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Best Ergonomic Desk Accessories & Best Ergonomic Office Products

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With computer-related injuries rampant, people need to save their hands any way they can, so it’s not enough just to have a good keyboard and chair. Here are some other tools that can make your work less stressful on your body.

Remember though, that even a state of the art workstation won’t prevent computer-related repetitive strain injury. For that, you also need appropriate exercise, proper posture, frequent, regular breaks, positioning the hands correctly at the mouse and keyboard, using proper keying technique – and, most of all, not using the computer so much!

Choose the best ergonomic desk accessories so you won't suffer from computer-related injuries. Our ergonomic office products recommendations feature everything else you need from ergonomic staplers to ergonomic letter openers.

Best Ergo Desk Accessories by Deborah Quilter

The Best You Can Get

  • Stanley Bostitch Electric Fullstrip Stapler

    Deborah says: Why bruise your palms when you can slide sheets of paper into the welcome jaws of an electric stapler? This desktop model – good for home, not heavy, use – can staple 20 sheets at once, and holds a full strip of standard staples. A light goes on to alert you when the staple supply is low. Comes in putty or black. This stapler is a little noisy. If that bothers you, quieter models are available. Look for money back guarantees, or order from companies that will accept returns if you are unhappy with a product.

    • Model 047-02011
    • Electric stapler
    • Good for home use
    • Up to 20 sheets at once
    • Low staple supply indicator light
  • Staples Flat Staple Remover

    Deborah says: What gets connected sometimes needs to disconnect, but instead of straining small hand muscles with pincer-type removers, with the Staples Flat Staple Remover, you simply push the staple out - minimizing the risk of tearing the paper. One end is magnetic, too, so it can pick up dropped staples.

    • Pushes the staple out with little to no tearing
    • One end is magnetic to easily get the dropped staples
  • Staples Letter Opener

    Deborah says: This sleekly covered razor opens letters much better than the knife-styles; you slip the tip of the blue case beneath the letter (carefully, please, so you don’t get the contents, too) and then just slide. Razors don’t stay sharp forever, but at such a low price, it’s easy to replace them.

    • Opens letters much better than the knife-styles
    • Low price
    • Easy to use
  • Fiskars Softouch Scissors

    Deborah says: Fiskars Softouch Scissors will cut through just about anything: paper and light cardboard, string, credit cards and fabric. The stainless-steel blades hardened for a sharp, long-lasting edge, but the best part is they are spring-loaded, so you don’t have to open your hand after you cut, it happens automatically. You will want two pair: one for the desk and one for your kitchen.

    • Cuts through paper and light cardboard, string, credit cards, and fabric
    • Stainless-steel blades hardened for a sharp, long-lasting edge
    • Spring-loaded blades open automatically
  • Editor’s Desk

    Deborah says: Not only will you save your neck and shoulders with Levenger Editor’s Desk – you’ll feel like composing a masterpiece. The inclined work surface brings reading and writing material to a more natural angle, and the back book prop holds reference books so you can read hands-free. Levenger boasts that the design is so solid; it’s good for at least a century. A must for people who edit by hand.

    • Saves your neck and shoulders
    • Uses a more natural angle for your work.
    • Hands-free reading
    • Solid design
    • A must for people who edit by hand

You will be happy with any of these

  • Levenger Multifunctional Reading Table

    Deborah says: Doctors tell you not to read in bed to avoid neck strain, but this ingenious reading table allows for comfortable reading or writing in your bed – or favorite chair, desk. The reading surface pivots to the perfect angle, and a beverage holder provides a flat surface for your coffee or tea. Height adjustable, with casters that easily roll over carpeting and wood floors. Assembly required.

    • Allows for comfortable reading or writing in your bed, chair, or desk
    • Reading surface pivots to the perfect angle
    • Beverage holder
    • Height adjustable
    • Casters for easy movement
  • Levenger Bookstop Bookweight

    Deborah says: If you’ve ever struggled to keep a heavy book open, you’ll appreciate the ingenious leather book strap, which spans the spine of the book, and holds pages down with weights on either side. The felt bottom protects pages and at a hefty 10½ ounces, it can double as a paper weight. You can have the bookweight monogrammed or even customized with your logo.

    • Keeps a book open
    • Felt bottom protects pages
    • Bookweight can be monogrammed or even customized with your logo
    • Can double as a paper weight
  • Aidata Copyholder

    Deborah says: This handy stand has a clip for holding copy, and a clear ruler to help you keep your place. It swivels and tilts, but does not adjust upward, so place the stand on a platform to keep it level with your screen if you’re tall.

    • Alimed #JZ73443
    • Handy stand
    • Clip for holding copy
    • Clear ruler to keep your place
    • Swivels and tilts
  • Alimed Ergo Cush

    Deborah says: You can turn a flat-bottomed chair into one that supports the natural S-curve of your back with this simple foam wedge. Upholstered in black velveteen, with a carrying handle, you will want to take this to ball games, concerts, or any place with flat uncomfortable seating. Note: this won’t help your office chair if it has a bucket seat.

    • Supports the natural S-curve of your back
    • Simple foam wedge upholstered in black velveteen
    • Carrying handle
    • Great for ball games, concerts, or any place with flat uncomfortable seating
  • Alimed Clear Book Rest

    Deborah says: What a joy to have your book, manuscript, or magazine held up so you don’t strain your neck looking down to read. This attractive lucite stand folds up to stow neatly when you don’t need it. Holds 3" books. Available in two widths: 11” OR 24". P.S. Get one for the kitchen, too!

    • Helps avoid neck strain by holding up your reading material
    • Attractive lucite stand
    • Folds up to stow neatly
    • Two widths available: 11” OR 24"

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Find the best ergonomic desk accessories to help prevent computer-related repetitive strain with ergonomic letter openers, staplers, staple removers and other supplies. These ergonomic office products recommendations offer a way to do repetitive tasks without the pain. In addition to these ergonomic supplies, you always also need appropriate exercise, proper posture and regular breaks.