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Best Ergo Laptop Desk Stands & Ergonomic Laptop Stand

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Laptops are not designed with comfort in mind! The keyboard and monitor are attached so these cannot be adjusted independently for individual needs. Fortunately, there is a way to improve laptop comfort at the office and on the road.

There are desktop stands and lap desks. Some of the products discussed function as both.

The desktop stands are placed on your desk and they can be adjusted to raise the laptop screen to a comfortable height. Many of the lap desks will also function as a desktop stand depending on your environment.

In both of these products the process of angling the keyboard portion of the laptop up also brings the screen closer. Some of these products have a built-in document holder that can be adjusted to eye level and a security device. Most have some type of cooling system that can protect you from the heat when you are using it in your lap. It is healthy for the laptop too.

I highly suggest that you attach an external keyboard and mouse when the environment allows. If you are in the airport that is not possible, but when you are in the office it is much easier. Always pack an external mouse when you travel and if you can fit an ergonomic keyboard, do it! This will add to your comfort immensely!

Due to the nature of laptops often being used in environments that may not support the body, I highly recommend frequent resting. Anytime you feel fatigued or discomfort put your laptop aside and rest. Add some simple stretches and several deep breaths to refresh your body. For back support choose an ergonomic chair instead of your kitchen chair, couch, or bed whenever possible.

Best of the Best:

This section includes products that have innovative designs and/or can be used as a desktop stand and a lap desk that can be stored in your laptop case.

With the best ergo laptop desk stands, working on your notebook gets a lot easier. These ergonomic laptop stand recommendations improve comfort working at home or on the road.

Best Ergo Laptop Desk Stands by Wendy Gail Young

The Best You Can Get

  • Laptop Desk Futura

    Wendy says: The versatile Laptop Desk Futura is perfect for using your laptop comfortably on the road and when you are back in the office.

    It folds into a desktop stand with five typing angles that raise the screen to the optimal height for neck and eye comfort. Unfolded it supports the laptop in your lap while protecting your body and the laptop from excessive heat with a very unique cooling system. A Mouz Pad can be easily attached to mouse at the same level.

    Here is how the cooling system works. The Futura’s rubber pads lift the notebook creating a 1/8” air space allowing the heat radiating from the bottom of the notebook to travel laterally and find the quickest way up. As the heat escapes, it draws cool air in through the Futura’s vent slots. This process continues keeping the laptop cool.

    The Futura is a “cool” design as well as a “cooling” design!

    • Folds into desktop stand
    • Unfolds into a laptop desk
    • Sleek, futuristic, and cooling design
    • Lightweight and fits in your laptop bag
  • Attache Laptop Stand

    Wendy says: The Attache was designed to use as a desktop stand to use your laptop comfortably. Adjust the angle for a comfortable viewing height and attach an external keyboard and mouse and you can work in the utmost of comfort.

    The cooling system is the most unique one I have seen. First, the Attache’s aluminum face plate acts as a heat sink that collects extra heat. Second, the concave design creates an air space that further cools your notebook. Then fans operating on a Hydraulic bearing system keep the air moving under your laptop.

    It has a 4-port USB 2.0 hub, off-on power switch, two support shelves for stability, and four incline settings for a comfortable height.

    A rather “cool” and “cooling” design by Laptop Desk!

    • Ultimate desktop stand
    • Unique cooling system
  • XBrand Lap Desk with Retractable Mouse Pad

    Wendy says: The XBrand Lap Desk was designed so you can work in comfort away from the office. Place it in you lap so that the retractable mouse pad opens to the side you mouse on and then place your laptop on it.

    The cooling system is created when retracting the mouse pad, leaving an opening in the center. It keeps your laptop and you cool.

    Use it in client offices, airports, hotel rooms, and at home with your comfortable chair. It is a simple, smart design that works.

