hand, offers the sharpest blade angle at 30°, which is perfect for precision cutting. You can shave wet or dry with this fully water immersible, one-of-kind shaver.

    • Adjustable pivoting head
    • Pivot action selector
    • Fully immersible in water
  • Norelco Electric Razor with Flex and Pivot Action

    Vic says: The three independently flexing heads of this shaver swivel with a full range of motion to ensure ideal skin contact in curved. The three shaving tracks offer about 50% more shaving surface than standard, single track rotary shaving heads. This shaver also has ultra thin heads with both slots and micro holes that shave long hairs and catch the shortest stubble. The patented tube trimmer technology allows precision and maneuverability - perfect for trimming moustaches and sideburns.

    • Flex and pivot action
    • Triple track shaving heads
    • Tube Trimmer technology

You will be happy with any of these

  • Panasonic - Vortex HydraClean Shaving System

    Vic says: The water-infused hygienic solution of this system cleans the debris of the shaver while refreshing the blades. The adjustable pivoting head, combined with the sharp blades, provide a smooth, comfortable, and close shave. You can even shave in the shower and rinse the shaver clean with water. The linear motor pumps out 13,000 RPM, helping you cut through the thickest of beards; while the pop-up trimmer grooms moustaches and sideburns. The adjustable pivoting head gets you the closeness you require while keeping up with all your facial curves. The battery monitor, cordless charging system, and included rechargeable battery provide for all the shaves you may need.

    • Water-infused hygienic solution
    • Adjustable pivoting head
    • Wet and dry shaving
    • Linear motor
  • Braun 8995 360° Complete Electric Shaver

    Vic says: The contour hugging head of this shaver automatically adjusts to all the angles of your face while the power comb lifts hairs which lie flat. Its new precision blades cut hair close in one stroke, while the smart foil system uses a unique hole pattern to catch hair at various angles. The distinctive clean and renew system cleans the shaver head in alcohol for the utmost in hygiene and less irritation after shaving. To top it all off this shaver can be charged on 110-240V for worldwide use.

    • Smart Foil technology
    • Clean and renew system
    • Contour-hugging head
    • Worldwide charging system
  • Norelco 8040X Moisturizing Shaving System

    Vic says: The most unique aspect of this shaver is its Nivea for Men conditioner dispensing system, which automatically dispenses the formula (enriched with vitamins and chamomile) directly on your skin for a smooth and healthy shave. The package even includes a Nivea for Men refill bottle (refilled easily in to the Cool Skin Razor). The Flex Tracker system automatically shaves close to the curves of your face, to help protect against irritation. Additionally, the Superior Lift & Cut® dual blade system gently lifts hair into the right position for a very close shave. Among the many other quality traits of this shaver, the automatic voltage selection assures your convenience when you travel.

    • Conditioner-dispensing system
    • Flex Tracker system
    • Automatic voltage selection
    • Superior Lift & Cut® dual blade system
  • Philips Norelco 6423 ReflexPlus 6 Shaving System

    Vic says: The Reflex Action of this inexpensive shaver automatically adjusts to every curve on your face for a close and smooth shave. The individually floating heads align the razor sharp blades close to your skin, while the Lift and Cut Technology provides a dual blade mechanism, which gently lifts facial hair to cut comfortably below skin level. The shaver comes loaded with a pop trimmer, worldwide charging capabilities, and a low-low price; the one draw back is that it is not a cordless system.

    • Reflex action
    • Lift and cut technology
    • Very low price
  • AX500 - Axis Air Foil Electric Shaver

    Vic says: The Two Axis Flex™ foils of this system closely follow the contours of your face, while an inner cutter gets the long hairs. The extendable Rizer™ gets the tight spots of your face (under your nose, close to your ears). The rubberized ergonomic grip looks great and provides the perfect hold. The powerful battery gives a full week of cordless shaving on a single one-hour charge. The pop-up trimmer takes care of your moustache and sideburns and the smart charger automatically coverts to international voltage.

    • Two Axis Flex™ Foils
    • Rubberized ergonomic grip
    • Advanced foil cutting system
    • Extendable Rizer™