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If you are one who is constantly cradling the phone in your neck while attempting to multi-task with good results it is time to consider how a headset will help you maintain the natural curve in your neck, increase your comfort and productivity.

Cradling the phone causes your neck muscles to be stretched and pulled the opposite direction! If this is done for extended periods muscles may become chronically tense and this will create discomfort and limit range of movement.

Whether you are on the go or in the office using a headset will allow for multi-tasking with increased efficiency and relaxed neck and shoulders.

Always check headset compatibility with your phone before you purchase.

Best Ergonomic Headsets by Wendy Gail Young

The Best You Can Get

  • theBoom Quiet

    Wendy says: TheBoom Quiet is extremely effective in very noisy environments such as Wall Street trading floors and military environments so if you require the utmost in noise canceling this is for you. Even if your voice is very low the person at the other end of the line will be able to hear you loud and clear.

    TheBoom Quiet converts between a noise canceling headset for cell phones, computers, and PDAs to noise canceling stereo headphones for the music.

    The lightweight domes are softly covered, fitting firmly over both ears and very comfortable. It includes cables for use with most cell phones, radios, and music players. Voice recognition software users will like it because it is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Certified.

    • Boosts your voice
    • Suppresses background noise
    • Adjusts easily to fit anyone
  • theBoom C

    Wendy says: Expect to be heard loud and clear with theBoom C, even if your voice is low and you are in an environment with background noise. You do not have to compete by raising your voice, allowing for private conversations and not disturbing others around you.

    It comes with a universal audio connector to use with most cell phones and it can also be used with a PC/laptop when a PC adaptor is also purchased. Voice recognition software users will like it because it is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Certified.

    • Boosts your voice
    • Suppresses background noise
    • Comes with an on/off toggle
    • Great for car, office, or airport
  • Plantronics Explorer 370

    Wendy says: If you have to keep in touch while active in the outdoors the Plantronics Explorer® 370 Bluetooth® headset will work great for you. Durable materials make this headset water, dust and shock resistant and block out wind noise. It’s perfect for those who want to increase productivity at work and also want to spend quality time in outdoor environments. It was designed to meet the U.S. Army's MIL-STD 810 standard for survival in the field so playing in the outdoors will also be enhanced with the use of this headset.

    • Water and dust resistant for outdoor use
    • Blocks wind noise
    • Sporty lanyard holds your headset for easy access
    • Contoured eartip increases sound experience
  • Aliph Jawbone Bluetooth Headset

    Wendy says: Jawbone will adapt to your environment so that your conversation is clear and productive. It adapts to the environment you are in by eliminating background noise and enhancing the incoming audio.

    Jawbone's perforated shield curves to match the outline of your face while the inside surface provides a soft and smooth feel on your skin. You can wear the Jawbone on either ear and customize the fit by choosing an earloop and earbud from the several shapes and sizes provided.

    I just love the look of the Jawbone and the high quality technology makes this a great headset.

    • Comfortable fit, lightweight, and stable
    • Beautiful and unique design
    • Eliminates all background noise
  • Plantronics CS55 Wireless

    Wendy says: One of the benefits of practicing ergonomics is increased productivity. The CS55 Wireless headset allows for multi-tasking and active collaboration with associates throughout the office. Calls can be answered remotely by pressing the button on the headset up to 300 feet from your office phone. Since the conversation takes place immediately telephone tag is reduced, saving the company time and money.

    The use of the CS50 Wireless headset allows the hands to be free to complete other tasks while on hold or during a conversation. Featuring an innovative convertible wearing style, the CS55 can be worn on the ear or as a headband, reducing the risk of developing pain in the neck and shoulder because the neck muscles remain relaxed in natural posture.

    • Constant contact in small and large offices
    • Saves time and increases productivity
    • Flexible design

You will be happy with any of these

  • Plantronics Voyager™ 520

    Wendy says: The Plantronics Voyager™ 520 offers high quality audio performance whether you are in the car, office, or airport. It has a noise-canceling microphone that filters out background noise so you can be heard. It also minimizes wind noise.

    You can quickly switch between two Bluetooth® devices using the multipoint technology and increase your comfort and productivity where you go during your busy day.

    • Lightweight design for all day wearing comfort
    • Enhanced ear bud design improves sound
    • Up to 8 hours of talk time from a single charge
    • Up to 180 hours standby time from a single charge
  • theBoom V4

    Wendy says: TheBoom V4 is great for mobile professionals and as with all theBoom headsets it allows you to communicate easily and clearly with various noise levels. Have private conversations with clients even when speaking softly in noisy environments such as a convention hall or airport.

    TheBoom is constructed of bendable, rubber parts that create a comfortable, secure fit. It has a universal audio connector that will easily attach to most cell phones. Voice recognition software users will like it because it is Dragon NaturallySpeaking Certified.

    • Boosts your voice
    • Suppresses background noise
    • Easily adjustable to wear over right or left ear
    • Boom portion easily snaps on and off EarWrap
    • Hands-free convenience and safety while driving
  • Discovery-665

    Wendy says: The Plantronics Discovery™ 665 Bluetooth® headset is great if you spend time on the road. The digitally enhanced sound improves the quality of the conversation so you can conduct business with ease. It has a vehicle power charger with call indicator light. It is lightweight and comes with three soft gel ear tips and an optional ear stabilizer loop.

    • Sleek, stylish design for discreet connectivity
    • Unique vehicle power charger with call indicator light
    • Easily recharge from your PC with the USB charger
  • V12 - LCD Bluetooth Headset

    Wendy says: If you find it necessary to screen your calls the V12 – LCD Bluetooth Headset is the one for you. This headset works best inside in an environment with little background noise.

    If you wear it around your neck you can easily read the LCD when calls come in. It can be set to vibrate to indicate an incoming call. The Caller ID function displays numbers as a string of 11 digits unbroken by dashes, always starting with the number 1.

    The automatic backlit LCD screen offers advanced features such as twelve number caller ID, battery and volume level indicators, and the last ten number caller history.

    • LCD screen with caller ID
    • 15 days standby time
    • 12 hours talk time
    • Lightweight
  • MX505 Sleek Style Mobile Headset

    Wendy says: The MX505 Mobile Headset from Plantronics is great for those on the go who prefer a lightweight, wired headset. This headset has two interchangeable WindSmart™ voice tubes tube and Flex Grip® design that allows the earpiece to stay comfortably and firmly in your ear for good sound quality and increased comfort and safety. Plus it works well with eyewear.

    It comes with a standard 2.5mm plug that makes it compatible with most headset-ready mobile phones.

    • Delivers a crisp, clear call
    • Easy-to-use mute and volume buttons
    • Perfect for headset ready cordless & mobile phones

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