    • Lap desk and retractable mouse pad
    • Keeps you and your laptop cool
    • Stores flat in laptop case
  • Ergo-Q 330

    Wendy says: The Ergo-Q 330 by BakkerElkhuizen helps you work comfortably wherever your take your laptop. Adjust the screen height when it is used as a desk top stand and unfold when used as a lap desk. It has a built-in document holder with six angles from 20° - 40°.

    The open design creates ventilation, preventing heat built-up and protects you and your laptop. The anti-slip rubber feet let you place your laptop securely.

    • Unfolds into a lap desk
    • Folds into desktop stand
    • Keeps you and your laptop cool
    • Stores flat in laptop case
  • Laptop Desk® Ultralite®

    Wendy says: The Laptop Desk® Ultralite® was designed specifically to be used with laptops that weigh five pounds and under. It has five angle adjustment settings and comes with a built-in extended mousing area

    Its heat-reducing ventilation channels has been scientifically proven to cool your laptop from 15% to 20%. It has non-slip pads positioned on the top and bottom sides for maximum grip, stability, and ventilation.

    • Folds into desktop stand
    • Unfolds into a laptop desk with mousing area
    • Lightweight and fits in your laptop bag

You will be happy with any of these

  • Ergo T340

    Wendy says: The Ergo T340 is designed to be used a desktop stand with an external keyboard and mouse. It is height adjustable, has a swivel base, and fits all sizes of laptops. The pivoting document holder has five angle adjustments from 3° - 52°.

    It has a universal receptacle to integrate your docking station or USB hub to pre-connect your peripherals. The cooling sleeves and ribs create ventilation to keep your laptop cool.

    It has rubber anti-slip feet for secure placement of the laptop. It also includes cable management for a tidy workstation.

    • Desk top stand
    • Unique security device
  • Ergo Top

    Wendy says: The Ergo Top by Bakker Elkhuizen was designed as a desk top stand to use your laptop comfortably at home and your office. Place your laptop on the Ergo Top and then adjust the screen height of your laptop with five different settings. Then attach an external keyboard and mouse for typing comfort.

    The document holder has five angles from 18° to 35°. It has anti-slip rubber feet for secure placement and a security device for the Ergo-Top, keyboard, and mouse.

    • Desk top stand
    • Anti-reflective document holder
  • L2 Laptop Holder

    Wendy says: The L2 Laptop Holder allows you to work in comfort at your desk. Attach an external keyboard and mouse and it is like you are working on a desktop computer.

    It comes with a cord manager and locking feature and will accommodate many docking stations. Non-skid pads keep the notebook in place and a 360° swivel base encourages collaboration with co-workers.

    • Height-adjustable
    • Fits notebook thickness up to 2.1
    • For desktop use
    • Built-in document holder
  • Kinesis Laptop Lifter

    Wendy says: The Laptop Lifter™ is designed to be used as a desktop stand. It adjusts to elevate the screen to for comfortable viewing. The non-skid surface keeps your laptop in place. Then you can also attach an external keyboard and mouse for additional comfort.

    It is lightweight and improves cooling.

    Note from manufacturer: This product is not intended for large laptops with most of the weight near the hinge (e.g. battery). Sony Vaio Model # PCG-7V2L is the only incompatible laptop of which we are currently aware.

    • Desktop stand
    • Folds flat in laptop case
    • Dimensions: 11.75” x 9.25” x 0.5”
  • TravelRite® Portable Laptop Station

    Wendy says: The TravelRite® Portable Laptop Station is designed to increase your laptop computing comfort. The platform angle is adjustable from 0° to 30° adjusting the laptop screen up to six inches for a more comfortable viewing height.

    Attach an external keyboard and mouse when in the office and do the same when traveling. This will allow for even more comfortable typing and mousing.

    The TravelRite® adjusts to fit various laptops and the non-slip pad holds the laptop securely in place. It includes a wrist support pad that adjusts to match the laptop thickness.

    • Desktop stand
    • Stores flat in laptop case

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