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“Got a flashlight?”

That question is probably one of the most asked in life when situations dictate shedding a little more light on any subject. They come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. I’ve got a few, so when asked by Tibesti to do this review, I jumped at the opportunity.

From keychain sized minis to LED, xenon, and halogen lamped tactical models capable of producing blinding light, these tools of many trades have evolved from what they once were, yet their reason for service has remained quite the same - to keep us out of the dark!

As dependable as the electrical grid our nation is, when it unexpectedly fails, we depend on flashlights for quick emergency light. While there are many types in the marketplace, this review is meant to give an overview of the different styles and usages so you can make educated choices in purchasing the right light for the job.

As in many instances with my reviews, not only do I recommend the product after a thorough review, I own them!

Best Emergency Flashlights by Matt Lawrence

The Best You Can Get

  • Surefire KROMA

    Matt says: The Surefire KROMA packs a diverse lighting device into just 5.7 inches weighing less than six ounces! Perfect for the outdoorsman, pilot, boater, first responder, and anyone else who wants to own “one” multi-purpose flashlight.

    Hi settings allow for maximum light output in three color selections while low settings are perfect for close work, such as reading, charting, or moving about an unlit room.

    • Surefire flashlights are assembled in the U.S.A.
    • Aerospace-grade MILSPEC type III anodized aluminum body
    • Tested lumen values: White/Hi 50, White/Lo 1.4, Blue/Hi 3.4, Blue/Lo .48, Red/Hi 6.3, Red/Lo .52
    • Battery burn time varies with power settings, up to 80 hours using Blue or Red on Lo settings, or 1.5 hours using the White Hi setting
    • LED bulbs
  • Underwater Kinetics D8 Sunlight

    Matt says: Underwater Kinetics has been manufacturing lights and other dive related products since 1971. Its lighting line includes equipment for industrial, fire, safety, utility, and outdoor needs.

    • Underwater Kinetics lights are made in the U.S.A.
    • ABS and polycarbonate construction
    • Xenon bulb; tested lumen value 367
    • 7-10 hour battery burn time
    • Submersible to 500 feet!
  • Blackhawk Ally PL3x XTR

    Matt says: The Ally™ PL3x XTR is the next generation of the Ally PL3x. Utilizing the latest generation three-watt CREE™, it produces a 60% increase in light output from the original Ally PL3x.

    On high power, this powerful pocket light will illuminate objects up to 85 meters away. Great for use as a first responders’ administrative lighting tool or for recreational, outdoor, and general-purpose lighting needs.

    • Made in Spain
    • Lightweight, high impact aluminum body
    • 85 lumens tested output on HI/12 lumens tested output on Lo
    • 2 hours battery burn time on HI/20 hours battery burn time on Lo
  • Datexx Sentina Emergency Smart Light

    Matt says: The Sentina Emergency Smart Light detects when the sun goes down, when you walk by, or the power goes out and is always ready to serve. Just plug it in and walk away, it knows when light is needed and provides it 24/7. If you need light somewhere else, unplug it and use it as a flashlight for up to eight hours on a single charge. Put one in every bathroom of your house!

    • Rechargeable, just plug it in
    • Built-in charger and NiMH batteries included
    • 8 hours of light on a singe charge
    • Cool burning 100,000 hour LED bulbs

You will be happy with any of these

  • Maglite Flashlights D-cell Batteries (3)

    Matt says: Maglite is probably one of the most recognized name in flashlights by professionals whose tools include a solid dependable light. Favored by many first responders, these tough durable water-resistant lights have been a staple in the industry for years.

    Whether you choose the single AAA battery Solitaire model, a double C, triple D, the rechargeable battery powered unit, or even the NEW LED technology, Maglites are a dependable product line and a good choice for a solid utility light.

    • All Mag® flashlights are designed, patented, and manufactured in the U.S.A.
    • High strength anodized aluminum case
    • Average lumens: Krypton lamp 76.8/Xenon lamp 82.5
    • Battery burn time: Krypton lamp 9-10 hours/Xenon lamp 10-11 hours
  • Pelican Nemo 4300

    Matt says: Pelican™ Products became a reality when diver and inventor Dave Parker invented the Pelican Float in 1976. The Pelican product line has evolved to include durable waterproof, chemical-resistant flashlights and cases.

    Being a licensed SCUBA Instructor, I’ve used Pelican dive lights in a multitude of styles and at various depths without a single failure since the late 1970s! I currently carry a Pelican L1 in my flight and travel bags.

    • Pelican flashlights are made in the U.S.A.
    • Unbreakable ABS body
    • Xenon bulbs; Tested lumen value 276
    • 4-hour battery burn time
    • Submersible to 500 feet!
  • Streamlight Tactical Series - Scorpion

    Matt says: “Heroes trust Streamlight,” says the header on the website.

    I’m no hero, but my eyes ain’t what they used to be, and I need bright white light to see, especially in my duties during disaster response and recovery.

    I was first introduced to Streamlight when a friend bought me my first (and only) Streamlight Scorpion many years ago. These tactical lights are designed to be used when you need a lot of light from a small package for a short amount of time.

    The Streamlight product line boasts a wide variety of flashlights for professional and recreational use, and I’ve found my Scorpion to be a reasonable choice for both.

    It most recently served me when Tropical Storm Fay knocked out the lights in my Tallahassee, Florida hotel room and in Baton Rouge, Louisiana during recovery efforts after Hurricane Gustav.

    Let’s see, that’s Katrina, Wilma, Fay, Gustav - looks like my Streamlight Scorpion stays on my belt until the next storm when it’s needed!

    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Lightweight, high impact aluminum rubber armored body
    • 78 lumens tested output/1.3-hour burn time
    • Bright white Xenon bulbs paired with CR123 Lithium long storage batteries
  • Rayovac Weather Channel 4D Beam Lantern

    Matt says: Not ready to make the leap in technology to the others? Here’s a good old fashioned standby - a big beam flashlight with a rubber grip and metal stand that’ll shine light in a 50’ radius.

    While you won’t be carrying this one around in your pocket or on board your next flight, it’s big enough that you won’t lose it around the house and reliable enough to keep you out of the dark til the lights come back on!

    • Lens and reflector made of bulletproof, unbreakable material
    • Durable, impact, and water-resistant
    • Xenon bulb allows for 8 hours of light
    • Includes free weather updates sent to your computer

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